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Ben Nevis Rock Climbing

Conquer Britain’s highest peak enjoy spectacular views of the Western Highlands!

Rain or shine, Ben Nevis is an excellent location for climbers of every calibre. Enjoy a work out to the top or learn the sport’s basics on other rock faces on the mountain. Either way, enjoy spectacular views in the crips and clean air of the Western Highlands.

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There are many reasons for choosing Rock Climbing in Ben Nevis

Whether this is your first time rock climbing or you’ve done so a thousand times before, Ben Nevis is an excellent choice to learn the sport or simply enjoy a day out in the Highlands. Some guides offer programs of a couple days to get the techniques


Good to know:

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Pound sterling


English and Scottish Gaelic

Best time to visit:

The late summer and early autumn are the best times to rock climb Ben Nevis, but due to the mild weather on the island, many guides offer trips year round

What’s the weather like?

In the western Highlands there is plenty of rain all year long with cool temperatures during the spring, summer and autumn. Daily averages are around 5ºC to 7ºC throughout the summer and autumn

How long should I stay?

This depends on what you would like to do. Many guides offer single-day rock climbing expedition up Ben Nevis, while others offer longer trips that combine climbing Ben Nevis and other peaks in the Western Highlands. Overall, a week would be sufficient time to climb Ben Nevis and see the surroundings

More info about Rock Climbing in Ben Nevis:

Rising to a height of 1.345 meters, Ben Nevis towers above the rest of the Scottish Highlands. While the peak is not so tall, the valleys surrounding it are at sea level, so when you climb the mountain, you have to go all the way up. Tourists have flocked to Ben Nevis and Fort Williams for centuries for its quaint and idyllic ambiance. For those seeking adventure, starting from the visitor’s centre in Glen Nevis, you will soon reach Tower Ridge. From here, you will strap on your gear and make the final ascent to the summit. While not technically too difficult, it sure is a work out to reach the top. For beginners, Ben Nevis has many smaller cliffs and rock faces to practice your techniques and warm up before conquering the summit. Getting here is almost as lovely as begin here. From Edinburgh or Glasgow, the drive is 3.5 and 2,5 hours respectively through the foot of the highlands in in toward their hear through forests, lochs and mountains. It’s really quite a treat

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