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Enjoy stunning turquoise waters, greens, steel drums and limbo dancing on an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Trinidad and Tobago!

Trinidad and Tobago, a.k.a “Land of the Hummingbird”, is a twin-island country located in the Caribbean’s southernmost West Indies. This beautiful pair of islands has mountains, plains and of course sandy beaches, as well as stunning wildlife, that will entice you to explore. Join one of the certified guides on and enjoy an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Trinidad and Tobago.

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Trinidad is the largest of the two islands, and On the island of Trinidad, the northern range, to the north, is home to the highest peaks, with slightly lower hills in the Central Range and Montserrat Hills, and in the Southern Range and Trinity Hills. Swamps, lakes, and of course beaches, are also part of Trinidad's landscape.


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Best time to visit

January to May, when there is less rain


The climate in Trinidad and Tobago is hot and tropical year-round with temperatures that range around 31 °C(88 °F)

How to get there

Piarco International Airport (27 km/17 miles from capital, Port of Spain) is located in Trinidad and ANR Robinson International Airport (10 km/7 miles from the capital, Scarborough) is located in Tobago

More info about Trinidad and Tobago:

Trinidad and Tobago is located in the far south of the Caribbean and is an island nation comprised of two main islands. Of the two, Trinidad is the largest and most populated. It has three low mountain ranges, of which the highest point is El Cerro del Aripo at an altitude of 940 m (3,080 ft), and several national parks and natural sites including the Sandy Hills Nature Park, the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, the Edith and Avocat Falls, Nariva Falls, and the Yerette-Home of the Hummingbirds nature reserve, among others.  Tobago is substantially smaller and has low hills on its Main Ridge, which is also home to the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve. Rock climbing, hiking, zip-lining, and a wide variety of water sports are some of the popular outdoor adventures that you can enjoy in Trinidad and Tobago. Join one of the certified guides on Explore-Share and let them show you some of the best spots of this stunning island country on an unforgettable active holiday adventure.    

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