trip duration TRIP DURATION
5 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
Balkan Mountains
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
12 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period OFFER PERIOD
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP
Not specified


The Balkans of Bulgaria is a magnificent mountain range. It is full of glorious peaks, ridges and passes that all present the kinds of views most people can only dream of. And for 5 days, you will get to hike through the range, often at a high enough altitude to gaze as far as not only your eyes, but your imagination can see.

This amazing hiking trip will see you ascending to the tops of no less than three incredible peaks. Those peaks are Mount Kupena (2,169m) and Mount Ambaritsa (2,166m), which we will ascend on the second day of the hike, and Mount Botev (2,376m), which we will ascend on the fourth day of the hike and is the highest mountain in the Balkans. Furthermore you will also get to see several spectacular waterfalls. They include the Babsko waterfall, the Kademlijsko waterfall, and the Rajskoto Pruskalo waterfall, which we will see on the third day of the hike, and at just under 125 metres, is the highest waterfall in the Balkans.

A lot of ground will be covered on this trip because we will be hiking for an average of about 6 hours per day. As a result, participants should be in good physical condition to handle that amount of hiking. However, every night, you will get a good night’s sleep in a comfortable mountain hut. Thus giving you the chance to get proper rest for the next day’s hike.

The Balkans in Bulgaria are a wonderful range to hike through. The views you will get from the summits of the various peaks, and the landscape you will get to admire every step of the way will create lifelong memories. If you would like to join me, just send me a request. I would be more than happy to guide you.

I also offer this 3 day hiking tour through the Pirin mountains as well.


Day 1

Berklemeto to the Dobrila hut

On the first day of the hike, you will take a transport from Sofia to the Beklemeto mountain pass. From there, we will hike throughout the day until we reach the Dobrila hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 2

Dobrila hut to the Vasil Levski hut

On the second day of the hike, we will depart from the Dobrila hut and ascend 2 mountains, Mount Ambaritsa (2,166m) and Mount Kupena (2,169m) before making out way to the Vasil Levski hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 3

Vasil Levski hut to the Raj hut

On the third day of the hike, we will depart from the Vasil Levski hut and make our way to the Raj hut, where we will spend the night. Midway through the day’s hike, we will also stop at the┬áRajskoto Pruskalo waterfall.

Day 4

Raj hut to the Tuza hut

On the fourth day of the hike, we will depart from the Raj hut and ascend to the top of Mount Botev (2,376m) before reaching the Tuza hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 5

Village of Tuza

On the final day of the hike, we will deparat from the Tuza hut to the village of Tuza, where you can explore before taking a transport to Karlovo or Troyan, and from there, you can catch a transport to Sofia.

Price per person

1 Person600EUR

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Mountain guide's expenses

Other details

Skill level required


Fitness level required


Meeting point

The mountain pass of Berklemeto, accessible from Troyan and Karlovo by car or bus from Sofia.


Dobrila Hut, Vasil Levski Hut, Raj Hut, Tuza Hut

More info

Participants should bring the following items with them: hiking boots, rucksack (35-45L), trekking poles, water and windproof jacket, rain cover, sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm hat and gloves, water bottle (1.5L), travel liner (optional), torch, travel linen, personal first aid kit.