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6-day Hut-to-hut trek in Italy’s Friulian Dolomites, near Cortina d’Ampezzo

Certified mountain guide Lucia will lead you on this epic and awesome 6-day hut-to-hut trek in Italy’s Friulian Dolomites, near Cortine d’Ampezzo, as you cross rocky high passes that loom over vast valleys, plains and desolate landscapes, with plenty of flora and fauna to admire.

Mountain RangeDolomite Mountains
Duration6 days
Offer periodJun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Skill LevelIntermediate
Fitness LevelFit
Type of tripPrivate


  • Hut-to-hut trek through the spectacular and underrated Friulian Dolomites!

  • Be exposed to truly awesome views out over the rocky scenery and terrain

  • Trek through valleys, passes, plains and fields, and scale mountains


The Friulian Dolomites are truly one of Italy’s natural gems, and if you join me on this 6-day hut-to-hut trek through them, close to Cortina d’Ampezzo, we will experience their raw natural beauty up close and personal, as we trek across amazing passes, through epic valleys and up massive mountains, all while taking in the solitary nature of the region and its native flora and fauna.

The Friulian Dolomites are the Easternmost mountains in the Dolomites massif, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most untouched part of the Dolomites, ensuring there is a great abundance of wildlife, such as Ibex, that live in the area, and the famous ski resort of Cortina d’Ampezzo is nearby.

Our journey begins as we walk through the sublime Cimoliana Valley, traipsing and travailing through its beech woods, ravines, screes and pine forests to reach the stunning Rifugio Pordenone guesthouse, located high up in the mountains.

Day 2 entails hiking up to the famous Campanile di Val Montanaia, with the way down exposing us to brilliant views out over the Central Cadore and Great Marmarole Massif.

The 3rd day gives us 2 options, either crossing the Scodavacca Pass or the Val Monfalconi di Cimoliana, with both giving us excellent views of the rocky terrain below.

Days 4 and 5 involve much trekking across fields, plains and valleys, with Inferno Valley, Brica’s Valley and the Meluzzo plains being particular highlights.

Our adventure ends on day 6 as we head back to the Cimoliana Valley, hopefully exhausted yet immensely satisfied at having trekked through such a unique and splendid part of Italy.

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Refuge accommodation every night.

Meeting point

Cimoliana Valley, Italy




Day 1: Cimoliana Valley

Arrive at Rifugio Pordenone through the magnificent Cimoliana Valley, with its varied
environments: beech woods, ravines, screes, pine forests and much more.

Day 2: Campanile di Val Montanaia

Go up to see the world famous Campanile di Val Montanaia, before descending to Rifugio Padova, with a great view over the Central Cadore area and the great Marmarole massif.

Day 3: Scodavacca Pass or Val Monfalconi di Cimoliana

We have two options: if you are a bit tired from the day before –  we can cross the
Scodavacca Pass (6km – 750m d+ – 650m d-), or if you feel like accepting a challenge we can cross to the Val Monfalconi di Cimoliana (7km – 1000m d+ – 900m d-) and take in the great views over the rocky post-glacial landscapes – both ways we will be ending up at the lovely Rifugio Giaf.

Day 4: Inferno Pass

With a great traverse along the gentians’ trail, and across the Campuros fields, we will arrive in Brica’s encanting valley, and then cross the Inferno Pass, before descending to Rifugio Pacherini.

Day 5: Meluzzo Plains

We will head upwards again, crossing four amazing passes to then descend the quiet Inferno valley and again reach Rifugio Pordenone, after crossing the Meluzzo plains.

Day 6: Finish

Go back along the Cimoliana Valley and prepare for leaving.

About the guide

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My love for the mountains grew up with me in the flats of Romagna, thanks to my family that let me spent all my vacations in the Dolomites when I was a child. The Dolomites and the mountains between Romagna and Tuscany are the most vivid memories I have of my childhood.
Then I forgot the outdoors for a few years, and spent some time following the other great passion I have: travelling. When I wasn't at school I spent all my time wandering from one hostel to the other all around Europe with my best friend, always searching for new landscapes and new emotions.
I graduated from high school as Business and Programming Consultant, then I completely changed my core subject as I attended the Undergraduate Courses in Anthropological Sciences at Bologna's University. My thesis project brought me back to the mountains, with a research in Landscape and Disaster Anthropology that took me to Erto for the fieldwork, the town where I spent the last six years!
After that I attended the Graduate Courses in Cultural Anthropology, Ethnology and Ethnolinguistics at Ca'Foscari University in Venice, and this time I wrote a thesis on Alpinism. The subject was again Landscape and Risk Anthropology, but this time fieldwork took me to all the best climbing sites in Europe and beyond: Mont Blanc, Arco, Siurana, Montserrat, Elbsandsteingebirge, Céüse, Osp, the Todra Gorge in Morocco and other more...
Once finished with University I decided to turn my passion into a profession, so I took part in the selection for the courses organized by the UIAGM Mountain Guide's Association, and after a year of hiking and studying I became a Mountain Leader.
Now I take other people with me to discover the wonderful vertical world of our mountains, and enjoy the great times together in the outdoors.

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