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For those with some extra time to explore, there are a number of hut-to-hut tours to immerse you in Alpine villages for days. This includes the popular Verbier to Zermatt Haute Route, which follows parts of the historic hut-to-hut skiing course. You can admire the views of the Alps most notorious peaks, rub elbows with the locals, and get a feel for life in the active high-altitude world of Switzerland.



Good to know:

Country Code



Swiss franc (CHF)


German; French; Italian; Romansh

Best Time to Visit

June through October are the best months to visit, though May can provide accommodating conditions as well


Aside from the cold and snowy winters, the temperature and weather is relatively mild. The summer months are nothing short of pleasant, with ample sunlight and stable precipitation. Autumn has the least amount of rain

How to Get There

There is a regional airport (Sion) 61 kilometers away, but Geneva International is often used. By car and rail, you can reach Verbier within three hours from Geneva. The region is dedicated to travel and tourism, so finding helpful programs and assistance is straightforward

More info about Hiking in Verbier:

Located in Southwestern Switzerland, near the border with France and Italy, Verbier is a captivating landscape in the heart of a beautiful Alpine region. With major peaks like Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Weisshorn, and Mont Fort, it is the perfect place to start a day hike or a week-long Haute Route. The region is rife with Alpine lakes, glaciers, valleys, meadows, waterfalls, and even dams. Unbelievable views stretch to the horizon at every turn, making it a gorgeous option for a satisfying hike. The Haut Val de Bagnes, a large protected nature area, is a popular destination for picturesque views. The wildlife includes ibex and marmots alongside vivid and lush flora



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