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Ice Climbing

Rise to the frozen challenges of elevated beauty!

Take the next steps in your mountaineering career and experience the frozen delights of nature! Warm up to the cooler side of the outdoors and beyond when entering the rewarding world of this captivating sport!

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There are many reasons for choosing Ice Climbing

See the other side of nature’s beauty. Explore frozen waterfalls, indomitable glaciers, and remote terrain you previously believed to be unreachable.


More info about Ice Climbing:

Ice climbing is the extreme sport of ascending ice routes with climbing equipment. Assisted with tools like ice axes, crampons, belays, and ropes, ice climbers will tackle frozen pitches across the globe in some of the most exotic and intriguing locations. While it is a sport reserved for frozen terrain, combining it with mixed climbing, mountaineering, and other activities is common. It can be done in an afternoon or as part of a sustained month-long mountaineering expedition – the choice is yours. You should have enough physical strength, fitness, and mental fortitude for your desired adventure. Safety measures should be planned for accordingly, as avalanches and crevasses pose serious risks to climbers


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