Bike and hike tour from Frederiksted to Hams Bluff Lighthouse in St. Croix

Join one of our certified guides for a biking and hiking tour from Frederiksted to Hams Bluff Lighthouse on the beautiful island of St. Croix.

1 day
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  • Enjoy a hiking and biking tour on the island of St. Croix.

  • Journey from Frederiksted to Hams Bluff.

  • Trek to the iconic lighthouse and enjoy some incredible views.


There are a number of great biking and hiking routes you can enjoy in St. Croix. Each one offers its own unique blend of fantastic views. However, one of the best routes on the island has got to be from Frederiksted along the coast to the remote Hams Bluff.

During this unforgettable biking and hiking tour, you will get to gaze at the gorgeous sea constantly. And, if the day is clear, you will even get to see other nearby islands! When you do reach Hams Bluff, you will then get to trek to the iconic lighthouse. From the lighthouse, the views get even better, as you will get to see virtually the entire island. You will get to see the scenic bays, forests, towns and so much more.

The total distance of this biking and hiking tour is approximately 10 miles. It is not very difficult. However, participants on this trip should be in good physical condition.

If you are visiting the Virgin Islands and would like to do some exploring, get some exercise and enjoy some great views this is the trip for you. From Frederiksted to Hams Bluff, you will get to immerse yourself in the undeniable beauty of St. Croix. To join us, please send a request.

We can also take you to the gorgeous nature preserves of St. Croix’s east end on this half-day biking tour.


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