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Northern Lights, Norway, 7 Day Mountain Bike Tour

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On this 7 day mountain biking tour, ACMG certified guide Peter wants to show you the beauty of Norway, from Narvik to the sensational Northern Lights.


7 Days

Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct




* Spend a week mountain biking through the wilderness of Norway.

* Every night, enjoy the spectacular Northern Lights.

* visit several wonderful places, including Narvik and Lofoten.


Images of Norway often involve the dancing, bright, beautiful Northern Lights. And on this 7 day mountain biking tour, I will see to it you get not to just glimpse, but gaze at, admire and appreciate the sensational natural phenomenon, night after night.

With the evening entertainment firmly in hand, you can rest assured that during the days of this week long trip, you will experience a fantastic adventure. You will get to explore, on a mountain bike, the beautiful landscape of Norway. And because you can do it during the late summer and autumn seasons, you will get to see it as the colors of the surroundings change. Hence giving you a colorful experience both day and night!

We will be venturing to several different places during this tour, all of which are wonderful in their own way. Some examples of where we will visit include the following.

  • Narvik

  • Skjomen

  • Vesteralen

  • Lofoten

  • Bjervik

  • Tysford

  • Reinesfjellet 

  • Narvikfjellet

  • And much more

With such a long list of fantastic spots to see, you can be sure you will get to enjoy a truly fulfilling experience. And when you factor in the comfortable accommodation options included in the trip, you can also be sure you will always get a comfortable night’s sleep, when you finally do decide to sleep after seeing the Northern Lights, of course!

Would you like to enjoy an unforgettable mountain biking tour of Norway? Then send me a request, and let me guide you. I know you’ll have the time of your life.

I also offer a shorter, 4 day version of this trip as well, if time is an issue.

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