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Huayhuash trek + Vallunaraju climb in 20 days

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An unforgettable experience which combines trekking and mountaineering in the same program. Enjoy the Huayhuash trek and then climb the Vallunaraju peak (and optionally the Diablo Mudo) with the help of a local certified mountain guide.

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20 Days

May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov


Are you ready to live an unforgettable trek in Huayhuash mountain range and then do a summit ascent to the Vallunaraju peak?

We’ll we spend 20 amazing days of pure adventure during my program. On the one hand, the Huayhuash Range is the second highest tropical mountain range of the world.

Six peaks of this mountain chain are higher than 6,000 meters. Among them, you can find the Yerupajá, which is the second highest mountain in Peru and the Siula Grande. In addition, this area also hosts some beautiful glacial lakes.

On the other hand, our second part of the trip will consist in climbing the Vallunaraju peak. It has 5,686 meters of altitude and it’s near Huaraz. That way, reaching the mountain won’t take us more than two days of moderate climbing.

Once at its summit, it’s possible to see some huge peaks of the Cordillera Blanca, like the Oxshapalca and Ranrapalca. From up there you can also see the city of Huaraz and all the Callejón de Huaylas.

At the bottom of this description you can find more details about the day-by-day itinerary. The best season to enjoy this program is from May till November. I can take with me a maximum of 15 guests. I have not an open group to join so I can open a new one for you and your friends.

If you want to know the rates and book your place, please get in touch with me as soon as you can. It will be my pleasure to lead this 20-day expedition. 

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Permit and entrance fees

- Group porters

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner


Day 1: Flight to Lima

Arrival in Lima. Rest or explore the city on your own. Overnight stay in a hotel (-/-/-).

Day 2: Travel by bus to Huaraz (3,100 m)

This ride follows the Pan American highway, passing through the Cordillera Negra at Conococha Pass (4020 m) into the Santa Valley and finally, Huaraz. You can also take a domestic flight. Overnight stay in a hotel of Huaraz (B/-/-).

Day 3: Trek to Laguna 69 (4450 m) - Huaraz

Our trail winds through picturesque forests and a marshy area, always alongside a steep and daunting ridge, until we are at Laguna 69. It is flanked by glacial moraines. After rest and some pictures in the lake we will return to Huaraz. Overnight stay in the hotel (B/L/-).

Day 4: Transfer to Huayhuash - Camp Matacancha (4150 m)

Transfer via the Santa Valley across the Pachacoto Bridge, then continue to the Puja Raimondi National Park till the Huarapasca Pass. Continuing over 2 more passes to the village of Matacancha in the Huayhuash region, our starting point. Meet the team of guides, assistants and donkeys. Overnight Camp (B/L/D).

Day 5: Trek to Cacanampunta (4700 m) - Laguna Mitococha (4300m)

First day of trekking: we will climb a steep slope of Matacancha towards the Cacanampunta Pass (4,700 m), which forms the continental divide between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Descent on a wide field and a beautiful camp at Laguna Mitococha (4300 m). We’ll set up the camp there (B/L/D).

Day 6: Trekking to Punta Carhuac Pass (4640 m) - Laguna Carhuacocha (4200 m)

We’ll climb the Punta Carhuac Pass and descend to the Carhuacocha Lake, one of the best campsites on the route. Some indigenous farmers live around the lake. With their permission we may catch some fresh trout for dinner! Overnight Camp (B/L/D).

Day 7: Trekking to Siula Pass (4950 m) / Laguna Quesillococha – Huayhuash 

The route passes through remote peaks and some incredible glaciers of Huayhuash, with the most magnificent panoramic view of the tour. We’ll pass the Lake Carhuacocha and the Siula Pass. Then, we’ll descend into the campsite in the Quesillococha Camp (4450 m).

Optional: If you prefer an easier day, there is a route that is a little longer but less demanding. It goes along the east edge of the Lake Carhuacocha. Then we must climb the Quebrada Acoshpado to the summit of the Carnicero Point (4580 m) and finally, descend to the two lakes of Atocshaiko to Carnicero Camp or Huayhuash Camp at Quesillococha Lake (4450 m). Overnight stay in the campsite (B/L/D).

Day 8: Portachuelo de Huayhuash – Laguna Viconga (4400 m)

A wide commercial route leads us to the small village of Portachuelo de Huayhuash, then to the headwaters of the Huayhuash River and the green Suirococha Lakes. We will then descend to the largest lake, and the southernmost point of the trek: Lake Viconga, a huge water reservoir. We’ll set up our camp close to the Viconga Hot Springs (B/L/D).

Day 9: Punta Cuyoc Pass (5020 m) - Huanacpatay (4350 m)

Today we’ll reach the highest pass of the Huayhuash Trek over Punto Cuyoc (5020 m). We climb some rocky and sandy paths and drop sharply to the Huanacpatay Gorge. Camp in fields close to the houses of Huanacpatay (B/L/D).

