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Snowshoeing in Gunma

Discover Japan's stunning winterscapes and hot springs on a thrilling snowshoeing adventure in Gunma with one of the certified guide at Explore-share.com!

Located in Japan’s Kantō region, Gunma is a stunning location for winter sports adventures! Enjoy a snowshoeing trip with one of the certified guides at Explore-Share.com and revel at the stunning sights of this awe-inspiring location!

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There are many reasons for choosing Snowshoeing in Gunma

Gunma features unique, awe-inspiring landscapes with snow-capped peaks and crystal clear turquoise lakes. Don't miss the chance to discover this beautiful location in Japan!


Good to know:

Country Code





Japanese yen

Best time to visit

For snowshoeing, the winter months between December and March

How to get there

Gunma is around 100 km away from the capital, Tokyo and it takes 50 minutes to get there from Tokyo by shinkansen


In the mountains, summer is mild with cold nights. In the winter, temperatures drop dramatically and there is a lot of snowfall

More info about Snowshoeing in Gunma:

Mount Akagi, Mount Haruna, Mount Myōgi, Mount Nikkō-Shirane, and Mount Asama are some of the most important mountains in Gunma, a stunning prefecture in the Kantō region of Japan. Three rivers also meander through the lands of this stunning location. Snowshoeing in Gunma is a unique experience that allows you to discover the breathtaking landscapes of the region. Additionally, the region is also known for its hot springs, perfect to recover in after a long day in the mountains!

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