Aconcagua 360° Route 19-day expedition


Join Julver, certified IFMGA guide from Arequipa, in this 19-day expedition to the highest peak in America: Mount Aconcagua through the 360º Route.


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During this 19-day mountain expedition I challenge you to conquer the giant Aconcagua through a 360º route. We’ll ascend by the Vacas Valley and descend via the Normal Route. It is a unique program that offers the most amazing and panoramic view of the highest peak in America!

This 360º Route towards the summit of Aconcagua is a combination of the Normal Route with the Upper Guanaco, the Ameghino Traverse and the famous Polish Route.

At the beginning of the adventure we must face a 3-day trek through the Vacas Valley so we can get to the Plaza Argentina Base Camp. It is a very important stage of the expedition since you’ll have a good acclimatization and therefore more chances to reach the summit.

Once in the base camp, we will have to prepare all the equipment as well as our minds. It’s very important to be focused on the goal.

Now, it’s time to start the ascent along the first section of the Polish Route. That way we’ll reach Camp 1. We will then do the Cerro Ameghino traverse up to Camp 2. From there, we will continue to Camp 3 through the upper part of the Guanacos Route Valley. Finally, we will attack the Aconcagua’s summit via the last section of the Normal Route.

As for the descent, we will use the Normal Route. It is a really amazing way down since we will see a unique landscape: the immensity of the Polish Glacier and the magnificence of the entire Andes. The Normal Route will lead us to Plaza de Mulas, which is the biggest base camp in Aconcagua.

Finally, we will go on a trek in direction to the Horcones Lagoon, from where you will admire another stunning scenery, having the chance to see the different faces of the mountain.

So let’s conquer the second highest peak of the world. Contact me now if you’ re keen to try it. I’ ll do my best the make you achieve such a big goal. 


Day 1: Mendoza

Altitude: 760 m.

Day 2: Mendoza - Penitentes

Altitude: 2700 m.

Day 3: Penitentes - Pampa de Leñas

Altitude: 2950 m.

Day 4: Pampa de Leñas - Casa de Piedra

Altitude: 3240 m.

Day 5: Approach from Casa de Piedra to Plaza Argentina

Altitude: 4200 m.

Day 6: Rest day in Plaza Argentina

Altitude: 4200 m.

Day 7: Carry the equipment and food to Camp 1

Altitude: 5000 m.

Day 8: Rest day in Base Camp

Altitude: 4200 m.

Day 9: Ascent from Base Camp to Camp 1

Altitude: 5000 m.

Day 10: Carry the equipment and food to Camp 2

Altitude: 5.500 m.

Day 11: Rest day in Camp 1

Altitude: 5000 m.

Day 12: Ascent to Camp 2

Altitude: 5500 m.

Day 13: Ascent to Camp 3 “Cólera”

Altitude: 6000 m.

Day 14: Summit

Altitude: 6962 m.

Day 15: Spare days

Spare days in case of bad weather conditions.

Day 17: Descent to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp

Day 18: Return to Penitentes and Mendoza

Day 19: Mendoza



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Porters included are for group equipment, and mules up to Plaza Argentina. Personal porters are not included.

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About the guide

UIAGM/IFMGA Mountain Guide from Peru

I´m economist but my passion are the mountains. I´m Member of Firefighters United without Borders BUSF, Professional Mountain Guide, member of the of Peruvian Mountain Guides Association AGMP, of the AAGM Argentine Mountain Guides Association and the IFMGA Union International of Mountain Guides Association, Industrial Climber, Brigade. Work in Rescue, First Aids, Vertical Places and I have experience in gas exploration.

I ´m a responsible and creative person with initiative and punctuality and I have the ability to work in team. I climbed a lot of mountains around the world like Cordillera Blanca in Perú, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Alaska, Europa and Asia.

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