Day 10: Trekking to Village of Huayllapa (3600 m) - Huatiac (4290 m)

We will hike along the river to the Calinca Valley and continue to the village of Huayllapa (3,600 m). The trail takes us through dense vegetation with many Inca flowers. We will then have a 3-hour climb to the north to set up our camp in Huatiac (B/L/D).

Day 11: Trekking to Punta Tapush (4800 m) - Cashgapampa (4500 m)

Today the climb turns into a steeper and more demanding one, under the glaciated cliffs of the Raju Collota massif towards the Punta Tapush Pass. Once up there, magnificent views of the Nevado Diablo Mudo (Silent Devil), our tomorrow’s destination for the ambitious and physically strong climbers among us. Short descent to the Susococha Lake (4,600 m) and finally to Cashgapampa, where will spend the night in tents (B/L/D).

Day 12: Trek to Llaucha Pass (4750 m) - Laguna Jahuacocha (4066 m)

We’ll do a trek which consists in a short descent from Cashgapampa, turning into the Angocancha Gorge (4350 m) and ascending to the Yaucha Pass (4750 m). Then, a final descent towards the Huacrish Gorge which leads us to the Jahuacocha Lake. Camp on the shore of the lake (B/L/D). 

Optional: Those who want to climb the Diablo Mudo (5223 m) must start very early since it will be a long day. From the north side on the last steepest slopes, we’ll use crampons, ice axe and harness. The feeling of success at reaching 5000 meters and the awesome views are a well-deserved reward for the effort. Descent to the camp following the long route to the Jahuacocha Lake.

Day 13: Rest Day at Jahuacocha Lake

Rest day or 3 possible activities: a hike to the Solteracocha Lake or a mountaineering tour with a non technical ascent of the Cerro Berlin (5094 m). The third option is to ascend to the Sambuya / Rondoy Pass (4,750 m). Overnight Camp (B/L/D).

Day 14: Jahuacocha - Jahuapunta Pass (4650 m) - Pocpa (3600 m)- Huaraz

Last day of this trek. We’ll climb the last pass, Jahua Punta. Then, a long descent to the village of Pocpa. In this village we finish our great adventure filled with so many experiences. Here we leave our team of donkey drivers. Our private transport is waiting to return to Huaraz. Overnight stay in a hotel (B/L/-).

Day 15: Rest Day in Huaraz

Relaxing day in Huaraz.

Optional: rock climbing in Chancos, a classic location for those who like rock climbing. This area is 40 minutes north of Huaraz. It has 8 routes of different difficulties. This is a good place to spend a quiet day in nature and visit the hot springs to relax the muscles. Overnight stay in the hotel (B/-/-).

Day 16: Huaraz - Transfer Quebrada de Llaca - Moraine Camp (4900 m)

We leave Huaraz in our private bus to the Llaca Valley (3850 m). From here we begin our 2-hour ascent on foot to Moraine Camp (4,900 m). This climb is relatively long and steep, so we have to proceed quite slowly in order to save our energy for the summit day (B/L/D).

Day 17: Summit of Nevado Vallunaraju (5686 m) - Moraine Camp - Huaraz

We’ll leave the Moraine Camp at approximately 2 AM in order to reach the summit at about 8 AM. This section of the moraine, at the upper part of the glacier, will take us 5-6 hours. After arriving at the summit, we will return to our starting point in the Llaca Valley where the bus awaits to take us back to Huaraz. Overnight stay in a hotel (B/L/-).

Day 18: Flight to Lima

Transfer to the Anta Airport and a 50-minute flight to Lima. You can also take a bus. Transfer to the hotel (B/-/-).

Day 19: Stay in Lima, transfer to the airport

Free day, depending on your departure schedule. Return to your country of origin (B/-/-).

Day 20: Arrival

Arrival home.




- Hotel Casa Andina 2 nights in Lima or other hotel - Hotel San Sebastián 6 nights in Huaraz or other hotel

More info

Not included in the price:

  • International flights to Lima / Peru round trip
  • Transfer from the airport
  • Travel accident and health insurance
  • Luggage insurance and trip cancellation
  • Meals in restaurants in Lima and Huaraz
  • Personal expenses
  • Personal equipment (such as boots, ice ax, crampons, harness, sleeping bag, mat, Goretex, etc.)

Meeting point


About the guide

Peru Expeditions is a Guide Agency and Tour Operator based in Huaraz, Peru.

It's a family-owned travel agency, which was founded more than 35 years ago, and is now managed by IFMGA-guide Juventino and his son, Eric.

We organize trekkings and mountain expeditions in Cordillera Blanca, and all around Peru.


