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Climbing Cerro Plata in Vallecitos, Argentina

Climbing Cerro Plata
Climbing Vallecitos, Argentina
Climbing Cerro Plata in Vallecitos
Climbing Vallecitos, Argentina

Conquer the summit of Cerro Plata, the highest peak in Argentina's Vallecitos region with the help of Sebastian, a local certified guide. This mountaineering trip will help you prepare to conquer more challenging mountains such as Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas. Come along and prepare to be captivated by awe-inspiring panoramic views of the majestic Andes!



7 Days

May, Sep - Nov




Conquer Cerro Plata, the region's highest point, with an experienced local guide.

Experience the excitement and challenge of climbing a majestic Andean mountain.

Witness the vastness and beauty of the Andes


Attempt the summit of Cerro Plata, the highest peak in the Vallecitos region of Argentina with me, an experienced local guide, as I lead you through this Andean mountain in a safe, thrilling adventure.

This challenging climb serves as a great training ground for those aiming to conquer Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas.

Ascend Cerro Plata's thrilling slopes and prepare to be awestruck by the views of the vast Andes range. During your trek, keep your eyes peeled for incredible native animals that call this region home. You might be lucky enough to spot majestic Condors soaring through the skies, nimble Foxes darting through the rocks, and herds of graceful Guanacos grazing on the plains.

This route is considered non-technical, meaning it doesn't require any specialized climbing skills or equipment. However, depending on the season and weather conditions, there might be sections with snow or ice that could be slippery and require additional gear for safe passage.

Contact me today to discuss the details and start planning your Cerro Plata adventure!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Personal insurance

- Transportation start and back

- Mountain guide expenses

- Tents

Price details

Includes 1 night in a hostel in Vallecitos, prior advice and gear check the day before the trip.


Day 0: Gear check

A gear check will take place before our trip

Day 1: Pick up in Mendoza

We'll pick you up in Mendoza and travel to Vallecitos by car or bus. We'll spend the night in a hostel.

Day 2: Hike to camp 1 "Veguitas".

Day 3: Hike to camp camp 2 "El Salto"

Day 4: Hike to Camp "El Salto"

Day 5: Rest day

Day 6: Summit Attempt

Day 7: Return to Mendoza




We will stay in mountain hut 1 night and the rest of the days in tent.

Meeting point

We will provide transportation from Mendoza to Vallecitos by car or bus.

About the guide

Guide profile image

Sebastian Lucas

Trekking Guide

I am a trekking guide and also a physical education teacher. I like to walk and run in the mountains, that keeps me trained. Every year I work in Aconcagua during the season, from early December to the last days of February.

I started working as a guide in 2021, and I have been guiding since then. I love my work, and I really love to share my experiences with people. I work with small and large groups. I also make 1-1 expeditions. I guide trekking and rock climbing, but also I make activities that involve wineyards or typical areas of Mendoza.


English | Spanish



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What people are saying about this trip


Sebastian was one of the best guides I’ve ever hiked with. His athleticism as an ultra marathon runner, his expertise in mountaineering and him being bilingual in English and Spanish made our trip an incredible experience that changed my life.


Sebastian is a Jack of all trades! He took great care of us, fixing broken tent zipper, cooking, carrying extra bags for exhausted climber(which was me lol). I couldn’t have summited without him, really a great guide!


Sebastian is super kind, knowledgeable and extremely emotionally intelligent which makes for a very good guide. He knows the mountain and any issues that arise (including with gear) he handles like a wizard. Just an amazing person.


I have gone on 4 guided mountaineering trips total (in USA, Ecuador, Mexico, and Aconcagua with Sebastian). Sebastián is the best guide I have ever had. He was extremely kind, caring, and made the trip a wonderful experience for our whole group. His passion for the mountains was infectious, and he inspired me to be a better climber.


The trip didn’t go as planned, but Seba and our other guide made our trip. He was a great guide, very high energy, super kind and understanding, and always wanted to play cards.

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