“Spaghetti Tour” from Cervinia to Gressoney in Monte Rosa


The Spaghetti Tour consists of an intense crossing of Monte Rosa Massif and its highest summits. Five days under the guidance of one of the IFMGA-certified guides in the Peakshunter team are plenty to get the best taste of the region!


5 Days

Jun, Jul




  • Take part in a fantastic traverse across the Monte Rosa Massif.
  • Get to the summit of several different peaks in the range.
  • Enjoy the Italian hospitality and cuisine in the local mountain huts.


We all know that the “Spaghetti Tour” is about much more than pasta. It consists of a 5-day traverse through the Monte Rosa group starting from Cervinia and ending in Gressoney, in the Aosta Valley.

On this 5-day program, we will conquer the famous Spaghetti Tour and explore some of the most stunning four thousanders in the range. We will climb Western and Central Breithorn, Pollux, Castor, Lyskamm Nose, the Vincent Pyramid, Balmenhorn, Ludwigshoe, Punta Gnifetti, and Zumstein. Aside from climbing to the fantastic summits of these mountains, you will have the opportunity to sleep at the highest hut in the Alps: the Capanna Margherita, at almost 4554 m. Furthermore, all the huts in the region are in fact famous for their pasta, which is why the tour is named spaghetti and will be welcome resting and dining spots in the evenings.

The maximum group size for the Spaghetti tour is 3. Moreover, all the members of the group must have basic mountaineering skills and good physical condition. Keep in mind we’ll have to face quite a demanding altitude change and walk around 6-8 hours each day.

At the bottom of this description, you can find more details about prices as well as a sample itinerary of the program. You can also read one client’s account of what the experience was like for him to get a better idea.

So, if you’re ready to explore the stunning Monte Rosa massif and enjoy some great pasta while you’re at it, then you can’t miss this amazing 5-day Spaghetti Tour! Contact us now and let’s start planning an unforgettable adventure. 

We also lead an ascent to Dufourspitze in the Monte Rosa Massif. Check it out!


Day 1: Cervinia - Starting Point

We will meet in Cervinia for an equipment check and a short briefing. Then, we’ll take the cable car to Plateau Rosa, where we’ll climb up to the Breithorn Pass and go on to the summit of the Breithorn. A quick descent takes us to the trail that running under the Central Breithorn, the Roccia Nera and Pollux, leading right up the Verra Pass. From there, in about 1 hour we descend to the Ayas Guides hut (3,400 m). We’ll spend the first night there.

Drop: 700 m
Ascent/descent time: 5-6 hours

Day 2: Margherita Hut - Quintino Sella Hut

From the Verra Pass we start the route up the Castor west face. Once at the summit (4,200 m) the viewpoint is magnificent, ranging from the Margherita Hut to the Lyskamm, from Gran Paradiso to Mont Blanc and from the Po Valley to the Swiss four-thousanders.
The descent will follow a fairly easy trail along a snowy ridge, which leads to a steep slope that takes us down to the Felik Pass and the Felik Glacier.
At 3,575 meters high, at the edge of the glacier, we’ll arrive at the Quintino Sella Hut, where we can enjoy a meal and spend the night.

Drop: 800 m
Ascent/descent time: 6-7 hours

Day 3: Mantova Hut

For the first 2 hours we’ll walk along the Western Lys glacier. Then we must face a the steep climb to the Naso del Lyskamm. A fairly easy descent leads us to the Eastern Lys glacier, which we cross heading towards the Vincent Pyramid. Having reached the summit, we’ll take the trail to the Gnifetti Hut (3,647 m) where we will enjoy a meal and stay for the night.

Drop: 800 m
Ascent/descent time: 6-8 h

Day 4: Margherita Hut

Today we are going to reach the highest mountain hut in Europe, the Margherita Hut (4,554 m).
It is a gradual ascent passing by the summits of the Balmenhorn, the Schwarzhorn, the Ludwigshöhe, and the Zumsteinspitze. Finally, we reach the Signalkuppe Peak, where the Margherita Hut stands. Here, we will enjoy our meal and spend the night.

