14-Day Ojos del Salado (6898m) ascent with acclimatization

Eduardo, an IFMGA certified guide, will take you on an adventure to summit Ojos del Salado. You'll also climb Siete Hermanos, Mulas Muertas and Nevado San Francisco for acclimatization.




Trip Duration

14 days

Mountain Range


People per Guide

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec

Type of Trip

Private and Group



    Ojos del Salado (6898m) is the highest active volcano in the world, located along the Chilean-Argentine border, close to the Atacama Desert. It’s also the second highest mountain in the Andes – just 64 meters shorter than Aconcagua.

    On this incredible mountaineering experience you will push your climbing limits in extreme altitudes. Don’t worry though, you will always have time to relax before starting the next step. Rest and recovery nights will be your allies in ascending  these mountains.

    This challenging expedition is designed with an ideal acclimatization plan. Before reaching Ojos del Salado, you will test and adjust your body to the environment by climbing Siete Hermanos (4780m), Mulas Muertas (5200m), and Nevado San Francisco (6023m) mountains. How will we get to climbing route starting points? 4WD vehicles will take us there.

    As I mentioned before, we’ll be exposed to extreme altitudes and this expedition includes much more than hiking. You should be in good physical condition and have previous climbing experience to join me in this adventure. I am qualified to assist you in all your needs, and you will always have the option to leave before the expedition ends if you don’t feel confident enough to continue.

    I also guarantee you breathtaking moments during this trip, the landscapes that will surround us are truly magnificent! Was that enough information to make you feel excited? Check out below a day by day itinerary and let the adventure begin.

    So if you want to summit the highest active volcano on Earth with me, book your trip now – I would love to be your guide!

    This plan sounds like a good idea? You can also join me on this Cerro del Plata ascent.

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    3100 USD

    Group of 2
    3100 USD

    Group of 3
    3100 USD

    Group of 4
    3100 USD

    Group of 5
    3100 USD

    Group of 6
    3100 USD

    Group of 7
    3100 USD

    Group of 8
    3100 USD


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Accommodation
    • Transport during the trip
    • Permit and entrance fees
    • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
     PRICE PER PERSON IS USD3100. PLEASE NOTE THAT USD400 OUT OF THIS TOTAL AMOUNT ARE CONSIDERED A RESERVATION DEPOSIT AND WILL NOT BE REFUNDED IN CASE OF CANCELLATION. All meals during the trip are included, except those in Copiapó. There is the possibility to organize a private trip, but take into account that the price will be higher.


    • Day 1WELCOME! Arrival to Copiapo (800m)

      We’ll meet you the airport, (50km away from Copiapo). This day is for checking your personal equipment and to make sure you don’t need anything else for the trip. In case you are in need of any supplies, we will have time to shop for whatever is necessary. On this day, you will also meet all the members of the team and have dinner together.

    • Day 2Copiapo – Laguna Santa Rosa Hut (3700m)

      On this day, we’ll drive 210km and sleep in a small mountain hut at the edge of a beautiful salty lagoon called Santa Rosa.

    • Day 3Climbing Siete Hermanos (4780m)

      The plan for the 3rd day is to summit Siete Hermanos if conditions are favorable, if not, we’ll go as high as we can. This is one of the ‘low’ altitude we’ll be exposed to (4780m peak near Laguna Santa Rosa).

    • Day 4Laguna Santa Rosa Hut – Laguna Verde Hut (4300m)

      We’ll drive 120km to Laguna Verde, after a delicious and generous breakfast of course! We have a lot of surprises planned for this day:

      -Cooking in a small mountain hut

      -Sleeping in tents

      -Inside the hut there is a large pool of warm water which comes from nearby hot springs for us to enjoy!


    • Day 5Day 5 – Climb to Mulas Muertas (5200m)

      Time to climb Mulas Muertas (5200m), just a few kilometers away from our hut. As progress during this hike, we’ll take it very easy and go as high as we can depending on the team’s overall condition.


    • Day 6Drive to Claudio Lucero Hut (4400m)

      Short drive (12km) to another hut just a few meters away.  We will have much more space and comfort at this spot.

