trip duration TRIP DURATION
1+ day
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
8 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period OFFER PERIOD
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Dec
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP
Not specified


If you want to live an unique overnight stay in the mountains, please let me invite you to this hut to hut tour in the Swiss Alps. We’ll just put our snowshoes on and venture into the most outstanding places of the area.

It will be a really wild adventure in the loneliness of the Swiss Alps. The hiking tour includes amazing landscapes as well as alpine environments. Don’t forget to include warm clothes and something to eat in your backpack!

Once we are high up in the hut you will enjoy a really comfortable stay. Moreover, we will heat the place thanks to the wood stove and enjoy a hot soup. After that, you will taste a delicious homemade meal. It will be a unique moment in which we will spend a nice night, playing games and sharing stories. In addition, you will have the opportunity of making your own photo shoot at sunset. The mountains around and such a starry sky form a beautiful panorama to treasure in your album.

The following morning I will prepare the best breakfast of all the Swiss Alps. Afterwards, we’ll can go down back to the valley or continue the adventure to another hut. In that way you can choose the number of days you want to spend hiking in the Alps. Take into account that getting to the hut will take us about 3 hours on foot.

These snowshoeing proposals are suitable for all level of hikers. In fact, it is a perfect opportunity to live a wild experience with your family or kids. Moreover, a mountain hut is a magic place to spend a different birthday with your friends or even celebrate a bachelor party!

For those experienced hikers I can also recommend a longer snowshoeing trip. If you’re interested I can offer you a personalized multi-day hut to hut hiking tour. Please take into account I can also propose you the same kind of adventures in other points of the Alps, such as Italy or France. Contact me for further information.

Regardless of the circuit you choose, remember to bring the following equipment:

  • Sun glasses, sunscreen and a hat;
  • Gloves;
  • One pair of synthetic underwear;
  • 1 merino or synthetic shirt for the hike;
  • Socks (merino wool or synthetic);
  • Warm, comfortable and dry clothes for the hut (a sweater, a rain and windproof jacket, rain-pants, waterproof hard shell trouser or an insulated waterproof skiing pants);
  • An insulation layer to keep you warm (optional);
  • A 15-to-35-liter backpack;
  • Strong and waterproof leather hiking boots;
  • Minimum 1.5 liter bottle to fill up water or tea.

During these hiking tours, we can go to any mountain hut of the Swiss Alps. However, I always recommend the following ones:

Pointe Percée – Gramusset Hut

A really authentic refuge below Pointe Percée. It is a remote mountain hut that can be reached by beginners as well as experienced hikers.

Véran CAF Sallanches

It is a perfect hut for the winter with capacity for 27 people. Besides that, it is luxurious and very comfortable. It is also really easy to approach to this hut. Its surroundings offer many activities to do during the afternoon.

Täsch Refuge Zermatt

It is located in a remote valley of the Alps. The hut lays on a rocky groove overlooking the entire valley. From Täsch we can snowshoe to this hut through a high and alpine terrain.

Leglerhütte Glarnerland

It is a mountain hut covered by snow in a remote area of the Glarus Alps. Inside the Mettmen Natural Reserve, we can live a unique experience snowshoeing in an amazing terrain. Far from the crowds this 2-day alpine adventure is perfect for advanced hikers. The Kärpf is an stunning peak close to this hut which offers unique sights of the valley of Glarnerland. In fact, from there you can even admire the 4000-meter mountains of the west.

At the end of this description you’ll find a sample itinerary of this program. For any other question or if you want to book your place for the next departure, please contact me. As a mountain leader with a vast knowledge of the Swiss Alps I promise you it will be a memorable trip!


Day 1


I pick you up at our meeting point or at your accommodation. We take a short transfer with our minibus to the starting point of our adventure. After a short instruction we start our snowshoe hike up to the mountain hut where we will spend the night. Along the way, I will explain you a lot about the nature and the surrounding mountains. Half-way up we are going to have a short break with some warm tea and a quick bite out of the lunch-pack. Then, we continue the hike up to the hut. After around two hours of hiking we will reach the hut and install ourselves there. There are many things to do once we arrive! You can try to chop some firewood, you can start a fire in the wood burner, you can get some snow which we need to melt to get some water, you can help to cook, you can make the place cozy with candles and lights or you can simply relax and enjoy the great views and the nice atmosphere!

After a busy afternoon I will give you a great 3 course hut dinner. We can either cook a traditional and local dish or make a real cheese-fondue. We will spend the rest of the evening with gorgeous hut games before we go to bed.

Day 2


After a cozy night in the hut, we start the day early and enjoy a healthy breakfast with fresh coffee and tea before we head off to another great day in the mountains. Depending on your wishes we can hike back down to the valley or do a great snowshoe hike high up in the mountains before we head back down. Once we reached the minivan I will bring you back to your accommodation or the meeting point.

Price per person per day

1 Person160EUR
Group of 2160EUR
Group of 3160EUR
Group of 4160EUR
Group of 5160EUR
Group of 6160EUR
Group of 7160EUR
Group of 8160EUR

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Accommodation
  • Half-board meals during trip
  • Transport to the start of the trip
  • Transport during the trip
  • Group equipment