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Hiking in Vaud

Surmount pristine peaks, hike alpine meadows, capture breathtaking scenery

Climb among the classic mountain landscape of Switzerland as you head into the rugged terrain of Vaud in the west. Conquer the wilderness of the Grand Muveran mountain in the Bernese Alps, the isolated slopes of Noirmont, and the sublime protected scenery of the Haut Jura natural park shared with France. Visit between June and September for prime hiking conditions.

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Lucy Murphy


August, 2017

4-day Hiking and Wine Tasting Tour around Lake Geneva, Switzerland

We had a weeklong tour with Matthew in 2017 and of all the trips we have made, hiking and otherwise, this was the best. Matthew found beautiful and varied types of hikes for each day, and the restaurants and vineyards he found were superb. His knowledge of the wine and geography is deep and he has a wonderful sense of humor. The trip was a joy from beginning to end.

Ed and Anne E.


June, 2017

4-day Hiking and Wine Tasting Tour around Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Matthew is one of the best...knowledgable, personable, very aware of clients abilities and interests. This is an all-time favorite trip...


There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Switzerland

Covered in glistening glaciers and dramatic towering peaks, the landscape of Switzerland is superbly suited for quality hiking. Located in the western canton of Vaud, from the classic mountain of Grand Muveran (3,051 meters) and the summit of Noirmont close to France to the stunning natural park of Haut Jura.


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Best time to visit

Visit between June and September for prime hiking conditions

What's the weather like?

Switzerland generally has temperate weather, yet varies between specific locations. Summer months tend to be warm and humid with occasional rainfalls. From July to August the daytime temperature ranges from 18 to 28°C

More info about Hiking in Vaud:

The canton of Vaud is located in the western section of Switzerland, and is the third-largest canton in the country. The French-speaking region borders Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes and Bourgogne-Franche-Comte of France to the west. While to the north it borders the Swiss canton of Neuchatel, to the east Fribourg and Bern, and to the south Valais and Lake Geneva


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