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Slovenia 6-day ski touring advanced course

Slovenia 6-day ski touring advanced course
Slovenia 6-day ski touring advanced course
Slovenia 6-day ski touring advanced course
Slovenia 6-day ski touring advanced course

This ski touring advanced course will be run by Rok, an IFMGA instructor and experienced free-rider, with great local knowledge. If you want to become an expert skier this is your opportunity. Don't miss it!

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Julian Alps

6 Days

Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


If you are an advanced skier and have a solid background in ski touring and mountaineering, this program is suitable for you!

During this 6-day ski touring advanced course in Slovenia we will focus on technical skiing lines with the use of crampons and ice axes. Furthermore, I’d like to teach you some basic knots techniques as well as the use of climbing gear. Besides that, you will improve your rappelling skills and learn all the secrets about avalanche management and how to prepare anchors on ice.

In order to take the best from this trip, we can use the bad-weather days for those theoretical lessons. In that way, we’ll take advantage of the days with good weather for skiing and exploring the terrains.

If you’re wondering why this course runs in Slovenia, let me tell you there is no better place for the practice of ski touring. Slovenia is a small country with the feature of having easy-accessible big mountains. Moreover, here you will find every kind of terrain. Most of it is unspoiled thanks to the protection of the Triglav National Park.

Bled will be our base during these 6 days of ski touring advanced course. I think it is the best place due to its proximity to the Central Julian Alps and Karavanke Range, two amazing skiing spots. The accommodation in Bled will be in a familiar lodge. It includes breakfast and local meals for dinner.

If you want to know more details of this learning program, please find the complete itinerary at the bottom of this description.

Skiing and mountaineering are my way of life. That’s why I think that passion is what drives me chasing the best snow options season after season. Furthermore, I believe it is the key of being a true skier.

If you agree, do not hesitate and contact me now. It’s your opportunity to give the big step and become an expert!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transport during the trip

- Breakfast

- Dinner


Day 1: Arrival

Transfer from the airport to Bled. After you get settled you can explore the great surroundings.

Day 2: Vogel Ski Resor

I will find the best terrain and snow conditions for the day, taking into account the group level and weather. We head to Vogel Ski Resort, an ideal place for starting the course and knowing each other. You can do a 1-hour or a full-day ski tour and enjoy the steep runs. This day will be dedicated to renew your knowledge on avalanche safety. So that I will offer a great workshop to practice the Avalanche Rescue Training (ART). Besides that, you will also practice your current skills on a multi-burial polygon (simulator).

Day 3 to 6: Days 3 to 6

As I said, I will make day to day decisions where to go. In the evenings, you will have a briefing on what your next day goals will be. There are always several options to choose. They will depend on climate conditions and your own skills. So we can decide on what to choose together.

Day 7: Transfer back to the airport



Meeting point

Airport - Bled

About the guide

I grew up in Slovenia with Julian Alps as my backyard. Expeditions to Himalaya started when I was 17, started steep skiing at 15, climbing big walls at 13 and it was a natural progression to BASE jump and to become a mountain guide- a job that feeds my soul. I have been to several climbing expeditions to Peru, Kyrgyzstan, Tibet, Nepal and India.

I'm an IFMGA qualified mountain guide as well as an instructor for future guides, ski instructor, certified helicopter operator and a Heli Ski guide. Although my work took me all over the world my favorite place is still in the Julian Alps. Sharing the hidden places in my Home Mountains with my clients, guiding and teaching them to explore on their own is has been my biggest passion for the past few years.

Mountains are my passion. Winter or summer, climbing, flying through the air or skiing, it doesn't matter to me if I am guiding or having fun with friends. I simply get spaced out when I am in the mountains. Guiding for me is not a job - it is a state of mind and a lifestyle.


Slovenian | English

What people are saying about -Rok Zalokar

Benjamin Coles


August, 2023

Rok was an amazing guide. He showed us an amazing place to climb and really pushed us to our limit. Highly recommend!

Andrew Kanatani


September, 2021

Hey Rok & Dejan, Thanks for taking us out to Bellevue. We had a great time and enjoyed the drinks and conversation after. We’re off to do some bouldering in Trenta per your recommendation, and are inspired to hit the outside even more when we’re back home. Hope to come back to Slovenia one day. Maybe we’ll see you in Metelkova tomorrow, Dejan. Best, Andrew

Michelle Gleason


August, 2019

This rating is for Igor Kremser, who ended up guiding our group. He did an amazing job and made everyone feel comfortable climbing to the peak. He also took great pictures along the way and shared them with us. All in all, a fantastic experience!

