Climbing Aconcagua by the Polish glacier


Reach the summit of the highest mountain in America and discover the beauty of the Andes, in this exciting 16-day climbing trip.


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Aconcagua is the highest mountain in America. In fact, it’s part of ‘The 7 Summits Circuit’, a challenge that involves climbing the highest mountain in each continent.

Climbing Aconcagua is a great chance to experience what 7000m feel like! It’s also the best starting point if you plan to go for bigger objectives, like the 8000m summits in Himalaya.

For this trek, we’ll start in Vacas Valley, towards Plaza Argentina base camp. Once there, we will ascend up to the Upper Guanacos Route, where we will install our high camp 2.

From here, we will ascend in a traverse towards the Normal Route. Then, we’ll set up the last camp (High Camp 3).

According to the plan, we’ll be reaching the summit of Mount Aconcagua on day 13. It will be an incredible experience and will provide a deep sense of achievement too!

After that, we’ll descend through the Normal Route to base camp Plaza de Mulas.

It’s important to mention that this route does not present any technical difficulties. Previous climbing experience on rock or ice is not required, although an excellent fitness level is definitely a must.

You can check the complete itinerary of this trip below.

Please contact me if you want to be a part of this climbing trip to Aconcagua. I will be happy to be your guide!


Day 1: Mendoza

You will enjoy the comfort of one of the best hotels in Mendoza city.

On this day we’ll check your
mountain equipment and accompany you to hire the necessary things. (Food is not included)

Day 2: Mendoza / Penitentes (2725 m)

Before going to Penitentes, the whole group will apply for the climbing permit with my assistance.

You will
have lunch and spend the night in Penitentes.

In the afternoon, the mules will be loaded and prepared for the
following day. (B, L, D)

Day 3: Penitentes / Pampa de las Leñas (3000 m)

The group will be taken to the entrance of the Park in a private van and you will start trekking to Pampa de Leñas Camp.

The equipment will be carried by mules. At arrival, you will set up tents and rest. (B, PL, D)

Day 4: Pampa de las Leñas / Casa de Piedra (3600 m)

After breakfast, you will walk to Casa de Piedra. This trek lasts 6 hours.

The tents will be already set up and you will be able to rest waiting for dinner to be ready. (B, PL, D)

Day 5: Casa de Piedra / Plaza Argentina Base Camp

The trek to Plaza Argentina Base Camp lasts 6 hours.

You will stay in our own campsite, with the necessary
comforts. (B, PL, D)

Day 6: Plaza Argentina Base Camp

You will be able to rest during the whole day or just go sightseeing around the area, and contemplate the
beauty of the mountain. (B, L, D)

Day 7: Plaza Argentina / Camp 1 (4950 m)

You will take part of the altitude equipment to Camp 1 where you will enjoy your packed-lunch and then return to Plaza Argentina.

This walk will help you to get a better acclimatization.

Each member of the group will carry without exception, a food load and fuel for the expedition that will be between 7 kg as the minimum and 10 kg as the maximum. (B, PL, D)

Day 8: Plaza Argentina Base Camp

Resting and acclimatization day in Plaza Argentina. On this day, you will make sure that your equipment is
ready and you will rest so as to be strong enough for the next days that demand more effort. (B, L, D)

Day 9: Plaza Argentina / Camp 1

After a 4 – hour trek, you will reach Camp 1.

On the way, the group will have lunch and once you arrive, you
will set up the tents with my™ help.

You will start to feel the altitude effects on your body. (B, PL, D)

Day 10: Camp 1 / Camp 2: Upper Guanacos (5500 m)

The group will climb up to 5500 m to install there Camp 2.

The tents will be pitched, and the team will be able to rest and recover for the following day. (B, PL, D)

Day 11: Camp 2

Rest day in Camp 2 to recover your strength and continue the trip. (B, L, D)

Day 12: Camp 2 / Camp 3 (6000 m)

Everybody will get up very early in the morning, you will have breakfast, and you will start ascending
towards the Normal Route.

Here, Camp 3 will be installed, strategically located for its altitude and protected from strong winds.

I will check each member of the group and will give the last advises.

Besides, I’ll plan the final strategy to the last climbing day in order to assure the greatest success
possible in the summit.

Dinner and rest. (B, PL, D)

Day 13: Camp 3 / Summit (6962 m)

Climbing day from Camp 3 to the summit and return to Camp 3. This is the great day! You will get up very
early in the morning, have breakfast and start climbing.

You will get to the summit, where you will live an incredible experience, and then return to Camp 3.

That night, you will rest with the satisfaction of having
reached your aim. (B, L, D)

Day 14: Camp 3 / Plaza de Mulas (4260 m)

After a long trek, you will get to Plaza de Mulas Base Camp. The group will have the day free to share those
emotions experienced throughout the expedition. (B, L, D)

Day 15: Plaza de Mulas / Puente del Inca / Mendoza

Descent to Puente del Inca and last effort in the expedition.

Your belongings will be carried by mules so
you will only take a light backpack with a jacket and your packed lunch.

You will return to Mendoza city.

(B, PL)

Day 16: Mendoza

Breakfast. End of the services. (B)




- Hotel in Mendoza. - Tents during expedition.

More info

Personal equipment and clothing you should bring with you include: – 1 Pair of plastic boots Note: Climbing plastic boots or double boots are the best option for high altitude. In Aconcagua you will find temperatures very cold (-30°C / -22°F). Koflach Artic Expedition, Scarpa Vega or Asolo AFS 8000 are good examples of plastic boot. There are excellent alternatives to a plastic boot, in which the outer boot is made of modern synthetic materials. Ask me about these new models as La Sportiva Nuptse, the Vasque Ice 9000 or the Salomon Pro Thermic. I must be sure that your boots are equipped for very low temperatures

– Crampons with ‘step-in’ bindings (12 points, non-rigid recommended) – 1 Pair of trekking poles (adjustable preferred) – Climbing helmet

Meeting point



About the guide

EPGAMT Mountain Guide from Mendoza, Argentina

From South to North along the Andes, Martín climbed several mountains ranging from 3000 meters to snow covered peaks above 6500 meters; in the Alps he climbed Mt. Blanc and other classical routes; in Central America he explored remote jungles and volcanoes; and following a personal search he also travelled to many mountains and places in the Pyrenees and the New Zealand Alps.

Among his achievements, he summited 22 times Mt. Aconcagua in commercial expeditions, and snowboarded snowy slopes in 3 continents. Nowadays he dedicates an important part of his life to study and practice yoga.

Some of his certifications:

- EPGAMT certified trekking and mountain guide
- Member of AAGPM (Association of professional mountain guides of Argentina)
- AAGM high altitude mountain guide
- Snowboard instructor, member of A.A.D.I.D.E.S. (Argentine Association of ski and snowboard instructors)
- Homologated as UIMLA mountain leader
- Professor of Purna Yoga Integral, Power Yoga and Swara Yoga, recognized by IYF (Internacional Yoga Federation)

“During my 15 years guiding, I discovered that the quality of the experience for the client is based in 3 pillars: Safety, Fun and Learning. I developed my professionalism focused in this objectives, having an up-to-date training, in order to offer to my clients the possibility of enjoying the experience, learning and growing while having fun, always in a safe environment”.

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