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What people are saying about Peru Expeditions

Bad Hetterscheid


September, 2022

William was such a knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient guide! He brought books and support materials to further explain the history of the sites we were seeing, was always ready with an answer to any questions, and had great suggestions of where to take photos. He chose a truly remarkable cook for our trek, who kept us well fed with a huge variety of foods (and an ample supply of it!) and filled with hot beverages at all hours of the day and night. He allowed us to set the pace each day, and was cheerful and helpful and relaxed throughout-he absolutely enhanced a wonderful experience! Many thanks to you, William!

Bad Hetterscheid


September, 2022

Eric from Peru Expeditions is a fabulous, safe, and conscientious Tour Operator. He chose an incredible guide for us (Darwin) who was highly esteemed by every guide we met at every point along the journey-the respect of one’s peers speaks for itself! We were very well supported, always had perfect timing with seeing sunrises, beating “the crowd” to our destinations, and had ample food. The Peruvian mountains are stunningly beautiful- I’m ready to go back again already! Book with Eric - he’s going to take good care of you.

Connor White


September, 2022

Great service and trip!

Johannes Besmehn


August, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Alexey Volegov


July, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.



November, 2021

Our guide was William and he is the one that really made the trip great!

Juliusz Zulauf


September, 2021

It was really good climbing expedition. The company put good effort to accommodate our needs and requests. Lima Central Office support was outstanding. Edgar, our climbing guide was top notch. Supporting staff during the climb was very helpful and friendly as well. For my personal needs, some modification of an acclimatisation scheme would be beneficial. First week of the trip consisted of various day trips to destinations of increasing altitudes, but all nights were at Huaraz, at 3100 m altitude. For me, to be fully acclimatized I need to sleep at the altitude. My first night at the higher altitude was at Pisco refuge (4800 m) and resulted with mild altitude sickness preventing me from successful climbing the following day. I would prefer spending two nights at high altitude before first high climb. It might not be the case for some other people, but it was for me. If not for this, I would had awarded straight five stars.

Marcela Hronesova


July, 2021

Disappointed with the whole experience. Didn't climb with Juventino, never met him. Got a different guide. Booked Pisco and Chopicalcui as separate climbs with one day off in between to rest. Agency combined the climbs. They told me to of go from Pisco BC directly to Chopicalcui moraine camp. Got a different guide who didn't tell me that we'll get snowed in at moraine camp. Only found out about the snow once we reached Chopicalcui moraine camp. Spent the night there, next day had to go down. Disappointed rebooked my flight and left Peru. Waste of my time and money.

Marcela Hronesova


July, 2021

The agency gave me a guide Darwin, not Juventino. Climb was good, easy just walking. There is one dangerous section near the moraine area with very loose gravel. So make sure you don't slip there or you are dead. I stayed in refugio at the base camp which was much more comfy than camping. Darwin was good but give clients some breaks once in a while, not rush too much. It's a high altitude climbing after all.

Tony Hoffman


September, 2020

The hike was canceled. We didn’t go anywhere. Didn’t even get into the country.

Flormila Pineda Villanueva


May, 2020

My visit to Huaraz was one of the most beautiful trips of my life. Our days of adventure began with the visit of lagoons in the white mountain range; wilcacocha, churup, paron, lagoon 69 and we finish with the most beautiful Santa Cruz trek. Our trip was a complete success, during the stay in Huaraz we stayed at the ALPAMAYO GUEST HOUSE hotel, an excellent place in the center of Huaraz. I recommend Mr. Juventino to make his trip and his hotel the and if nice family People.

Koseth Saenz


May, 2020

He was very kind, patient and helped me to reach my goal the citadel of Machupicchu. One day I wanted to quit but he encouraged me to continue and waited for my step.

Pietro Garanzini


May, 2020

Our experience in Peru was an unforgettable journey, we started a journey in this country to visit Machu Picchu and the surroundings of Cusco as a sacred valley, etc. Afterwards, our next destination was to arrive in the beautiful land of Huaraz, where our main goal was the trekking of Santa Cruz and a not very difficult base climb and after the trekking of Huayhuash. We will be back next year with more customers, friends of our mountain club, thanks for everything and see you soon in Huaraz!

Michael W English


March, 2020

From the very first emails communication which was dealt with efficiently and provide all the required information and other options for myself to consider. When I arrived the communication was excellent and very well organised. When I return later this year I will without doubt be using Eric and the team. When we arrive at the start point to getting back the local guide was excellent. I have nothing but praise for the set up.

Wolfgang Gratz


September, 2019

We did the MTB-Huarascan-Circuit (Crossing Punta Olimpica Pass and Portachuelo de Llanganuco Pass) with Eric Albinos „Peru Expedition“. All, the transfers, the hotel stays, the acclimatization tours and the circuit itself, was well organized. Eric and his staff were flexible to our wishes and very helpful. Our Guide Joni is an excellent mountain bike-guide and good tailor too if something is torn. The cook prepared delicious meals during the circuit. The camping equipment was in very good condition. We (Karin, Franz. Wolfgang) can fully recommend „Eric´s Peru Expeditions“.



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