Maria Visintin


July, 2019

We enjoyed our trip immensely. Highly recommend Rok Zalokar as as guide. Very knowledgeable and patient with our group of climbers.

Tanya Glanville


July, 2018

Weather was turning so we decided to push to the summit in one day...8.5 hours from Krma valley, up to hut, up to summit, back to hut. Rok is so great! I like a guide who moves fast. Thank you!!!!

Justin Kuang


April, 2018

I booked the "Ski touring up to Kredarica hut" tour in February, right in the middle of a Slovenian winter. Although, I stay fit all year long, but the "alpine fit" is a different level of fitness, and the trip had proved that I am over confident about my fitness. Despite, the ascent during the winter is very physical demanding, it is quite fun to do it in the winter even without reaching to the hut or the peak. The view of Mt. Triglav and the valley is quite spectacular. Lupe is a great tour guide, very capable with tons of patient. Petra, the trip coordinator, is also very friendly and helpful who actively offer useful tips and insights about travelling in Slovenia and Balkan region

Tristan Rodgers


February, 2018

Absolutely incredible trip. Rok knows exactly where the best snow is and will go out of his way to ensure you push yourself whilst staying safe. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Victor Csok


July, 2017

It was an amazing trip and Rock was a wonderful guide. There was a difficult situation because of storm but everybody felt very safe thanks to Rock and his experience.

Björn Torell


July, 2017

We were four guys and enjoyed the trip very much. Beautiful scenery and the guide took good care of us and we felt safe all the way to the top and back.

Juliet & Jamie


May, 2017

Our climb with Rok was awesome. He adjusted the plan because weather conditions weren't great for multi-pitching so we went to a nearby crag and did mostly sports routes but also had the chance to try a bit of trad climbing as well. He chose good routes for us which were at the right level - challenging but enjoyable. He made the effort to incorporate teaching on climbing technique and technical skills like setting up a belay point. Jamie and I really enjoyed hanging out with Rok, who shared his passion for climbing with us, and was super helpful in giving us advice for climbing we could do during the rest of our stay in Slovenia. So glad we found you guys! Best wishes



September, 2016

I had an awesome time going up Mt Triglav with Rok! He was super friendly and made the hike all the better. Both the guide and the ascent were a 5 out of 5!



September, 2016

My ascent of Mt Triglav with Rok went very well.  The group reached the summit successfully.  It was the right decision to go for it on the same day that we had walked up to the hut. I felt safe all of the time with Rok and I would look forward to climbing with him again sometime in the future.  The other members of the group were very pleasant company.

David Bonnevier


July, 2016

Thank you Rok, for an amazing climb up the northern wall of Triglav. Breathtaking scenery, great company and most importantly world class guidance which made the difficulties seem easy. A memory for life!

Bryan Flood


August, 2015

We had a fantastic experience with Rok. We booked a 2 day trip to climb Mt. Triglav in June, 2015. The first 2/3rds of the ascent were pretty easy. During this part Rok was less of a technical guide, but was very valuable in setting a good pace to reach our hut on time, knowing when to stop for rests, knowing where the next mountain spring was to refill our water, and providing us with some information about the social history of the area, and some natural history about the mountains and forests we were walking through. It really increased my appreciation for the area and helped me enjoy the trek that much more. On the second day we climbed to the summit, and this is where Rok's experience and guidance proved invaluable. The trail led us along numerous ridges, with shear vertical drops on either side, and near vertical climbs up shear rock faces, some with, and some without a via ferrata to tie off to. I found it quite nerve-wracking, and would not have been able to do it alone. Rok was very calm and reassuring the entire time, giving gentle reassurance and encouragement, which really helped. In addition, he took our safety very seriously which gave me the confidence to continue to the summit. The landscape and scenery around Mt Triglav is absolutely stunning - I have a fantastic time, and would not have been able to enjoy it (or complete the trek even) without the help and guidance of Rok - he really does rock (I've been waiting this whole review to squeeze in that pun). I could highly recommend Rok and Vertical Adventures to anyone looking to do some exploring and adventuring in Slovenia.

Luisa Fernanda Lund


February, 2015

We had a great ski touring experience! Well planned, brilliant and nice guides - an awesome and recommendable company for everyone interested in adventures and life-long memories.


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