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Ascent to “Inca’s House”, Incahuasi Volcano

Incahuasi Volcano 1
Incahuasi Volcano 2
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Incahuasi Volcano 4

Come with me to this 13-day mountaineering expedition in the Puna of Catamarca. Discover the Inca history through the amazing Incahuasi Volcano.



13 Days

Jan - Apr, Nov, Dec




* Reach one of the tallest peaks in the Andes.

* Discover a beautiful mountain with incredible views.

* Take part in a demanding ascent with a guide.

* Watch the gorgeous animals surrounding us.


The Incahuasi Volcano, with its 6.640 meters, is the 10th highest mountain in the Andes and the second peak of the Puna Catamarqueña, after Llullaillaco.  Incahuasi is also one of the most beautiful mountains of the region and, at that volcano’s foot, we can admire a lake with its vast plain around.

In the zone, we can enjoy the watching of Condors, pink flamingos, vicunas, and foxes.

Below, you can read an itinerary of this Incahuasi Volcano trip.

I will be waiting for your contact to plan together your next trip around the amazing Incahuasi Volcano.

In addition, I lead an ascent to Cerro El Plata in Mendoza. Check it out!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Personal insurance


Day 1: Fiambalá

Arrival to Fiambalá at 1.500m. Meeting with the guide, equipment checking, hosting and dinner.

Day 2: Pastos Largos

Transfer to Pastos Largos 3.300 meters, where we spend the night in an adobe hut.

Day 3: Acclimatization in Pastos Largos

We will trek around Pastos Largos with the objective of gaining as altitude as possible and get acclimatized. We will try to ascend to a 4000-meter hill.

Day 4: Las Grutas

In the morning, we will be taken to Las Grutas at 4.000 meters above sea level. We will rest in the hut of the Provincial Roads in order to start a new acclimatization. During this day we will take care of nutrition, hydration, physical effort and our general conditions.

Day 5: Las Condoreras, Ruinas Incas and Vega del San Francisco

Trekking to Las Condoreras, Ruinas Incas and Vega del San Francisco. Rest and acclimatization consolidation.

Day 6: Falso Morocho Hill

Ascent to Falso Morocho Hill at 4.500 meters (depending on the individual acclimatization grade of each participant).

Day 7: Bertrand Volcano

Ascent to 5.300-meter Bertrand Volcano (depending on the individual acclimatization grade of each participant).

Day 8: Rest and acclimatization consolidation

Day 9: Incahuasi base - Camp 1

From Las Grutas, a transfer will take us to the Incahuasi base. We will trek to our Camp 1 at 5.000 meters of height.

Day 10: Camp 1 - Camp 2

A new trek from Camp 1 to Camp 2 at 5.700 meters.

Day 11: Rest day

Resting day. We should regain strength although we can use this day for a summit attempt.

Day 12: Summit day

Summit attempt. We leave the campsite early in the morning and we try to get to the top and back to Camp 2.

Day 13: Camp 2 - Fiambalá

From our Camp 2 we will hike down to the Camp 1 where a transfer will take us back to Fiambalá. Ending of the expedition and our services.



More info

Obligatory equipment: trekking pants / polar or thermal pants/ waterproof pants/ first skin underwear pants/ 2 pairs of high mountain warm socks/ 2 pairs of Polypropylene socks / 2 pairs of trekking socks/ high mountain double boots/ leggings/ 2 short-sleeved shirts /2 first skin underwear long-sleeved shirts/ polar or wind-stopper suit or jacket / warm jacket (primarily duvet)/ Rain jacket/ firs skin thin gloves / 1 pair of warm gloves and a spare one/ mitten covers or  waterproof gloves / sun hat / polar hat/ buff or polar neck / category 3-4 sunglasses / spare sunglasses/ trekking poles/ 75 + 15 lts backpack / headlamp with spare batteries/ sleeping bag (-15º / -25ºC)/ insulating mat/ 1 l. unbroken thermal water/ multipurpose penknife/ unbroken glass and dish/ 2 1-liter bottles/ personal first aid kit/ sun screen (factor 60 or more)/ lip balm / moisturizing lotion/ lighter/ nylon bags/ crampons and pickaxe cruise (depending on terrain conditions).

Optional: personal cleanliness gear/ camera/ cellphone/ GPS

Meeting point


About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Leader

EPGAMT Mountain guide from Argentina.

The mountain is my workplace and space to enjoy what I like to do ... mountaineering.

I climbedd and promoted various mountains and volcanoes such as: Aconcagua , Ojos del Salado, Pissis , Walter Penck , Incahuasi, Plata, Rincon, Vallecitos , etc.

The mountain can find oneself, to rediscover the essence and every moment. It is a natural place that transmits balance, harmony, tranquility and at the same time, tests us and motivates us to self-improvement. The mountain is accessible to all, just enough to take the first step ... we offer a different experience to share.



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Many thanks to You again for excellent organization our trip to Ojos with Martin Torres! Martin very good man and I`m very glad to have this new real friend!

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