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Hike in Hakuba 3 mountains & Yari Onsen

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Join a 3-day hiking trip in Hakuba 3 mountains, one of the most popular trails in the Hida Mountains, and relax at Yari Onsen, an incredible outdoor hot spring, together with Munehiro, NPOMG mountain guide.

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Hida Mountains

3 Days

Jul - Sep




Hakuba Three Mountains (Shirouma-dake,  Shakushi-dake and Hakuba Yarigatake) are connected by a very popular route. Come with me for a 3-day hiking trip there!

The area of Hakuba lies in the northwestern of Nagano prefecture. Its famous three mountains (also called 'Hakuba Sanzan') belong to the North Japan Alps.

Our hiking traverse will start from Renge Onsen, a secret hot spring hidden in deep mountain. I strongly recommend you to arrive there the night before our tour, because there are four different outdoor onsen to enjoy!

The first day, we'll take a mountain trail in very good conditions at the back of the hotel. After walking through a woody corridor, we will reach Tengu-no-niwa (which means garden of long‐nosed goblins, at 2093 m).

There, you'll be amazed with the beautiful views of Mt. Yukikuratake and Mt. Asahitake, as well as the colorful variation of alpine plants.

Then, we'll go further crossing a snowy gorge, pass forest line and reach the pasture of Shirouma-Ooike. We'll stay there overnight, surrounded by beautiful alpine plants.

The day after, we'll walk in flower fields. From a forest of creeping pines, we will go to Funakoshi-no-Atama Ridge (2,612 m). This is a ridge line of the North Japan Alps. Here, we'll enjoy a wonderful scenery and see many alpine plants along our route, until we finally arrive to the top of Shirouma-dake.

From the summit, you'll have a stunning 360 degree view. We'll walk over the summit and go to the ridge of the other Hakuba peaks: Shakushi-dake and Hakuba Yarigatake.

As we go downhill, the trail will get a little steep. During our last night we'll stay at Yari-Onsen, a beautiful outdoor onsen above clouds!

Our way back will be a moderate down slope. We'll hike through wet-land flower fields, passing Kohinata col, until we return to Sarukura.

Would you like to join me on one of the great traverse routes in Hakuba? Please, get in touch with me so we can start organizing our hiking trip!

You can also take a look at this 3-day hiking trip in Shirouma-dake, for a slight change in the itinerary.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The following items are not included in the price:

- Guide expense (approximately JPY 28,000), to be split among the participants.

- Accommodation w/ 2 meals: JPY 10,000 per person

- Lunch: JPY 1,000 per person

- Onsen fee: JPY 800 per person


Day 1: Renge Onsen Lodge - Shirouma-Ooike Mountain Hut.

  • Total walking hours: 4 hours.

  • Difference in elevation: 910 m.

  • Walking distance: 4.5 km

Day 2: Shirouma-Ooike Mountain Hut - summit of Shirouma-dake (2932 m) - Yari Onsen

  • Total walking hours: 4 hours

  • Difference in elevation: 552 m

  • Walking distance: 6.5 km.

From the summit, we will walk Shakushi-dake (2812 m) and Yarigatake (2903 m) and will go to Yari-Onsen for staying overnight.

  • Total walking hours: 8 hours

  • Difference in elevation: 550 m

  • Walking distance: 13.0 km

Day 3: Shirouma-Yari-Onsen Mountain Hut - Sarukura

  • Total walking hours: 4 hours

  • Difference in elevation: 910 m

  • Walking distance: 4.5 km



More info

Deposit amount - 50% of Tour price (guide fee and guide expense) Deposit payment due date - 1 week after tour reservation Full payment needs to be made at least 1 month in advance *After the tour starts, there's no refund due to bad weather."

Meeting point

8:00 am at Renge Onsen Lodge or 7:00 am at Hiraiwa, Hakuba or Itoigawa Stations. *If you would like to come early from the previous night, you can stay at Renge Onsen Lodge or Tsuchino-ie (Oami Mountain Village Community Center)

About the guide

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Mountain Guide

I am a NPOMG (Nagano Prefecture’s Official Mountain Guide) guide specialising in guiding treks and hikes on mountains in the North Japan Alps like Mt Shirouma. I live in the village of Otari, next to Hakuba, and from here I can access the mountains in the North Japan Alps very easily!

I started to climb when I was a university student. Immersing myself in the nature has always been my favorite way of spending time in the mountains, and particularly enjoyed multi-day long ridge traverses. I’ve been working as a hiking guide since 2014 but before that, I’ve worked with an International organization, Outward Bound based in Japan, which focuses on developing youths through outdoor experiences. I’ve also spent 2 years volunteering in Tanzania, teaching physical education at a local school there.

In my early high school years, I had a pivotal moment in my life during my first wild outdoor experience when my uncle took me on a 4 day sailing trip. That experience changed how I measure value in life - became more confident - and I became interested in contributing to other people’s development. Through both mountain guiding and developmental education, I want people to have life changing moments and experiences, just as I had!

In my free time in the summer, I like to go for a 5-6 day sawanobori trips up beautiful rivers like Kurobe (one of the top 100 beautiful canyons in Japan). We’d spend the time enjoying Sawanobori, do some fishing in the river and have dinner by the fire without anyone else around you. I also travel to popular places like Kumanokodo and Yakushima in search for beautiful Sawanobori canyons.

I feel that the best experiences in the mountains comes if you stay overnight on the mountain, whether it be at a hut or in a tent.
Please join me to see and feel the beauty of the Japanese mountains and the countryside, and have life changing experiences!


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What people are saying about Munehiro



Due to bad weather conditions, we could not hike the Shirouma-dake. Munehiro provided 2 beautiful aternatives instead (Mt. Karamatsu and Jiigatake), and that was very good. Thanks!

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