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Mountain Climbing in the Aiguilles Rouges

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Holger Keil


September, 2022

6-day Mont Blanc ascent with acclimatization

We spent a perfect week with Stephane in Chamonix. The 3 days acclimatization in the beginning are physically rather less demanding, but seemed very important to learn and deepen mountain climbing techniques as well as getting used to the altitude and to each other. The climb itself is very demanding, though. We started from the town of Bionnassay to the Tete Rousse Hut (1800 meters in altitude) on day 1, continued to the summit of Mont Blanc on day 2 (YES, we made it!) and returned to Tete Rousse Hut on day 2 (1800 meters up and down) and down to Bionnassay on day 3. Stephane made an outstanding job in keeping us going and motivated - and of course, high mountain trekking is exhausting and physically and mentally challenging. One should be aware of that before thinking of ascending Mont Blanc. We saw many other groups that were not well prepared and had difficulties during the trip. The 6 day itinerary gives the chance of evaluating one's capacities before starting the ascent. I would definitely recommend as well the trip as the guide Stephane Comte! Thank you!



January, 2022

6-day Mont Blanc ascent with acclimatization

Une expérience incroyable avec un guide (Stéphane) au top, 5jours de préparations technique + ascension du Mont Blanc. Une super ambiance (c’est important !) une préparation technique et mise en condition (cramponage ..) parfaite Plus qu’un guide nous avons trouvé un amis ! Je recommande a tout ceux qui veulent découvrir des lieux naturels exceptionnels En toute sécurité je suis avec un pro.! Merci pour cette belle aventure qui nous aura marqué fortement et ouvre le champ de nombreuses nouvelles opportunités !



January, 2022

6-day Mont Blanc ascent with acclimatization

Guide très professionnel et expérimenté. On a passé un excellent séjour.

Brad Hope


July, 2022

6-day Mont Blanc ascent with acclimatization

Dear Sir I am very disappointed to say that I am appalled by your guide and his service. The first 3 days he was excellent and trained us well. Once we got in the mountain everything changed. He didn’t bother to check our bags which ended up with us carrying 8/9 KG’s overweight. Not only till another guide asked him why my bag was so big did he realize that it was a good idea to check. Not very professional. Then instead of been on the mountain 3 nights (as planned) he ran us up and down in 2 nights (3 days). Because of a storm on the second day, we did not summit. The next day the weather was better and if he had stuck to the plan, we would have made it. On summit day he kept shouting at my son (in front of a lot of people) just because my son took a few minutes more to get ready. He shortened our time on the mountain by one night just so he could get too the next client. On the 5th we were supposed to decent from Tette Rousse to the train. He was already with the next couple. At one stage I wanted to walk with 2 poles, he didn’t let me. (many other people used 2 poles) The only thing that interested him was breaking records for going up and down. I felt like I was in army basic training. I am 56 years old. On the last day from Tette Rousse to the train, he ran down so fast that the last 15 minutes on the mountain we were alone (he was at the train station) I trusted him and got scammed. In short, I already have a 4 team trip for next year, but because I cannot trust you or your guide I am forced to use a another company. I will not either be able to recommend your company to others either. Pity, it cost me a lot of money. And I believe you owe me on day fee, as we spent 2 nights on the mountain and not 3. Very disappointing

Jonathan Barre


July, 2021

6-day Mont Blanc ascent with acclimatization

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Nathan Wang Liao Yinan


August, 2020

Classic climbs around the Mont Blanc massif, 5 days

Great guide - mihnea was fun, placed a strong emphasis on safety, and also gave us advice on how to improve our climbing and alpinism!

Hirokazu Hirano


July, 2018

6-day Mont Blanc ascent with acclimatization

Thank you for your supporting.Thanks to you,I could climb Mt.Mont blanc. I'm begginer,but Stephanes's advice and feelings are good. I wanted to know schedule in detail. Kind regards Hirokazu Hirano

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