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Spaghetti Tour Cervinia
Cervinia Gressoney
Spaghetti Tour
Gressoney in Monte Rosa

“Spaghetti Tour” from Cervinia to Gressoney in Monte Rosa

The Spaghetti Tour consists of an intense crossing of Monte Rosa Massif and its highest summits. Five days under the guidance of one of the IFMGA-certified guides in the Peakshunter team are plenty to get the best taste of the region!






5 Days


Jun - Aug






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  • Take part in a fantastic traverse across the Monte Rosa Massif.
  • Get to the summit of several different peaks in the range.
  • Enjoy the Italian hospitality and cuisine in the local mountain huts.


We all know that the “Spaghetti Tour” is about much more than pasta. It consists of a 5-day traverse through the Monte Rosa group starting from Cervinia and ending in Gressoney, in the Aosta Valley.

On this 5-day program, we will conquer the famous Spaghetti Tour and explore some of the most stunning four thousanders in the range. We will climb Western and Central Breithorn, Pollux, Castor, Lyskamm Nose, the Vincent Pyramid, Balmenhorn, Ludwigshoe, Punta Gnifetti, and Zumstein. Aside from climbing to the fantastic summits of these mountains, you will have the opportunity to sleep at the highest hut in the Alps: the Capanna Margherita, at almost 4554 m. Furthermore, all the huts in the region are in fact famous for their pasta, which is why the tour is named spaghetti and will be welcome resting and dining spots in the evenings.

The maximum group size for the Spaghetti tour is 3. Moreover, all the members of the group must have basic mountaineering skills and good physical condition. Keep in mind we’ll have to face quite a demanding altitude change and walk around 6-8 hours each day.

At the bottom of this description, you can find more details about prices as well as a sample itinerary of the program. You can also read one client’s account of what the experience was like for him to get a better idea.

So, if you’re ready to explore the stunning Monte Rosa massif and enjoy some great pasta while you’re at it, then you can’t miss this amazing 5-day Spaghetti Tour! Contact us now and let’s start planning an unforgettable adventure. 

We also lead an ascent to Dufourspitze in the Monte Rosa Massif. Check it out!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

- Lift tickets

- Harness

- Helmet

- Crampons

- Ice axe

- Mountain guide expenses

Price details

We take care of the hut reservations with half-board formula (Guide Val d’ Ayas al Lambronecca hut, Quintino Sella hut, Capanna Gnifetti hut and Capanna Regina Margherita hut) and of the ticket facilities booking.

We can offer extra services to support you for the planning of accommodations and logistics before and after the trip: these extra fees are not included and have to be paid on the spot.


- Hiring of trekking poles - to be paid directly on the spot

- Mountaineering boots (to be rented, paid and collected by customer at rental shops in the area one day before the trip)

- Extra meals, water and beverages/drinks for the clients and the Guide

- Transportation to the starting point

- Transport during the trip

- Luggage transfer and storage during the trip

- Research and rescue insurance with UVGAM coverage (recommended): €5 per person for 3 days

- Personal Insurance- Anything that is not mentioned under "Price Includes"

- Anything that is not mentioned under "Price Includes"

Secure your spot with just 25% payment

48-hour free cancellation with 30-day advance booking


Day 1: Cervinia - Starting Point

We will meet in Cervinia for an equipment check and a short briefing. Then, we’ll take the cable car to Plateau Rosa, where we’ll climb up to the Breithorn Pass and go on to the summit of the Breithorn. A quick descent takes us to the trail that running under the Central Breithorn, the Roccia Nera and Pollux, leading right up the Verra Pass. From there, in about 1 hour we descend to the Ayas Guides hut (3,400 m). We’ll spend the first night there.

Drop: 700 m Ascent/descent time: 5-6 hours

Day 2: Margherita Hut - Quintino Sella Hut

From the Verra Pass we start the route up the Castor west face. Once at the summit (4,200 m) the viewpoint is magnificent, ranging from the Margherita Hut to the Lyskamm, from Gran Paradiso to Mont Blanc and from the Po Valley to the Swiss four-thousanders. The descent will follow a fairly easy trail along a snowy ridge, which leads to a steep slope that takes us down to the Felik Pass and the Felik Glacier. At 3,575 meters high, at the edge of the glacier, we’ll arrive at the Quintino Sella Hut, where we can enjoy a meal and spend the night.

Drop: 800 m Ascent/descent time: 6-7 hours

Day 3: Mantova Hut

For the first 2 hours we’ll walk along the Western Lys glacier. Then we must face a the steep climb to the Naso del Lyskamm. A fairly easy descent leads us to the Eastern Lys glacier, which we cross heading towards the Vincent Pyramid. Having reached the summit, we’ll take the trail to the Gnifetti Hut (3,647 m) where we will enjoy a meal and stay for the night.

