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10-day Trek to Machu Picchu with a US Guide

Salkantay trek

Join a certified mountain guide for this 10-day trek to Machu Picchu and among the beautiful surrounding mountains.



10 Days

Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Hike to one of the most iconic UNESCO heritage sites in the world.
  • Tour the Sacred Valley while we acclimatize in Cusco.
  • Bathe in the natural hot springs of Aguas Calientes.


Join me for this exhilarating and inspirational 10-day trek to and around the iconic UNESCO world heritage site that is Machu Picchu!

Our adventure begins after we meet up at the airport in Cusco. From there we will transfer to the hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring the city and start acclimatizing.

The next couple of days, we will continue to acclimatize and go on a tour of the city and Sacred Valley. In Cusco we will visit various Inca temples, a fortress and Qenqo, a site that was built in a natural rock formation to represent the Andean constellations and depicts the Incan concept of three worlds.

Once we have finished acclimatizing, the trekking begins. We will wake up early in the morning and drive for four hours to Soraypampa. From here we will make our way past the Killarumiyoq archaeological site before arriving at Soyrococha, where we will camp.

We will spend the next several days making our approach to Machu Picchu, passing over mountains ridges and glaciers, camping at a different site each night and enjoying all the magnificent scenery along the way.

The day before we hike to Machu Picchu, we will spend a well-earned and relaxing day in Aguas Calientes. As the name suggests, there are natural hot springs here in which we will be able to soak and prepare ourselves for the last leg of our journey.

Machu Picchu will be the highlight of our trip. We will try to get to the site early and have a guided tour before the bulk of the tourists arrive. This will give us time to see the  ancient Incan citadel largely undisturbed. We will also have the chance to explore the surroundings.

After visiting another cultural site the following day, we will wrap the trip up at the Cusco airport, where we will bid one another farewell and from which you will fly to Lima and get on your connecting flights.

So what are you waiting for? Book now for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend 10 days trekking to and around Machu Picchu!

If you like the look of this trip then I think you will also enjoy the 4-day backpacking trip through Olympic National Park, Washington that I guide!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner


Day 1 to 3: Arrival and acclimatization

After arriving in Cusco, we will pick you up from the airport and take you to the hotel. We will spend the rest of the day as well as the next two days acclimatizing and touring the city.

Day 4 to 6: Trekking around Cusco

We will spend three days trekking and camping in the surrounding area, enjoying spectacular views and various microclimates along the way.

Day 7: Aguas Calientes

We will hike to Aguas Calientes and spend the rest of the day relaxing there.

Day 8: Machu Picchu

We will spend the day touring and exploring Machu Picchu and the surrounding area.

Day 9: Maras salt mines

We will spend the day touring the Maras salt mines and surrounding cultural sites.

Day 10: Return to Lima

We will take you to the airport in Cusco where you will go on to Lima to catch your connecting flights home




We will stay in three-star hotels and up as well as camp in tents throughout the duration of our trip.

Meeting point

Cusco airport

About the guide

At Miyar Adventures, we know that every trip is as much about discovering yourself as it is about discovering the world. Miyar was founded because of our passion for climbing - a passion we will strive to share with you whether you join us for a trip close to home or in a remote corner of the Himalayas.

We strive to be your trusted companion as you chase your life-long dreams. We believe it is our duty to ensure that you are safe and that you have fun every time you climb with us.

We want to make climbing accessible to all adventure-seekers, regardless of their age and climbing background. And when we go climbing with seasoned climbers, we make sure they have enough of a challenge.

Miyar's guides have relevant training through the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) for the terrain in which they guide. This includes training in rock climbing, ice climbing, glacier travel, and snow sports, as well as avalanche training and Wilderness First Responder or higher level medical certification.


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What people are saying about Miyar Adventures

Ben King


June, 2022

Hisham was a great guide!

Chloe Mikelsons


August, 2021

I had an amazing time climbing the tooth and the guides Jasmine and Sandeep were great! I really appreciated their flexibility and allowing me to choose a different route up the tooth. Amazing hike in. I’m glad we were able to beat the heat and the crowds.

Martha Salazar


August, 2021

We had an amazing experience, The Miyar team was outstanding. We all learned so much for our guides Anne and Deim. You all did wonderful in answering all my concerns and questions. Thank you so much!

Donia Salazar


August, 2021

After speaking with Sandeep at Miyar, we actually opted for a different trip, a 4-day backpacking trip to the High Divide Loop at Olympic National Park. Our guide was amazing and we had a phenomenal time. I'm very thankful for Sandeep's experience and suggestion as I think the Olympic trip was exactly the right trip for us! Communication leading up to the trip left a lot of room for improvement, but everything fell into place at the last minute. Our guide, Chloe, couldn't have been better for my family if I'd handpicked a guide myself. She was knowledgeable, encouraging, supportive, and just an all around genuine human being. I would recommend her anytime!