Drop: 1,500 mAscent/descent time: 6-7 hours

Day 5: Zumsteinspitze - Monte Rosa Hut

We leave Margherita hut to reach the last of summit over 4,000m, the Zumsteinspitze.

From there, we will head to Gressoney Staffal, where our trip will end.

Drop: 100 m
Drop height: 1,680 m

Ascent/descent time: 6-8 hours




Half-board accommodation prices in the mountain huts. (Rates do not include beverages): €70 per person at Ayas Guides’ Hut (Lambronecca); €70 per person at Quintino Sella at Felik Hut; €75 per person at Gnifetti Hut; €90 per person at Regina Margherita Hut.

More info

Research and rescue insurance with IFMGA coverage (recommended): €12 per person for 7 days. Hiring of any personal equipment (harness, ice axe, crampons and helmet): €20 per person (in case of needing, included in the all-in option).

Fees for lifts facilities, transfers and mountain lodges are subject to changes established and applied by they respective owners, without any liability attributable to the mountain guide.

Meeting point



About the guide

Founded in 2013 by Elis and Silvia, PEAKSHUNTER is a team of IFMGA-certified mountain guides.

Although we all have different backgrounds and experiences, we share the same goals and projects and, more than anything, love our job and share a deep passion for the mountains.

Professionalism and safety are our core values because we love our job and we are passionate about Mountain and Nature.
We are enthusiastic to share new adventures and guarantee the most memorable emotions to all our clients.
If you are interested in experience the beauty of Nature and the power of the Mountains, Peakshunter Mountain Guides will be happy to guide you! We want to provide you with intense emotions and want to be there to share them with you. We feel we've done our job when there are big, cheesy smiles on everybody's faces at the end of the day.

We want to build a strong, long-lasting relationship with our clients, based on the respect we feel for everyone who joins us in the exploration of this striking vertical world.

Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Monterosa, Dufourspitze and Margherita Hut, Gran Paradiso, Breithorn, Castor and Pollux are only a few of several 4000 Alps summits next to the area we live and work: the beautiful little Aosta Valley region, close to French and Swiss borders and not far from Geneva, Milan and Turin international airports.

Realize your dreams, discovering breathtaking views or simply living an extraordinary day: you just need to use your imagination and we will realize your trip as you desire to live it!

Peakshunter Mountain Guides team will be happy to guide you, sharing adventures and being you companions, personal trainers, consultants and expertise supporters for all you need in planning the next Mountain dream!

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Prices per person

Group of 1

EUR 1959 Each

Group of 2

EUR 1135 Each

Group of 3

EUR 825 Each

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Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Personal insurance

Price details

The price includes:

- UIAGM certified Mountain Guide

- liability insurance

- shared safety material

The price doesn't include:

- research and rescue insurance with UVGAM coverage (recommended): €12 per person for 7 days

- the hiring of any personal equipment (harness, ice axe, crampons and helmet): €30/day per person while supplies last

- the Mountain Guide’s expenses (lifts, transfers, meals and accommodation) to be covered by participants

- transfers, meals and accommodation

- lifts tickets: Breuil-Cervinia-Plateau Rosa multi-day round trip ticket €32 per person; Zermatt – Matterhorn Glacier Paradise 65CHF per person; Rotenboden-Zermatt one-way ticket 34CHF per person)

- half-board in mountain huts: €70 per person at Ayas Guides’ hut (Lambronecca); €70 per person at Quintino Sella al Felik hut; €75 per person at Gnifetti hut; €100 per person at Regina Margherita Hut; CHF95 per person at Monterosahutte Hut. Rates do not include beverages.

- anything that is not mentioned under "The rate includes"

You can also request an all-inclusive tour which includes guiding assistance, refuge, lifts, and guiding fee at the following additional costs:

1 participant: an additional €1000

2 participants: an additional €820/person

3 participants: an additional €720/person



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