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Rock Climbing in the Cairngorms

Head to the Highlands of Scotland and discover the geologic masterpieces of the United Kingdom!

Admire the unique rock formations and outcrops of the mountain plateaus and see a different side of Britain. Scotland’s amazing Cairngorm mountains have enticing routes for all levels of climber that are sure to make any climbing trip a dream come true.

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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Cairngorms

The Cairngorms, not only home to some of the highest mountains in Scotland, are also the native habitat of a very rare environment. Bird species are particularly fascinating here, including golden eagles and snow bunting. The semi-tundra climate of the elevated plateaus offers a rare peak at an incredible collection of wildlife.


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Best Time to Visit

Climbing in the Cairngorms is commonly enjoyed in the summer months from June to September. It can be climbed year round, though winter trips can include ice climbing and more substantial mountaineering tactics

What is the Weather Like

The weather in Scotland, particularly the Highlands, can be volatile. It is temperate and oceanic, with winters generally moderate because of the Gulf Stream. Summers are usually warm, though climbers should expect rainy weather as well

How to Get There

Flying into London is a reasonable endeavor as flights to Aberdeen and Inverness are just an hour and a half away. From there, you can bus or drive to the desired area of the park. Trains also run regularly from London to either side of the park (Royal Deeside in the east; Dalwhinnie and Aviemore in the west). The east coast and west coast of the Highlands even have long distance footpaths to the Cairngorms for the most ambitious travelers!

More info about Rock Climbing in Cairngorms:

The Cairngorms are a mountain range in the eastern Highlands of Scotland. This vast elevated plateau with low and rounded glacial mountains offer great rock climbing options for all levels. Five of the six tallest mountains in Scotland are in the Cairngorms, as well as some of the most accommodating pitches, such as the Afterthought Arete and the Shelterstone Crag. The rock composition the region is ancient, dating back to the Cambrian and Precambrian eras, and features great granite slabs for phenomenal climbing.  All climbing levels are welcome, as the Cairngorms are home to simple single-pitch routes and more adrenaline-pumping intermediate and advanced multi-pitches. Many climbing courses are offered in these mountains for climbers who want to learn the sport and others who want to develop their technique

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