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Enjoy one of Japan’s most unspoiled and beautiful national parks!

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Shiretoko National Park is located on the far eastern tip of Japan’s northerly Hokkaido island. Due to its remote location, its climate is quite unique compared with the rest of Japan.

The park is widely considered one of Japan’s most beautiful as well as the most unspoiled because no road leads more than one-third of the way into the peninsula on which it sits. As a result, hiking and trekking are the best ways to see all of the mountains, lakes, fields, waterfalls and unspoiled coastline boasted by the park.

The park was named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2005 and offers an array of great hikes and multi-day treks. Summiting Mount Lo, Mount Chienbetsu, Mount Minami, Okkabakedake, Mount Sachirui, Mitsumine and Mount Rausu are all popular activities as is walking to the end of the Shiretoko Peninsula.

The park is most easily accessed from Shari, Japan.




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What’s the weather like?

Shiretoko National Park has relatively cool summers, with average temperatures ranging from 16ºC to 22ºC. Unlike the rest of Japan, the national park also does not receive much rain in the summer.

How long should I stay?

This depends on how much time you have and what you would like to do. Many guides offer single day outings as well as three or four day treks. Overall, a week should be ample time to enjoy this beautiful destination.



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Yen (JPY)

Best time to visit:

June to August, but some guides offer trips in September as well.






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