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3-day Slovenian ridge traverse towards Triglav

Slovenian ridge traverse
Slovenian ridge traverse

An incredible and very demanding 3-day Slovenian ridge traverse. Climb several peaks in the Julian Alps, from Mt Goličica to Mt Triglav, together with Blaz, IFMGA mountain guide.

Julian Alps

3 Days

Jun - Sep




This is one of the longest, most beautiful and enjoyable Slovenian ridge traverse. I guide it every year. Would you like to join me this time?

For 3 days, we'll be traversing some of the most beautiful and remote ridges in the Julian Alps. I like to call this trip Slovenian 'Peuterey' ridge traverse, like the famous (and longest) ridge climb in the Alps.

First, following the hunters trail, we'll climb Mt Goličica (2108 m), which is a feat in its own. Once at the top, we'll take the exposed and steep ridge line over the slopes and walk up and down. On the way, we'll be exploring the changing paths of wild animals and admiring the beautiful sights.

Mostly, we'll be facing technical difficulties up to UIAA grade V. However, we can also make it even harder by taking the direct route (UIAA VI+).

We'll continue traversing the ridge to Mt Planja, enjoying breathtaking views. Then, we can descend either towards Kriški podi Hut, the Zadnjica Valley and Trenta through a nice and easy scenic route, or towards Mlinarica Valley, where we'll climb an interesting via ferrata in descent.

If you wish, we can extend this traverse to the top of Mount Triglav. For that, we'll climb Mt Bovski Gamsovec and descend towards Luknja pass. This is one of the most fascinating ridge ascents to the top of the highest peak in the Julian Alps, rising at 2864 m.

Do you want to be part of a great adventure in the Julian Alps? Then join me for this Slovenian ridge traverse, exploring some lesser-known parts of these peaks.

In case you are looking for a less demanding or shorter activity in Slovenia, climbing via ferrata Silva-Korena is an interesting option.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Transport during the trip

Price details

Half-board at mountain huts is around 35€ per person.


Day 1: Soča Valley - Goličica-Kanceljni -Planja -Mlinarica

10-12 hours of walking and 1500 meters of height difference.

Day 2: Two possible itineraries

  • Dom na Kriskih podih – Luknja pass – Koca na Dolicu Hut. 6-8h from the hut to hut, 800 m of height difference.

  • Dom na Kriskih podih – Luknja pass – Triglav (Bamberg route or Bovska skrbina route)- Dolic / Planika / Kredarica Hut. 8-12h from the hut to the top and back down on the other side.

Day 3: Descent (Trenta / Soča Valley)

Descent to the Valley of Trenta, Soča Valley or elsewhere.

4-6h of descent, 1500 m of height difference.


About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I’m an IFMGA Mountain Guide and an Alpine Instructor from Slovenia.

At the back of the house where I grew up, past a slope, a higher hill and some rocks, you could see Mount Triglav rising towards the blue sky.

Mountains were a part of my backyard and I started practicing alpinism when I was a schoolboy. At that time, I enrolled for a sport climbing school and I became an alpine instructor in 1995.

Between 1995 and 1997, I’ve been a member of the Sub-commission on Extreme Alpinism for the Slovene Alpine Society. Some years later, I was Chief of the Commission for Alpinism.

As a member of the alpine team, I went on several expeditions in North and South America, the Himalaya, the Tian Shan and the Kookshall-Too mountain range.

I climbed more than 700 routes in Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland and France. Long winter climbs and ridges are always among my favorites.

I made some first winter ascents: on two routes on the north wall of Ribezni, Možnica (700m, V+, 5, UIAA VI/A1) and in Jof di Montasio / Poliški Špik, Grapa (700m, UIAA 4, ascent and complete ridge traverse). Other memorable climbs were a winter traverse of 4000 m peaks in Mont Blanc (4807 m) and the Slovenian Peuterey ridge traverse, among many others.

After 6 years of training, I obtained my IFMGA certification in 2010.

I organize many guided ski touring, rock climbing and ice climbing trips in Slovenia, especially in the surroundings of Mt. Triglav and the whole Soča valley.


Slovenian | Italian | German | English

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What people are saying about Blaz



Blaz is a great guide, offering interesting tidbits of information about the hike and points of interest along the way. Though we couldn’t hike Mangart due to weather conditions, the proposed hike was just as fun and Blaz was incredibly patient and helpful throughout! Wouldn’t hesitate booking with him again!



Blaz was an incredible guide! Was very informative about the history behind the area and did a great job of making sure we had everything we needed for a great climb! Took so many pictures of us along the way and was a delight to speak with all the way!



We had a fabulous trip with Blaz. Highly recommend it. No mean feat to inspire our 9, 14 and 17 year olds at the same time and leave us all feeling well exercised and challenged. The early start (rejected 5am offer in favour of the more relaxed 6am!) meant even the grumpy 14 year old learned the benefits of climbing up to the beginning of the actual via ferrata before the heat set in. Breakfast up a mountain looking down on the cloud filled valleys at 8am was a real treat. But then the proper fun began. Roped together and often secured to the rocks with carabiners on the fixed wires, we climbed up gulleys and along rock faces that we could not possibly have tackled without Blaz's encouraging leadership. Along the way he delighted the boys with tales of Slovenian history and had constant stories to distract our young daughter. His photos provide a great reminder of the day (ok, long morning) and meant we didn't need to worry about cameras, and he and Igor (our second guide) made very good company over a well earned cuppa and pancakes at the Vrisic pass cafe at the end. Not cheap, but well worth it. We'll be back.



Mala Mojstrovka is a very nice via ferrata with a steep climb and very nice views and our guide Blaz was top!



Blaz went above and beyond to make sure I had an amazing experience while climbing. Would highly recommend for anyone considering, it is worth it!

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