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Ojos del Salado volcano ascent

Ojos del Salado volcano ascent
Ojos del Salado volcano ascent
Ojos del Salado volcano ascent
Ojos del Salado volcano ascent

Join Martin, an EPGAMT certified guide, on this Ojos del Salado volcano ascent. Climb the world's highest volcano and enjoy the amazing scenery!



17 Days

Jan - Apr, Oct - Dec




This Ojos del Salado volcano ascent will take you up to the highest active volcano in the world!

But don't worry! Although there are fumaroles around the summit, there have been no eruptions in any historical times.

Ojos del Salado volcano (6893 m) is also the second highest summit in the western hemisphere, just below the famous Mount Aconcagua (6962 m). Immersed in the Puna Catamarqueña, in between Argentina and Chile, its unique sceneries are combined with a vast solitude, because it's one of the less visited mountains of the Andes.

During these adventurous days, we'll get you properly acclimatized so you enjoy every bit of the journey. We'll do acclimatization hikes and have rest days to get you strong. Plus, I'll also take you to an archeological site and a bird-watching tour, so you'll get to learn a bit more about this amazing place. Finally, you'll be able to enjoy some hot springs before starting the climb.

This ascent is quite easy, except for the final section, which and requires ropes and other accessories, but you don't need to be an experienced climber to accomplish it.

So this Ojos del Salado Volcano ascent is a great way to discover the beautiful Andes. Please contact me now and we’ll start organizing your trip!

And if you're looking for other ascents in the Cordillera de Los Andes check my Ascent to Cerro El Plata, Mendoza or my Ascent to Bertrand Volcano at 5275m.

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

- Personal insurance

Price details

• Transportation from Fiambalá and back to Fiambalá

• All meals, breakfasts, and snacks during the expedition

• EPGAMT Professional Guides

• Group first aid kit.

• Equipment for common use (heaters, pots)

• Personal accident insurance

• VHF-UHF radio

• Fiambala Hostel

• High mountain tent

• Mountain refuge

Not included in the program:

• Clothing and personal equipment.

• Expenses caused by possible abandonment of the expedition

• Expenses caused by rescue and evacuation.

• Meals outside the detailed mountain itinerary.

• Porters


Day 1: Fiambalá

Transfer from San Fernando del Valle to Fiambalá. Overnight in Fiambalá.

Day 2: Gallina Muerta - Cerro de Las Flechas

Transfer from Fiambalá to Gallina Muerta refuge and ascent to Cerro de las Flechas 4260m. Overnight in Fiambalá.

Day 3: Pastos Largos refuge

Transfer from Fiambalá to Pastos Largos refuge (3300 m). Where we will spend the night in adobe construction, typical of the area.

Day 4: Pastos Largos - Coquena

We will ascend to the Pastos Largos 4100m and Coquena 4050m to consolidate our acclimatization, and return to our refuge.

Day 5: Las Lozas

Transfer from Pastos Largos to Las Lozas (3700m).

Day 6: Cerro Las Lozas

Ascent to Cerro Las Lozas 4290m. Overnight at Las Lozas refuge.

Day 7: Cerro Lampallo

Ascent to Cerro Lampallo 5000m. Overnight at Las Lozas refuge.

Day 8: Las Grutas

In the morning we will transfer from Pastos Largos to Las Grutas 4200m, where we will settle in Vialidad Provincial refuge.

Day 9: Explore Las Grutas

On this day we will visit the thermal baths of the caves, archaeological sites and bird watching - native fauna.

Day 10: Bertrand Volcano

Ascent to Bertrand Volcano 5300m. (this activity will depend on the degree of acclimatization of each member).

Day 11: Camp 1 Atacama

Transfer from the Vialidad Provincial refuge 4000m to Camp 1 Atacama 5300m - Chile

Day 12: Camp 1 Atacama

Rest and acclimatization consolidation at Camp 1 Atacama (5300 m).

Day 13: Trek - Camp 1

Acclimatization trekking and return to Camp 1 (5300 m).

Day 14: Camp 1 - Camp 2

From Camp 1 Atacama (5300m) to Camp 2 Tejos (5800m).

Day 15: Camp 2 Tejos

Rest at Camp 2 Tejos (5800 m).

Day 16: Ojos del Salado

Attempt to summit Ojos del Salado - return to Camp 2 (5800m)

Day 17: End of the trip

Descent from Camp 2 Tejos (5800m) to Camp 1 Atacama (5300m) where the transport will be waiting for us - return to Fiambalá - Closing of the expedition with a barbecue.



More info

I will provide a first aid kit, VHF-UHF radio, shared camping equipment (high mountain tent, cookware).

You need to bring: trekking pants, polar or thermal pants, waterproof pants, inner pants, 1 pair of high mountain socks, 1 pair of thin inner socks (polypropylene), 2 pairs of trekking socks, double boots, leggings, 2 t-shirts, 2 inner long sleeve shirts, fleece jacket or windstoper, warm jacket, waterproof jacket, thin gloves, 2 pairs of warm gloves, mitten covers or waterproof gloves, sun hat, fleece hat, fleece neck, 2 sunglasses (cat 3 or 4), trekking poles, backpack (75+15 L), headlamp with spare batteries, sleeping bag (-30C), insulating mat, 1L thermos, utility knife, shatterproof plate and cup, at least two 1L bottles, personal first aid kit, sunscreen (SPF60), lip balm, moisturizer, lighter, nylon bags, crampons and axe (depending on weather conditions), personal hygiene items.

If necessary you can rent crampons, axe, sleeping bag and insulating mat from me.

Meeting point

We will meet in Fiambalá.

Equipment you will need to bring

Trekking pants, fleece or thermal pants, waterproof pants, trekking socks, boots, leggings, two t-shirts, two long sleeve shirts, windstoper jacket, waterproof jacket, gloves, cap, fleece hat, fleece neck warmer, sunglasses, trekking poles, sleeping bag, flashlight, sleeping pad, 1 liter unbreakable thermos, multipurpose knife, unbreakable plate and cup, 2 bottles, personal first aid kit, sunscreen, moisturizing cream, lip balm.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Leader

EPGAMT Mountain guide from Argentina.

The mountain is my workplace and space to enjoy what I like to do ... mountaineering.

I climbedd and promoted various mountains and volcanoes such as: Aconcagua , Ojos del Salado, Pissis , Walter Penck , Incahuasi, Plata, Rincon, Vallecitos , etc.

The mountain can find oneself, to rediscover the essence and every moment. It is a natural place that transmits balance, harmony, tranquility and at the same time, tests us and motivates us to self-improvement. The mountain is accessible to all, just enough to take the first step ... we offer a different experience to share.



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Many thanks to You again for excellent organization our trip to Ojos with Martin Torres! Martin very good man and I`m very glad to have this new real friend!

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