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Lorino: A journey of whales and whalers in Chukotka, Russia (11 days)

Chukotka, Russia
Chukotka, Russia
Chukotka, Russia
Chukotka, Russia
Chukotka, Russia

Join UIMLA-certified guide Ramon Dies Miracle as he leads you on this unique, interesting and wild 11-day journey of whales and whalers in the Bering Strait, Chukotka, Russia, the most remote and inaccessible region of Russia and one full of fascinating wildlife, including of course, whales.


11 Days

Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Discover the wild and remote frontier of Chukotka in Far East Russia!
  • See whales frolicking in the ocean, and learn about local whaling culture
  • Indulge in activities such as hot spring swimming and reindeer herding
  • Explore the vast and harsh landscape, scenery and terrain
  • See animals such as moose, bears, wolverines and puffins


Join me on this trip and we will discover and explore one of the most remote civilizations and regions on earth, as we go on an 11-day journey of whales and whalers in Lorino, Chukotka, Russia, a land that makes few concessions to the modern world, containing spectacular scenery and wildlife, and maintains the strong history, culture and traditions of the indigenous Chukchi population

Chukotka is an autonomous region of Russia located in the Far East of the country, not that far from Alaska, and contains the lowest population density in the country. It is known for its unique diversity of plants and animals, and sea hunting, fishing and reindeer herding remain the dominant occupations.

We begin our trip in the Easternmost town in Russia, Anadyr, where spend the night before flying the next day to Lavrentiya and then onwards to Lorino, our base for the week.

Every day involves a new, exciting and different activity, with the first few days entailing whale watching, swimming in hot springs and spending a day with local reindeer herders.

The second half of the trip involves much exploration and discovery of the local surrounds, including trips to indigenous villages and communities and more whale watching, involving learning about whaling techniques and participating in a traditional whaling competition.

There will be ample time take in and admire the cold, desolate landscape, scenery and terrain, with the massive valleys and plains seemingly stretching on forever in to the distance, the constant cold climate and low sun adding to its mysterious and eerie vibe.

There will hopefully be opportunities to encounter many of the animals that live here such as moose, brown bears, polar bears, wolverines and puffins.

We finish the journey on the 11th day back in Anadyr, immensely happy with the truly special and unique experiences we have had in this isolated part of the world.

This journey is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience this remote part of earth – book now so you don’t miss out!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

- Permit and entrance fees

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

Price details

Price does not include: Visa, flights, personal expenses, insurance, excess baggage, equipment


Day 1: Start

Arrival in Anadyr

Meeting with a guide at the airport,

Registration at the border guard office. When arriving at Anadyr you must pass the internal customs controls (border area), which can take a few hours.

At this point of the program you must have patience, we are in a destination very remote and border with the United States, and the controls are exhaustive (personal interviews to each passenger).

Crossing the bay by ferry for the city

Accommodation at the apartment,


City tour (monuments of Grinevetsky, Rytkheu, Mandrikov, St. Nicholas)

Dinner at the apartment, tasting of local delicacies: red fish, caviar and other.

A story about local rituals and traditions. The ritual of feeding the spirits.

Day 2: Lorino


Crossing the bay for the airport.

Flight Anadyr-Lavrentiya,

Marking the documents at the border guards

Lunch in the local cafe

Walking tour of the village, visiting the local Museum,

Transfer to the village of Lorino,

Accommodation at the apartment


Day 3: Boat Trip

Early breakfast

Boat trip and observation of gray whales,

Lunch: meat of sea animals.

Walking tour of the village


Overnight at the apartment

Day 4: Hot Springs


Visit the underground meat storage ice chambers

Visiting bone-carving workshop,

A trip to the hot springs, swimming


Return to the village,


Overnight at the apartment

Day 5: Reindeer Herding

Leaving by all-terrain vehicles for the reindeer herding brigade.

Taking pictures of tundra on the way.


Meeting with reindeer herders, exchanging of gifts

Dinner: reindeer meat

Talking with reindeer herders, stories around the campfire about life in the tundra

Master class on lassoing

Day 6: Picnic


Returning to Lorino,

Picnic on the way

Overnight at the apartment

Day 7: Boat Trip

Sea voyage for a Cape Dezhnev

Visit the village of Naukan and the monument of Semen Dezhnev.


Boat trip to the village of Uelen If the weather conditions allow

Visit to the Museum and bone-cutting workshop.

Returning to Lorino


Day 8: Whaling


Visiting old abandoned village of Akkani, now it is a hunters’ base for the l;ocal community.

Observation of a rookery of spotted seals and local hunting traditions

Demonstration of traditional cutting pinnipeds,

Lunch: meat of sea animals

Participation in traditional competition of whalers; harpoon throwing, rowing on a canoe, knitting knots, etc.

Returning to Lorino


Overnight at the apartment

Day 9: Fishing

Early breakfast,

Transfer to the Airport of Lavrentiya

Flight to Anadyr.

Observation of fishing for salmon on the shore

Picnic. Tasting of just made red caviar.

Ferry to the city.

Accommodation at the apartment


Day 10: Farewell Dinner


Visiting the Museum “Heritage of Chukotka” in Anadyr .


Free time

Farewell dinner at the restaurant, exchanging of impressions,

Option: performance of the folk group (throat singing or dancing)

Day 11: Finish


Crossing the bay by ferry.

Excursion to the abandoned military base Gudym.

Picnic – Packed army ration

Transfer to the airport

Departure from Anadyr

End of program.




Hotel accommodation every night.

Meeting point

Anadyr Airport, Russia

About the guide

My father and grandfather taught me to love the mountains from a very young age. At 12, I did my first rappel... down the wall of the village church (the priest wasn't there). That's where it all started...

I'm passionate about nature, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring and have been calling the Lleida Pyrenees home for as long as I can remember.

WHAT DEFINES ME: Responsibility, discipline, gratitude, passion, respect

As a UIMLA-mountain leader, I have led trips and expeditions in America (Peru, US and Canada), the Alps, the High Atlas and even Ladakh (Indian Himalaya) and Yamalia (Russian Arctic). Since 2014, I am in charge of snow and avalanche training at ACNA (Asociación Conocimiento Nieves y Aludes).

I am also an accredited canyoning, via ferrata and kayak guide and Wilderness guide Level 2 in Arctic/Polar regions.

For me, guiding is not work: it is my passion. Each trip and expedition provides a new chance to discover and share what surrounds us. Respect for the environment, nature and local culture are at the basis of my philosophy of life, which I try to share with joy.


Russian | English | Catalan



What people are saying about Ramon Dies Miracle

Michael Cox


August, 2022

Ramon dies Miracle is an exceptional guide. Very knowledgable and gave a mixed family group of ages and abilities an unforgettable hike.👍

Hans Gubbels


May, 2022

I made the trip with a friend. Ramon is a knowledgable guide, he supported us in every way possible before and during the hike. We were not only dazzled by the breathtaking views but also what we learned about biodiversity was a bonus. We loved this 3-day trip! Thanks Ramon!

Job de Laat


November, 2021

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Mad Madhura


December, 2019

Ramon is very experienced and a wonderful trek leader. I enjoyed my hike in the Montserrat Natural Park!

Alexus Bond


May, 2019

I had such a fantastic adventure. The scenery was gorgeous and we were the only ones in the park. Ramon was a pleasure and this excursion was everything that I hoped it would be.



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