Drop: 800 m Ascent/descent time: 6-8 h

Day 4: Margherita Hut

Today we are going to reach the highest mountain hut in Europe, the Margherita Hut (4,554 m). It is a gradual ascent passing by the summits of the Balmenhorn, the Schwarzhorn, the Ludwigshöhe, and the Zumsteinspitze. Finally, we reach the Signalkuppe Peak, where the Margherita Hut stands. Here, we will enjoy our meal and spend the night.

Drop: 1,500 mAscent/descent time: 6-7 hours

Day 5: Zumsteinspitze - Monte Rosa Hut

We leave Margherita hut to reach the last of summit over 4,000m, the Zumsteinspitze.

From there, we will head to Gressoney Staffal, where our trip will end.

Drop: 100 m Drop height: 1,680 m

Ascent/descent time: 6-8 hours


What experience and how fit do I need to be to climb this mountain? Is this program suitable for children or older people?

Spaghetti Tour requires solid mountaineering experience. You’ll need to use crampons and an ice axe, roped-in progression with the guide. Also, you must have confidence in the technical equipment.

About your fitness, you should consider that this is a quite demanding adventure, especially on the second day, in which we will walk for 9/10 hours. Therefore, a good workout in the months leading up to the trip is recommended so that you can experience the adventure to the fullest and not get too tired.

How far in advance should I start training and what kind of training do you suggest?

In the months leading up to the trip, we recommend consistent training to improve your endurance and your cardiovascular fitness (running, hiking, biking). When you confirm the trip, we will send you specific recommendations about the training.

Will I need to bring any technical equipment of my own? Is it possible to rent equipment, and if so, what would be the approximate cost of that?

The loan of the personal technical equipment is included in the tariff. The guide provides it on the day of departure. The gear for rental includes a mountaineering helmet, mountaineering harness, straight-hand ice axe, and crampons.

In addition, the guide will bring the common safety gear, such as rope, ice screws, daisy chains, and carabiners.

All you need to check and bring is your personal mountaineering clothing, including technical mountaineering boots, waterproof, with rigid soles, warm and comfortable (please avoid bringing new ones, if you have never used them before the ascent!). After your booking confirmation, we will send a complete and detailed list of recommended equipment and clothing. If you need anything for renting, we will recommend some shops where you can hire the necessary gear. Boots renting is around 20-22€/day, and trekking poles are 8-10€/day.

Will there be porters to help to carry group and personal equipment?

Absolutely no porters are expected for this ascent. Each participant should bring a personal backpack and technical equipment, including thermos for tea/water and energy bars/dried fruit and energy food for the trip.

How will accommodation and meals be handled on the mountain?

We will take care of the accommodation booking that includes:

  • First night at the guide val d'Ayas al Lambronecca hut
  • Second night at the Quintino Sella hut
  • Third night at the Capanna Gnifetti hut
  • Fourth night at the iconic Capanna Regina Margherita hut

All the overnight stays are with half-board formula, which includes breakfast and dinner, but not the beverages/drinks or the extra meals.

All lunches are excluded

Any other extra meals and all the beverages (water, beer, sparkling beverages, etc.) are NOT included and have to be covered by the customers directly on the spot for them and for the guide too.

What happens in the event of bad weather?

Please consider that weather and conditions can change unexpectedly and, especially in recent years due to climate change, there are not always the best conditions for a safe ascent. In such cases, because your and our safety is our priority, we will propose an alternative trip to nearby mountains with better conditions. Note that you are booking the guide’s availability for the duration of the tour. This means that it will not be possible to cancel due to poor conditions. We will be careful to arrange an experience that lives up to your expectations. We understand that this may be a frustrating outcome, however, safety is a top priority, and every mountain has a lesson to teach.

Are there any other special requirements such as permits/insurance/vaccines that we need to consider before the tour?

Yes, there are several special requirements that you need to consider for this trip. Here are some of them; please read them carefully before confirming the booking.

  • It is strongly recommended to have rescue and research insurance; if you need one, after your confirmation, we can recommend some solutions suitable for you.
  • There are no specific vaccine requirements for this trip, but it is always a good idea to check with your doctor or a travel clinic to make sure you are up to date on routine vaccinations. Also, there is no longer a need to provide proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19, or negative test results.
  • We finally invite all non-EU citizens to inform themselves about specific permits to enter Italy.

What is the guide-to-client ratio to climb this mountain?

The maximum number of clients for each guide is 3 (ratio 1:3). This is the maximum number in order to ensure safety during the trip and it is established by local regulations. We are not going to take more than 3 people for each guide.

If you are a group of more than 3 people, we have more guides available to undertake the adventure; we will be happy to support your group with other professionals on our team!

What is the best time of the year to climb this mountain?

