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Hiking around the Gran Paradiso

Hiking around the Gran Paradiso
Hiking around the Gran Paradiso
Hiking around the Gran Paradiso
Hiking around the Gran Paradiso

This 5-day hike around Gran Paradiso allows you to see the best of Italy's nature. And in the end, you can opt to reach the summit! Join Andrea, IFMGA guide

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5 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


From Valgrisenche to Valsavaranche, join me in my home valleys for this awesome 5-day hike around Gran Paradiso, the highest mountain entirely within Italy.

I particularly like this hike because:
– It is very well preserved, wild and not so many people do it;
– We very often have the chance to see alpine animals, for example chamois, ibex, gypète…;
– We stay in very welcoming refuges serving delicious Italian food.

During the trip, we will pass by three valleys: Valgrisenche, Rhemes and Valsavarenche. We will stay in known refuges that you may have heard of: Mario Bezzi, Benevolo, Citta di Chivasso and Vittorio Emanuel.

In addition, if you wish we can end the adventure by summiting Gran Paradiso (4061 m). It's the perfect (easy) mountain if you have none or very limited mountaineering experience. We could organise this ascent on the last day.

The average walking time during the hike is 4 to 5 hours a day.

If you have more time, I also suggest this 7-day hike, in the same region. This trip also has the possibility to ascend Gran Paradiso at the end.
Day 1. Valgrisenche to Rifugio de l'Epée
Day 2. Rifugio de l'Epée – Rifugio Mario Bezzi
Day 3. Rifugio Mario Bezzi – Rifugio Benevolo
Day 4. Rifugio Benevolo – Hike on glaciers around the rifugio
Day 5. Rifugio Benevolo – Rifugio Citta di chivasso
Day 6. Rifugio Citta di chivasso – Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele
Day 7. Rifugio Vittorio Emanuele – Rifugio Chabod and back…

Yet another option is to op for the Gran Paradiso ascent alone with me. Just let me know!

You don't want to carry all your stuff during each day? No problem, then I can organize a car to drop the bags from one mountain hut to the other.

Please contact me if  this beautiful hike sounds interesting. We can of course adapt the itinerary and the program based on your time here and your wishes. Just contact me and let's discuss about it.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Breakfast

- Dinner



In mountain refuges: Mario Bezzi, Benevolo, Citta di Chivasso and Vittorio Emanuel.

More info

Please note that the price can vary depending on the number of participants.

About the guide

I was born in 1986. I live in Arvier and I'm a mountain guide since 2013. I'm a member the Union Aosta Valley High Mountain Guides and the guiding Alpine Valgrisenche. I'm also a mountain bike instructor recognized by the Italian Cycling Federation since 2004. I have the ISTA certificate since 2015. Please get in touch with me if you want to enjoy the Alps during the summer or winter. It will be my great pleasure to let you discover all the great spots, especially if you come to Italy.


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What people are saying about Andrea Benato

Brian Simpson


July, 2019

Guide cancelled trip.

Glen Steinke


June, 2019

Very good guide. Great English and experienced with the trip and route we wanted. Highly recommend Andrea for your trip.

Anna Pilch


February, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Richard B Vincent


August, 2017

Andrea was personable and did a good job of getting my daughter to the summit. As far as feedback, he said we didn't need helmets. Given the possibility for slips, rocks from above, etc., I think he should always recommend clients use a helmet even when the risk is low. Also felt could have been more accommodating of older climbers (like me at 61) and adjusted the pace accordingly.

Gintautas Pavalkis


August, 2017

Easy technically, ok physically. A nice outing in general.

Thomas de Dorlodot


May, 2017

We had a great time with Andrea! It’s quite cool to go in the mountains with someone your age. Andrea is one of the youngest Italian guides but already has a lot of experience and you can tell it once up there. We felt very safe all the way, he took us to some really nice lines and we even enjoyed some powder. He was always adapting to the rhythm of the team. The views around Val d’Aoste are amazing and the great food and service in the huts made the trip very special. Andrea knows everyone so we even enjoyed special treatment… (that tiramisu was amazing…)We will come back! There is a lot more to discover around there.



