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Ice Climbing in Norway: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Exotic frozen fjords shaped by forceful winds, fresh challenges for all

Norway is packed full of thousands of icefalls under excellent wintry conditions that present the best ice climbing experience. Here you’ll find options for all levels of climbers. From single pitch routes to amazing ones that stretch to 800-1,500 meters long. In addition, thanks to its proximity to the sea, the icefalls in the western fjords of Norway are bent by the winds, thus forming frozen walls with the most exotic and challenging shapes. It’s strongly recommended to come Norway with a solid program planned along with a professional guide. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of coming during periods of thaw or rain that will make your ice climbing experience difficult. Visit between November and March for ideal ice climbing conditions.

Ice Climbing in Norway

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FAQs: Ice Climbing in Norway

What should I know about Ice Climbing Norway?

The Nordic nation of Norway lies in the northwest of Europe, and has a population of just over 5 million. Its long eastern border is shared with Sweden, while to the northeast it is bordered by both Finland and Russia, and to the south by the Skagerrak strait. Its rugged coastline breaks up into thousands of islands and fjords with much of the country punctuated by piercing mountain peaks.

Why should I choose Norway for my Ice Climbing adventure?

Famed frozen fjords

The landscape of Norway was once completely covered in a thick ice sheet during the ice age. As the thick layers of ice started to move, it carved out the deep valleys that now dominate the terrain of Norway. As the ice started to melt it filled the valleys, forming the famous fjords of Norway. Now it forms the picturesque background to some of the world’s best ice climbing terrain.

World-class climbing

The Norwegian terrain is a natural playground for climbing, especially when the landscape is glazed with ice. It is where climbing scene is still pushing the limits to what humans can conquer. Whether it’s the wonderful islands of Lofoten littered with quality climbs, the endless climbing season in Rjukan in a deep valley, or the incredible beauty of Narvik that lies within the Arctic Circle, there are world-class climbs spread across the whole country.

Climbs that cater for all

The frozen falls of Norway not only offer the perfect playground for climbing, but also present accessible routes for all levels of ability and experience. With more than 150 waterfalls frozen in the depths of winter, Rjukan is the ideal place to swing your first ice axe with your first ice climbing steps. While other sections present a more challenging climb, as the frozen water winds in unpredictable ways due to the wind shaping the ice walls.

What can I expect from the weather in Norway?

Winters are characterised by cold and snowy conditions with short hours of daylight, especially the more northern regions.

Which language is predominantly spoken in Norway?

Norwegian, with Sami spoken among a minority.

What currency is accepted in Norway?

Norwegian krone.

What’s the country code of Norway?


What’s the high season for Ice Climbing in Norway?

Visit between November and March for ideal ice climbing conditions.

What people are saying about Ice Climbing | Norway





We were 3 guys heading out for our first time iceclimbling, and it was one of the best trip either of us had ever been on. Friendly and attentive guide, who clearly focused on our needs. We felt very safe throughout and our only regret is that we didn't have more days. Big thanks to Pawel for being a terrific guide.



The most fantastic day with the most helpful, skilled and friendly guide and instructor! We had a really wonderful and exciting day, learned a great deal and enjoyed the truly spectacular scenery. Pawel was extraordinarily supportive, patient and impressive in his sharing of knowledge and for making it a great day all around. Big thanks and we look forward to the next time!



Pawel was a fantastic guide, I couldn’t have hoped for anything better for my first trip ice climbing. In particular I was very impressed with his ability to make sure that I was always challenged but never entirely out of my depth and his coaching helped me to develop without overloading me with information.



Jørn was a terrific guide. Strong emphasiz on our level and ambitions, and what we'd like to do. Definitely an experienced climber and instructor!

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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