The season goes from mid of June till mid of September.

If ’m alone, is it possible to join a group?

It’s possible to join a group; you can check the best for you on our calendar.

Where is the meeting/starting point?

We’ll meet in Cervinia on the first day. We'll start with a general briefing and by checking the equipment.

What additional costs should I consider?

The hiring of the trek poles and the renting of the boots are NOT included. If needed, the renting of the boots has to be done by the customers before the trip to one of the shops in Gressoney. We will send you more details in case of need.

The costs for beverages and extra meals for the clients and the Guide are NOT included and have to be covered on the spots, sharing the guide’s fee between all the participants.

Transfer to the meeting point is NOT included.

At what time does the trip start? At what time will we be back to the parking area?

The meeting with the guide on the first day will be at around 7:30-8:30 am at the ticket office of the cable car. We will be back in Cervinia the last day at around 4:30/ 5:00 pm.

What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

We understand that finding the perfect place to stay is an essential part of your adventure experience. To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of three highly recommended hotels that offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of local charm. These accommodations are well-suited for adventurers looking to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day of exploration
Hotel Bouton d'Or Aosta Italy
See rooms
Le Charaban Aosta Italy
See rooms
Hostellerie le Lievre Amoureux Saint Oyen Italy
See rooms

About the guide: -PeaksHunter

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

Giving and receiving smiles, seeing the satisfaction on the faces of our customers, seeking opportunities for growth, stimulating authenticity in personal and group relationships, in sharing mountaineering disciplines, fears, efforts, and moments of difficulty, which are part of the integrated with experiences, essential ingredients of every summit climb: these are our focus, our beliefs, and our most important results, as outdoor Professionals and as people who love the mountains and their work as Alpine Guides!

Founded in 2013 by Elis and Silvia, PEAKSHUNTER Mountain Guides is a team of IFMGA-certified Mountain Professionals and outdoor activities experts, based in the town of Aosta, not far from Courmayeur-Chamonix, on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif.

We live and work in the beautiful Aosta Valley region, very close to French and Swiss borders near to Geneva, Milan, and Turin international airports.

Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Dufourspitze, Pyramide Vincent and Regina Margherita Hut, Gran Paradiso, Breithorn, Lyskamm, Castor and Pollux are only a few of several 4000 Alps summits you can climb with us: most of our team of Guides were born and grew up close to these mountains and they have explored the ascent routes several times during different seasons, with skis or crampons!

- We love our work: we plan all our trips with great commitment and deep respect for the Alpine environment, for its inhabitants, and its territories. Including local traditions in different valleys and Alpine areas.

- We love Mountain, Nature, and Outdoor activities, that we like to share with people from all around the world. We are enthusiastic to meet like-minded adventurers and share new experiences and memorable emotions with the support of our Mountain Guides.

- Safety and Risk Management are essential for us, as elements of fundamental importance during every single trip we plan and carry out with our customers: for this reason, we offer introductory courses to the different alpine disciplines (Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Ice climbing, Ski mountaineering, Freeride, Rescue Crevasse, and Avalanche) to convey awareness and responsibility to our customers.

- We offer solid Experience, with several years organizing outdoor disciplines around mountain and wild areas, in many different countries of Italy and Europe, for individuals or groups, including 7-day customer support for booking, logistics, and personal assistance for planning and reservations.

- As certified Mountain Guides, we offer training courses, to improve technical skills and to learn basic knowledge about mountaineering in the Alps, which is essential to explore and climb the Mountains safely in any situation or conditions.

- We are happy to provide customized programs for every customer's demand: our Experience is synonymous with Professionalism and Customer Care to guarantee unforgettable emotions and beautiful smiles!

Fulfill your dreams, discover breathtaking views or simply enjoy an extraordinary day: you just need to use your imagination and we will carry out your trip as you desire to live it!

Let’s plan your next mountain project together!



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What people are saying about this trip



Great experience all over. The guides Rolando, Ellis and Claudio were very professional and nice. I always felt safe and the route was amazing. Good food and lodging also.



I very much enjoyed this tour and the full guiding experience. The tour consisted of a perfect route around the Monte Rosa massive, staying in very nice Italian huts with excellent pasta & pizza along the way. Although we didn’t summit one peak, because of weather conditions, we still managed to reach the summit of 7 four-thousand peaks, including the Regina Margherita Hut on top of the Signalkuppe at 4554m. Our guide Gabriele did a great job of improving our mountaineering and guiding us safely around the rocks, ice glacier and crevasses each day. Next time I will come back to climb more high mountains!



Unfortunately one of the participants was not fit enough and had no experience walking on crampons and on glaciers. This made it hard for the guide and it was (sometimes) just annoying to wait for the person. Screening participants should be done better.



Everything was Great!!!

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