April, 2017

Le tour avec Andrea s'est très bien passé. Il est vraiment très sympa et détendu. Il adaptait bien les sorties en fonction du niveau et de la forme groupe. C'était super de découvrir le Val d'Aoste avec lui car c'est sa région. On a donc pu en apprendre beaucoup au sujet du coin et il savait où aller chercher la bonne neige. Top recommandation merci ! Il nous a même invité chez lui en fin trip pour une pâte et un coup d'alcool d'Aravis. Du guide 6 étoiles, en somme ;-)



March, 2017

The couple of days spent in Cogne were just incredible. If you like the mountain and want to try something else in winter than skiing or snowboarding, ice climbing is definitively for you. During our time there, we enjoyed the beautiful sceneries of the Aosta valley, visit the small villages, enjoy the cuisine and most importantly learn the basics of Ice Climbing. The sport is really physical and requires to be a bit of a daredevil but the satisfaction of reaching the top of a frozen waterfall give you feeling that surpasses any of those challenges. During our trip, we were accompanied by our guide, Andrea. His knowledge of the mountain and his friendliness were the “Cherry on the topping”. Besides teaching us the different techniques linked to ice climbing, we also discussed other mountaineering activities which was delightful for Pierre-Henri and myself since we want to get more involved in that area. During our stay, we started to practice on easier routes in the Lillaz park. This first day allowed us to grasp the general techniques and already test our strength and our “fear” of hights. The next day we headed towards the Grand Paradis national park and we walked for about an hour through the snow to reach the icefalls. The view on the way was breathtaking. The icefall we climbed was definitively more impressive than the first one we had done, much steeper, taller and technical. That being said, getting to the top was an amazing feeling. We were so trilled after our ice climbing experience that we are already looking through the “Explore-Share” site to find our next adventure which will more than likely be summiting either Mount Rosa or Mount Elbrus.

Pierre Henry


February, 2017

All went very well ! We have been very satisfied about the ice climbing experience offered by Andrea. It is an experience I will probably never forget and I hope I can go on an "adventure" with Andrea in the future !



February, 2017

I've spent 5 days with a group of friends in Valle Maira accompanied by Andrea, our guide for the trip. He is young , cheerful, flexible, very good at card games and has an excellent knowledge of the region. It was my first time skiing in Italy and I've been seduced by the authenticity of the mountain villages, the amazing sceneries and the local gastronomy : you get both quality and quantity at a very decent price! If you are looking for quiet moments away from the crowd this is definitely the right place to go as this region is far less touristy than Valle Aosta.



February, 2017

The five of us explored Valle Maira with our guide Andrea during four days, which was a truly refreshing experience because the area is so wild. There's no ski resorts around, only isolated stone villages inhabited by a couple of die-hards living away from it all, and beautiful treks all around. Great scenery. We didn't see more than 10 fellow skiers around. The food is great too, and there's plenty of it. We also went to France for one day. As to Andrea, whom i knew from a previous trek, he was flexible and careful as always. A great experience!



February, 2017

With 5 friends (all aged ~35) , we decided to go on a 5 day hut-to-hut ski trip in Piedmont - Italy. Not only was the place very typical & beautiful, it is also a great way to spend some time “among men”, off the families and the heaps of daily hassle that go along with it. And also good to do some tougher challenges you could never do when going on a family trip. Andrea led us to some very unique places, the “rifugio” in Italy are divine, you are always welcomed with great attention and also great food. Expect the 6 meal dish even in a hut! An experience I will reiterate, if possible on a yearly basis, to empty my head and refresh my mind.



January, 2017

Andrea nous a guidé jusqu'à la pointe de la pierre surplombant Aoste. Nous avons tous été super satisfaits de ce choix: le panorama sur les Alpes y est fantastique et Andrea nous a trouvé de la bonne neige malgré les conditions très sèches des jours précédents. En plus, Andrea a parfaitement géré les differences de niveau du groupe en donnant des bons conseils techniques. Pour finir, Andrea est très sympa et flexible et est un vrai passionné de sa région et de sa culture montagnarde. Merci a lui et a Explore-Share pour ce moment memorable!



October, 2016

The week with Andrea has been awesome! Unfortunately, due to bad weather conditions, we could not make it up to Mt Blanc but we are not disappointed. The experience has been magic. I’m very happy I could meet with Andrea, he is a great guy and an excellent mountain guide. Many thanks for putting us in touch with him, your platform is a very useful tool! Next year we will most probably repeat the experience ;)



October, 2016

We are a couple with very short experience in high mountain. Andrea injured his foot and he couldn't come with us, but he advised us perfectly and he managed everything in order to climb Gran Paradiso & Breithorn with two very professional guides: Remy and Alessandro. Very happy to contact with him!


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