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Kagoshima offers a plethora of hiking opportunities for those willing to come and explore the southerly Japanese prefecture. Outside of the aforementioned locations, there are plenty of other incredible sights to visit and trails to hike.

Kirishima-Kinkowan and Unzen-Amakusa National Parks both boast excellent hiking opportunities. Located in the north of the prefecture, Krishima-Kinkowan boasts thick forests and some rugged mountain terrain. Hiking to the top of Mount Karakuni and Mt Takachiho are among the favourite activities.

Situated on the western coastline, Unzen-Amakusa also offers some incredible mountain terrain and the chance to hike around an active volcano. Heading up to Mt Unzen is an especially popular activity in the park.

Outside of these national parks, there are various other incredible hiking spots as well. Amami Guntō and Nichinan Kaigan are two quasi-national parks that offer plenty of excellent hiking and scenery too. Akune, Bōnoma, Fukiagehama, Imutaike, Koshikijima, Ōsumi Nanbu, Sendaigawa Ryūiki, Takakumayama, and Tokara Rettō are all natural parks in the prefecture that live up to their designations.




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What’s the weather like?

During the summer, average daily temperatures in Kagoshima range from 20 ºC to 28 ºC. During the autumn and spring, average temperatures are closer to 15 ºC. Summer is the wettest season of the year, but the area does not receive a lot of rainfall.

How to get there:

Any trip to Kagoshima begins with a flight into its regional airport (KOJ), which can be reached directly from Tokyo, Hong Kong, Seoul and Shanghai. Many guides will opt to meet you here, but the area is also well-connected by bus, rail and ferry.



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Best time to visit:

April to November






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