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Rock Climbing in Corsica

Corsica, one of the best places in Europe for rock climbing all year round

Located southeast of the French mainland, the island of Corsica is probably among the most beautiful places on earth. With a single mountain range covering up to two-thirds of the island, Corsica offers endless possibilities to those seeking outdoor adventures, including amazing rock climbing opportunities. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery around Bavella and climb from sea to summit under the beautiful Mediterranean sun! The best rock climbing spots in Corsica include CORTE (Vallée de la Restonica, du Tavignanu, du Verghellu and Popolasca), AJACCIO, PORTO, VALLEE DU NIOLU (Capu Tafunatu, Pagliar Orba, Punta Licciola, Punta Castelluccia, Cinque Frati), VALLEE D’ASCO, LE CIRQUE DE BONIFATU and the BAVELLA range. Read about Cédric, a local IFMGA certified guide, 5 best rock climbing spots in Corsica here. Explore-Share.com only promotes mountain trips led by certified guides.

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