Hiking in Daisetsuzan Park, Hokkaido

Hiking in the Daisetsuzan Park, Hokkaido. Join Jun, JMGA certified mountain guide, in this 4-day trip to a paradise for hikers and outdoor lovers.




Trip Duration

4 days

Mountain Range


People per Guide

5 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep

Type of Trip




    Join me for this beautiful 4-day trekking in the largest national park of Japan, among volcanoes (Tokachi) and flowers! Daisetsuzan National Park is a paradise for hikers and outdoor lovers as well as deer and brown bears.

    We can follow several routes, this one below is my favourite. It’s also the one where I like to guide my clients and friends.

    Asahidake (Sugatami) > Mount Asahidake > Mount Kumagatake > Araidake > Hokkaidake > Mount Hakuun > Mt Hiragatake > Mt Chubetsu > Goshikidake > Raundaka > Mount Tomuraushi

    Daisetsu means “the crossroad of alpine flowers”, you have here more than 300 kind of flowers.

    We walk on average 6 to 8 hours a day. At night, we can choose either camping outside or staying in non-serviced hut. This depends on what you want as well as on the weather conditions.

    The hike can be done in 3 days, but I recommend doing it in 4. We will pass through beautiful places like Ohachi, Mount Haku-un, the Takanegahara plateau, Koganegahara plateau

    The Daisetsuzan National Park natural elements are extremely rich. Many of the plants and animals in the Daisetsuzan Park are unique, only found in this area, since this is where they evolved. There are also rare rock formations and several waterfalls. Visit one of the most amazing areas in Hokkaido! This park is the starting point of most of the rivers that run through the island. The difference between seasons is striking, each one has distinct colouring and unique breathtaking sceneries. I recommend we do this trip between July and August, during the best flower season.

    In brief, an unforgettable experience that you must live at least once in your life!

    If you are interested in this unique trek, please get in touch with me and let’s discuss about it. I will guide you there with much pleasure and besides showing you the way, I will share with you some insights about my country, my region, my culture, our history…

    If you want, we can also organize a trekking program around Mount Fuji.

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    217000 JPY

    Group of 2
    115000 JPY

    Group of 3
    82000 JPY

    Group of 4
    65000 JPY

    Group of 5
    60000 JPY


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Transport during the trip
    • Mountain guide's expenses (lifts, meals, accommodation, etc)


    • Day 1 to 4Traverse in Daisetsuzan

      We will start our tour from Asahidake onsen (hot spring). From there, we will hike to Asahidake (2,291 m), Hakuundake (2,230 m), Chubetsudake (1,963 m) and Tomuraushi (2,141 m). By the end of the tour, we will go to Tomuraushi onsen (hot spring) to relax.

      Total walking hours will be about 5-8 hours each day.


    Other details

    Skill level required


    Fitness level required


    Meeting point

    We will meet at Asahikawa station in the morning (around 8:30 - 9:00). It’s maybe better to stay there the day before (coming from Sapporo).

    More info

    This items are not included in the price:

    -Lift fee

    -If you are more than 5 people, a second guide will join us.

    -If you need, a porter can be hired. The price is 60.000 JPY / porter (1 porter should be enough).

    -Transfer from Asahikawa to Asahidake-Onsen and from the ending point to Furano or Ashahikawa is included. I will bring you to Furano with my car (or Asahikawa, as you wish).

    Recommended equipment:

    - Clothes: trekking shoes (Gore-tex boot is better), trekking poles (not a must), cap or hat, sun glasses, gloves, rain wear, additional clothes (2 pair of underwear and socks), additional jacket (for the evening).

    - Sleeping equipment: sleeping bag (down one is better than synthetic, +3c to +10c is best and have it in a water proof bag).

    - Tableware: 1 cup, 2 stacked bowls, chopsticks or spoon and fork.

    - Others: 1 towel, 1L or 1.5L bottle for the water, some snacks, head light and extra batteries, camera and media card.

    - Back pack: 40L-45L

    You can hire some of the equipments like hiking shoes, clothing items, backpacks, sleeping bags as well as other gears from Yamarent - http://www.yamarent.com/en/

    It is an online rental shop, which allows you to reserve online, and you can receive the items by postal delivery to your hotel in Japan or collect and fit the gears in their shops located near Shinjuku station in Tokyo.

    You’ll be eligible for a discount of 10% with the Explore&Share promotion code, ES3776, if you rent more than JPY 5,000.

    -We will make filtered water every night for the next day. We will cook the meals (breakfast, sandwiches or rice ball for lunch, dinner). We will carry all meals, fire burner and pans.

    -Required fitness level: need to have good strength for to hike between 5-8 hours every day.


    About the Guide


    I wish you a very warm welcome from Hokkaido, the north island of Japan. The dream spot for any fan of powder skiing!
    I'm Jun, I'm a JMGA (Japan Mountain Guides Association) mountain and ski guide. I'm also a ski and telemark instructor. I graduated from the Hokkaido University. I have been skiing all around Hokkaido and I know every corner of this incredible island. I'm also an expert in avalanche safety management.
    I'm guiding my friends and clients in all the most beautiful places of Hokkaido: Shiretoko (UNESCO World Nature Heritage), Daisetsuzan National Park, Rishiri, Niseko, Yotei volcano, Asahikawa... hiking, skiing and mountaineering.
    Have a look to the different tours I propose to have more info on what you can experience here and get in touch with me. I will be very happy to help you organising your trip and guide you in our beautiful mountains. I'm also the director of the Hokkaido Mountain Guides Association (HMGA) which includes around 84 guides.



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    What People are Saying

    • 5 reviews


    Excellent professional guide and wonderful scenery
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    Maria Grazia Messina
    The trip was great. The views are extrodinary.
    Read review
    Gadi Shkolnik
    Jun did an incredible job guiding us through Daisetsuzan National Park. He was attentive, friendly and courteous. His knowledge of the local flora, fauna, and landscape was superb (that rock garden in particular left a deep impression on me). His cooking was superb. And, we felt like we experienced aspects of the Japanese outdoors and Japanese culture that are very hard to reach.
    Read review
    Kenton Beerman
    Jun did an incredible job guiding us through Daisetsuzan National Park. He was attentive, friendly and courteous. His knowledge of the local flora, fauna, and landscape was superb (that rock garden in particular left a deep impression on me). His cooking was superb. And, we felt like we experienced aspects of the Japanese outdoors and culture that are very hard to reach. Andy and I had a phenomenal time.
    Read review

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