Aosta Valley Guided Ice Climbing Trip


Come and let aspirant mountain guide Remy lead you on an amazing day of ice climbing on one of the hundreds of frozen waterfalls in the Aosta Valley.


1 Day

Jan, Feb, Mar




Ice climbing is an amazing experience. And there are a number of reasons why. It could be because you can only do it in the coldest months of winter, when the waterfalls are frozen. Or it could be the thrill of knowing you are climbing a waterfall that in warmer weather would be flowing furiously. And on this trip, you will have the chance to ice climb in the amazing Aosta Valley in Italy.

There are over 700 different frozen waterfalls to choose from throughout the Aosta valley. There are also several different areas in the valley where you can choose from. Some of those areas include Valsavarenche, the Cogne valleyRhemes and Ollomont. Because of the enormous variety, the best way to choose which waterfall to climb will be based on your skill level.

The waterfalls in the Aosta Valley typically range from 3 degrees to 5 degrees. Thus making them perfect for experienced climbers to enjoy the challenge and rush of ice climbing. There are also 2 degree waterfalls for beginners as well. On those waterfalls, you will be able to practice basic ice climbing techniques you can use on more challenging waterfalls later on. Whichever waterfall you end up climbing however, I can assure you it will be an amazing experience!

Together we can enjoy climbing up one of the hundreds of frozen waterfalls in the Aosta Valley. If that sounds like something you want to do in the Alps of Italy, please send me a request, and let me guide you.

I also offer a 2 day climbing trip to the top of the beautiful Grivola mountain.


Meeting point

It will depend on which waterfall in which valley we decide on, which will depend on your skill level.


About the guide

Born in Aosta in 1970, I am an aspirant mountain guide and a passionate climber. For me, the lightning strike came in while climbing Punta Tzan with some friends: from that day on, my whole life has been the mountains and practicing mountain sports and activities.
Among my most significant ascents are: Mattehorn, Mont Blanc du Tacul, Aiguille Verte, Monviso and Mont Maudit, among others. I will be happy to guide you around my home region!

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