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Federico Borio




Mountain Guide- Torino, Italy




Since I was a boy I always had a desire to climb, following paved and unpaved roads to reach a peak. My bike took me around the world, exploring remote corners of the Earth. There is a special combination of solitude and beauty that lies in a desert road laid out under two wheels. I started my career as a cyclist, but also in my heart were the mountains and a good dose of self-challenge, with activities like triathlons and ultra distance mountain running.

After a Masters degree in Forestry Science and few assignements around Europe as Lab Manager, I realised that my love for the mountains, outdoors, and the desire to share this world with other people was too strong to be restricted only to the weekends.

Becoming a Mountain Guide was my answer! Living by the outdoors and sharing my passion for adventure. In life we are all faced with tough choices. The decision to train as a guide, to share my knowledge about mountains and help people safely achieve their dreams is reinforced each day with the experience I share with my clients.

We are each unique, in our dreams, experience and ambitions. Every season brings a new opportunity for adventure! Ski touring, freeride skiing or iceclimbing in winter; then, as the snow melts we go to the mountains for mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking and trail running.

Tell me about your ambitions,whether it is a one day, one peak, one face or couloir to a multi-day expedition. I offer customized programs tailored for each of my clients.

Let’s go for an adventure!

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Jolijn Friederichs


January, 2024

Federico was a great guide! He was very relaxed and guided us with patience and professionalism <3 we had a great trip :)

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Robbie Smith


August, 2023

Federico was an amazing guide & was so professional in our successful summit of Gran Paradiso. His knowledge of the mountains is incredible & the 24hrs spent with him was really enjoyable. Federico was calm & collected & understood the pace, I learned some technical stuff also & it also helped me prepare for Mont Blanc in 2 weeks, anyone looking to book a trip in the alps or Italy, Federico is your guy, looking forward to doing more with him soon, thank you.

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Shriya Hazra


July, 2023

Federico is a very good and competent guide. He answered all of the questions we had and provided whatever training was possible in 2 days. He was helpful and patient with us since we are beginners. He provided enough guidance to be able to have an independent experience in the mountains taking into account our level. It was a very pleasant experience, would definitely recommend him for your mountaineering goals! :)

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Charis Paschalidis


September, 2022

Fede was not only a professional in his job he was also a nice guy, very friendly and communicative with genuine interest to help and assist. More than satisfied by him. He made us feel safe. In what regards Explore-share, it is a very nice and clever project but with some defects. I believe that the option of direct communication with a representative whould make things easier and faster. Also the application itself is sometimes unstable and complicated. E.g. the first time you asked for review I was transferred to a link were I got a white screen with no option to input comments. Best Regards

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