    • Day 7Climbing Nevado San Francisco – 6023m

      We have to wake up very early on day 7! Time to start climbing Nevado San Francisco via the north ridge. With our plastic boots and packs on we’ll drive to 5,000 meters before starting the climb. The drive takes about 30 minutes, and the climb might take us 5 to 7 hours. Today we need to try our best to get to the top. This will be an inflection point to increase your confidence and acclimation with the mountain. After summiting, our 4WD vehicles will be waiting for us at the bottom, then take us back to the hut.

    • Day 8Easy day – (4400m)

      Recovering day at Claudio Lucero’s hut.

    • Day 9Put on your seatbelt! (5200m)

      This day will include a 2-hour drive to “Atacama” our higher hut (5,200m). So, again: Put on your seatbelt!!! The roads can be bad, but relax and enjoy the incredible views. Our talented and experience drivers can handle it with ease.

    • Day 10Atacama Hut – Tejos Hut (5800m)

      No more crazy driving! Put your backpacks on and get ready to walk! After an early lunch, we’ll walk for 3 to 5 hours to a metal hut named Tejos, located at 5,800 meters.

    • Day 11First summit attempt (6898m)

      What a day!!! One more time we need to start very early: 3am. We expect a 7 to 9 hour push to reach the summit. The climb starts with straightforward switchbacks then changes to a huge traverse at 6,500 meters. We then reach the main crater and work our way to the summit over a final steep gully and a technical 10 meter rock section to the main summit. Just a detail to consider: YOU WILL SUMMIT THE LARGEST VOLVANO ON EARTH!

    • Day 12Second summit attempt

      We reserve this day in case of bad weather in Day 11 that prevents us from summiting.

    • Day 13Drive back to Copiapo
    • Day 14Thank you for join us!

      You will leave the airport full of wonderful memories!


    Next departures

    For private groups contact the guide
    Next datesInfo
    03/02/2020 to 16/02/2020
    22/02/2020 to 06/03/2020

    Other details

    Skill level required


    Fitness level required


    Meeting point

    Copiapó Airport.


    - Copiapó: 2 nights in a 3- star hotel (the rooms are shared by each two expedition members).

    - During the expedition: Huts/tents.

    More info

    How to get to Copiapó? Flying from Santiago de Chile is the best option. Check out LATAM and Sky Airlines web sites.

    Required equipment:

    - Hat and cap (for sun protection and cold days), Bandana, Balaclava

    - Ski goggles, Sunglasses (cat 3 or 4)

    - Sunscreen and lip balm

    - Headtorch+Batteries

    - Light down jacket, Summit Down Jacket,Snowproof jacket, T-shirts, Fleece jacket

    - Trekking pants, Gaiters Base layer pants, Snowproof pants, Fleece Pants

    - Mittens, Gloves, Hands warmers.

    - Sandals or crocs, Trekking boots, Trekking socks, Thick expedition socks, Double boots

    - Helmet, Crampons

    - Carbo gels, Snacks, Freeze dried food

    - Stuff sacks or bin bags, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping mattress Rucksack, 1 litre thermos, Water

    bottle, Duffel Bag

    - Padlock, Trekking poles

    Other requierments:

    - International Travel Insurance

    As we mentioned in the itinerary, on our first day we will check all your personal equipment to make sure you dont need anything else. If you need to rent some of these items, we can do it for you in Mendoza, but please let us know in advanced.


    About the Guide


    I'm originally from São Paulo and lived in Brazil until 2010 when I decided to drop everything and live off the mountain.

    I used to work in advertising, until I studied and graduated in 2013 from the EPGAMT school in Mendoza. Today I'm one of the few professional mountain guides from Brazil.

    I've been a climber for 12 years and have great experience in climbing rock, ice and high mountain. I'm specialized in the Central Andes and climbed dozens of mountains in the region.

    I've done crossings in the Central Andes from Argentina to Chile, and ice climbing as well, participating for 5 years in Vallecitos Ice Climbing Festival. In addition I climbed great mountains like: Aconcagua (6962m), Ojos del Salado (6898m), Tres Cruces Sur (6738m), Tres Cruces Central (6640m), Mercedario (6770m), Tupungato Volcano (6556m), Aconcagua and Cerro Plata (5943m), Vicuñas (6087m), among others.

    I've been working in Aconcagua for the last 4 years in a row and started as a porter in 2012. I worked my way up and now lead several expeditions at Central and dry Andes.



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