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Rock climbing lessons in Murmur Pantin Climbing Wall in Paris (Group)


* Discover one of the most popular climbing gyms in Paris.

* Experience rock climbing regardless of weather conditions.

* Learn and train your climbing skills safely.


Do you want to discover one of the most popular climbing gyms in Paris? Then join me for this indoor lesson in the Murmur Pantin Climbing Wall!

Located in Pantin, next to Paris, the Murmur Climbing Gym opened in 1996 in an old factory. With an area of 800 m², and a maximum height of 17 meters, it is a classic indoor climbing spot in France.  Furthermore, since 2015, this historical gym also has a great bouldering area, so it is perfect for practicing two complementary activities!

On this 2½−hour lesson you can learn basic skills, improve them or prepare for an outdoor climbing adventure. Whether you are a complete beginner, an intermediate or an expert, the awesome Murmur has a spot for everyone!

So, if you want to practice rock climbing without worrying about the weather conditions, please contact me. Let me take you to the impressive Murmur Pantin for an indoor climbing lesson!

And if you are looking for an outdoor rock climbing experience, check out my Puy de Sancy program.

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