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3-day Trek in the southern Yatsugatake Mountains, near Tokyo

3-day Trek in the southern Yatsugatake Mountains, near Tokyo | Japan

Yusuke, a JMGA-certified guide, will lead you on this 3-day trek in the beautiful and peaceful southern Yatsugatake Mountains, near Tokyo in Japan, a stunning mountain range known for its awe-inspiring panoramic views and richly diverse and pretty flowers.


Yatsugatake Mountain Range

3 Days

May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov




* Visit the highest onsen (hot spring) in the country!

* See the truly spectacular alpine flowers in bloom

* Encounter some truly epic panoramic views over the valleys

* Hike across 5 peaks on the mountain range


This 3-day trek I will take you on leads us in to the heart of the southern Yatsugatake Mountains, near Tokyo, Japan, a region known throughout the country for its hiking and trekking, its sweeping panoramic views which rival that of Mt Fuji, and the diversity of its flora and fauna, with the blooming of alpine flowers in Summer providing an amazing spectacle.

The Yatsugatake Mountains are located just a 3 hour drive from Tokyo, and local legend has it that they were once higher than the world-famous Mt Fuji, before the goddess of Mt Fuji tore them down in a jealous rage to their current height.

We begin the trip on the first day in Shinjyuku, Tokyo, before heading to the town we will base ourselves in, Yatsugatake. The rest of the first day is spent hiking up to our hut where we will stay the night, Seinengoya, renowned for its high quality food and sake.

The second day is very long, as we arise at 5am to prepare for 8-9 hours of hiking across 5 peaks, providing epic views over the land, before staying at our second hut, Honzawakosen, containing the highest outdoor onsen (hot spring) in the country, ensuring a relaxing and refreshing night.

The final day is spent hiking to Shibuno-yu, also containing a spectacular onsen, before we head back to Tokyo in the afternoon.

Along the way we might be lucky enough to encounter some of the animals that inhabit the area such as flying squirrels, deer, Japanese serows, foxes and bears, and the aforementioned alpine flowers ensure you will be constantly reaching for your camera.

By the end of the trip you will hopefully have fallen in love with this very pleasant region and increased your desire to return.

Trekking through the southern Yatsugatake Mountains is stunning, and so close to Tokyo – book now to experience!

For those who prefer their climbing in Winter, try our trip of Winter Mountaineering on Yatsugatake, here!

Alternatively, for those who strive to reach the highest peak only, try our 2-day Winter climbing trip on Mt Akadake’s main ridge, here!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Transportation start and back

- Mountain guide expenses

Price details

Price does not include accommodation, meals or gear rental.


Day 1: Meet and trek

Meet at Shinjyuku, Tokyo. 3 hours drive to the base town of Yatsugatake. Then we take a taxi to the trailhead. It is a good 4 hrs hiking to Seinengoya-hut. The hut is very famous for its foods and variety of good Sake!

Day 2: Trek

Wake up at 5am, breakfast then start hiking. It is 8-9 hrs hiking connecting 5 peaks. We stay at Honzawakosen-hut. This is a highest onsen-hut in the country.

Day 3: Trek and finish

Wake up at 5am, breakfast then start hiking. It is 5 hrs hiking to Shibuno-yu which is the main goal of this trip. Shibuno-yu is another beautiful natural onsen. Shower off the sweat and soak in the natural onsen before going back to Tokyo.



More info

All huts are commercial, around 8,000JPY per night /person including dinner and breakfast.

Meeting point

Chino Train Station, Nagano

About the guide

Guide profile image




Ski Guide

I was born in Tokyo and grew up skiing in Hakuba, Japan. Throughout the years, I have visited Alaska, Peru, Patagonia, New Zealand, Nepal and Canada for winter climbing and backcountry snowboarding.

In 2012, I became the first Japanese person to pass the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides's ski guiding course on a Snowboard. I have been guiding in Japan (Hakuba Nagano and Mt. Fuji), New Zealand and Canada for over 15 years.


Japanese | English



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What people are saying about Yusuke



Yuske was an incredible guide. Patient, capable, fun, and communicative. If you are considering climbing Fuji, you should considering going with Yuske.



I am not going to talk about summiting Mount Fuji, I 'll let you experience this first hand, but I'll tell you that it was an amazing experience which will stick in my memory forever. I will however praise Yuske, the guide, who is one of the most professional guides I have ever met. We agreed and did a one day preparation before on Komagatake where I learned to perform self arrest, practiced climbing with an ice axe and crampons and he has also a lot of other tips about the equipment. The climb was amazing and he always put safety first but in the same time being a very pleasant companion. He could easily become my friend if we where to live in the same country. He has a lot of years of experience and he knows Mount Fuji very well and would find the way probably in his sleep. I am saying this because we had performed the descent in a very dense fog (clouds) and we could barely see a few meters in front of us but he always knew the way. Climbing with him was a real pleasure and we talked a lot and he is a very interesting person. I would follow him on any mountain on this planet because I know he has a lot of experience, he is very professional and know a lot of secrets and not the least he is a very nice companion which you can trust. He also helped me with a lot of tips about my travel to Japan. I highly recommend him as your guide in Japan.



Yusuke is a very experienced guide, he was prompt about what time we agreed upon starting the day very professional. although the conditions for that day were not the best . Yusuke made sure that we got the most out of the day. after we found good snow. we decided to call the day a little early, and Yusuke took us to check a few beautiful sites in Hakuba with Yusuke giving us the history of the sites. he took us to a great onset. and after that we had a nice farewell dinner with him. Yusuke is very easy going and knows the mountain , felt very safe with him will definitely rebook with him next year. I highly recommend Yusuke for any one thinking about a guided tour. Ed & Iris



Yusuke was the perfect guide for our 1 day hike of Mount Fuji. He communicated well before the hike so that we had all the information we needed to be prepared for the hike. Neither my son nor I had ever hiked before our experience with Yusuke at Mount Fuji, and he was patient and encouraging with us. Yusuke was good at instructing how to avoid altitude sickness, how to breathe effectively for the ascent, and how to climb while placing less stress on your quadriceps. He also knew this was an experience that we would want to document, so he initiated taking pictures (with his camera) throughout the hike and airdropped them to us at the end of the day. He also shared some snacks with my son which was definitely beyond his guide responsibilities and much appreciated. We can't thank Yusuke enough for making our hike such an incredible experience!



Despite the climb being cut short due to weather conditions, it was still an engaging and rewarding hike. Yusuke-san was a very knowledgable and experienced guide who gave useful tips for us beginners while providing interesting bits of trivia about the mountain itself along the way. The hike was well paced with respect to our physical condition and had very scenic stops along the way. Overall an excellent experience.

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