July, 2021

Myself and my daughter climbed Mt. Baker with Miyar Adventures via Easton Glacier route, Simon was our guide. The whole experience was epic in many ways. Simon's knowledge is excellent, I would trust him 100% in any situations that may come up on the mountain. We learned a lot and it was fun. The overall organization from Miyar was great (including informational emails from Jake and communication with Sandeep). Great company that I would choose again in a heartbeat.

Gillian Hunt


July, 2021

Sandeep and his wife, Jasmine, are lovely guides! We did a 1 day intro to rock climbing excursion with them and we had a great time! They communicated well and provided us with a fun and safe day of climbing. They chose routes based on our experience and taught us a lot. I highly recommend hiring Miyar Adventures. We have already shared their info with friends and family.

Adam Behmer


June, 2021

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Mark Maszak


September, 2020

Whole group summited! Huge thanks to the guides for helping us all get there! It's certainly not an easy climb, but the entire experience was fantastic. Especially loved the snow skills training on the second day. Lots of fun was had practicing the self arrest & team arrest. The team arrest training was a huge confidence builder to see that I wasn’t going to take the entire team down if I fell The lead guide (Glen) was fabulous. You can tell he really enjoys sharing his passion for the outdoors with the guests on his trip. Folks in the store are super helpful as well. Sandeep (owner) is great, and have talked with him in the store & via email several times to get advice. Great pre-trip guidance (including a meeting the night before the climb to make sure you have all the gear you need & nothing you don’t), and you can tell how much Sandeep cares about making sure every guest has a great experience. Lots of reasonably priced gear rental options available here as well if you aren’t sure if mountaineering is for you. Considering a Kili trip while I’m still in good hiking shape, and they’ll be the first place I look at if I decide to book.

Etienne Margraff


September, 2020

I took the Mountaineering skills course (5 days) in Baker. I learned so much about Glacier travel, rope management, crevasse rescue, and much more! Glen, our guide was awesome and highly knowledgeable. We also got to summit Mt. Baker during the course which was the most magical part! I HIGHLY recommend them!

Jessica Wolford


September, 2020

If I could give more than 5 stars, I would. I had the very best experience climbing Mount Baker with Miyar Adventures. Coordination was not the easiest with Covid but they were very communicative throughout the process. This was my first roped travel experience and I felt that Miyar prepared me very well with gear lists and videos before the trip and with hands on training the day before our summit. Everyone was very courteous when it came to masks and social distancing. When we lost our guide just a couple days before due to cold symptoms (he took precautions and got a Covid test right away but the results window may have impacted our trip - it ended up being negative thankfully) the owner, Sandeep, stepped in to guide us! Sandeep made sure we were all safe and had a great time. Our team all summited successfully! I would definitely recommend this guide company and will be booking with them again in the future!

Simone Caliumi


September, 2020

The traveller did not leave a comment.



August, 2020

Five days of awesome is all I can say. Glen our instructor and guide was extremely knowledgeable. I had previous glacier mountaineering experience and his techniques were so much more efficient than what I had been taught. To top it off we had a great summit day.

Dalton Densel


August, 2020

Everything was great. From the explore share professional that connected me to the guide service, and the guide on the mountain.

Adwait Vaidya


August, 2020

Overall, an absolutely incredible experience and memories that will last for a long time. For someone who had never done a glacier climb, this was an amazing experience. First time being roped up and getting to stare into the belly of the beast (a crevasse) was an unforgettable experience. Our guides Tyler and Chris were extremely knowledgeable. Throughout our trip they kept sharing interesting anecdotes and tips about climbing. Once we reached basecamp, they took us out in the snow to review cramponing, snow skills and how to wear a harness and attach yourselves to a rope. This was supposed to be a 3 day climb, but due to inclement weather it became a 2 day climb. We lucked out with the weather clearing from first day afternoon until second day evening. On the second day we set out with an alpine start at 2 am. At the summit, the views were absolutely breathtaking - by far the prettiest mountaintop I had seen. We were absolutely surrounded by mountain peaks on every side. We got to spend a nice 40 minutes at the top and hoofed it back to the trailhead by 5 pm. We thought we were done, but no - at the coffee break our guides told us we had paid for 3 days - so what did we want to do on the third day? They took us to a rock-climbing structure and taught us the basics of crevasse rescue and answered a whole bunch of mountaineering questions (we had a LOT). Absolutely unexpected and this third day was the cherry on the top.

Aparna Varma


July, 2020

This was an absolutely amazing experience for me. I had never climbed a glaciated mountain before, and was completely new to all the skills and equipment required for such a venture. Our guides Chris and Sandeep were super knowledgeable and consistently shared a lot of information with us. We learned how to wear a harness, tie ourselves to a rope, rope team safety, and basic snow skills. We started for the summit around 2:30am and reached the top in about 6 hours. We lucked out weather wise as it was sunny and not windy at all. The view at the top was breathtaking to say the least! Our guides made us feel safe and gave lots of tips on improving our techniques during the climb, so it was a great learning experience. Would definitely do another climb with them again!


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