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2 Day Jomon-Sugi Trekking Tour, Yakushima

Sun rays passing through Jomon Sugi forest
Ancient forest in Yakushima
Animals of Yakushima
A monkey in Yakushima

Join a certified local guide, Taro, to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ancient forest of Jomon-sugi in Yakushima on a 2-day trekking tour!

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2 Days

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Why don't you spend more time on Yakushima Island?

Do you want to relax the whole day walking through forests and have a good night's rest? Spend more time with Jomon-Sugi? If so, this would be the trekking tour for you!

You have a lot of time in the morning to chill out. Let's enjoy morning coffees and immerse ourselves in the silence of the deep forest. It will be blissful!

I would like you to experience unique moments on Yakushima Island. At night, you can chat among your friends in front of Jomon-Sugi over a drink(s).

We will descend in the next day morning, after hiking around Takatsuka-no-mori (Takatsuka Forest.)

You could also combine a trek in Shiratani-Unsuikyo, the model of the ancient forest in the film Princess Mononoke, that I offer!

LEVEL: Beginner / Intermediate. You have to be fit enough for a 7-8 hours casual work per day, up 700m in altitude gain


People always think Yakushima Island is tropical, but actually, it has four seasons. In winter, we have snow as much as 1m high in front of Jomon-Sugi, around 2m high around the summit of Miyanoura.

In spring, it rains a lot and we can enjoy beautiful fresh green of the mountain range. In summer, if the condition allows we can take a dip in a river. In autumn, the weather tends to be stable and so is good for trekking. Thus, we can enjoy the changing seasons of Japan in Yakushima.


Day 1: Meet at the hotel you are staying (between Miyano-ura village and Ono-aida village). Around 8:00 am, we will start from Arakawa Mountain Climb entrance (600m). And we will walk through Ookabu Walk (900m) to head to Takatsuka Mountain Hut (1,300m). Estimating arrival time at Hut will be 3:00 pm. Stay overnight at Takatsuka Hut.

Day 2: Descent back to Arakawa Mountain Climb entrance. We will be back around 4:00 pm.

*Total walking distance: 22km in 2 days.

*I recommend you to stay in hotels around in Anbo area on the day before the tour, as it is more convenient to meet early in the morning on the day of the tour. There are some areas where I won't be able to pick you up from, so please get in touch with me with your accommodation details before booking the trip.



I recommend you to stay hotels around in Anbou area on the day before the tour. It is convenient for meeting on early morning on the day of tour. There are some areas where I won't be able to pick you up from, so please get in touch with me with your accommodation details before booking the trip.

Equipment you will need to bring


Other gear: Trekking shoes, rain jacket and pants, sleeping bag, mattress, headlamp.

About the guide

I was born in 1977 in Tokyo, Japan. My path into guiding in the nature and in the mountains started when I took one year gap year during my university years and travelled to New Zealand to really explore what I want to do with my life. I found working and living in the nature absolutely wonderful, whilst herding sheep everyday and enjoying the mountain food during and after work. This is where I also found that a lot of people didn’t know much about Japan and I came to realisation that I wanted to share the beauty of Japan with a lot of people!
After graduating university, I discovered and fell in love with Yakushima and was fully convinced that the nature and the lifestyle there, as well as becoming a nature guide there, is what I had been looking for all along. Since then I have based myself in Yakushima and have been guiding there ever since.

I am a JMGA Hiking Stage II certified mountain guide, as well as a member of Japan Canoe Federation, and certified with Technical Rope Rescue license.

I work together with a team of JMGA certified guides here, so it could be me or another certified guide who will guide you.

My joy is to meet and to speak with a lot of people to share the stories around the history and the nature of Yakushima, and also for people to know the Japan that I love. I look forward to meeting you all!!


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Yakushima, Japan

What people are saying about Taro Watanabe

Lai Fong (Cathy) Li


September, 2019

In fact it was Taro’s partner Mizuha who guided me through 2 days’ trip. First day to Tachu Dake and 2nd day to Shirataniunsuikyo. Mizuha has been really professional and yet helpful for all details including my physical situation as well as preparing all the potential necessities I might need throughout the trip. She is excellent!

Vanessa Lehner


May, 2018

Unfortunately, due to illness we were not able to do the trekking tour. But communication with the trekkers has always been uncomplicated. After my cancellation, we stayed in contact with the guide, who even helped me to get a refund. We will definitely do the trekking tour next time we're in Japan.

Prices per person

Group of 1

JPY 51547 Each

Group of 2

JPY 41238 Each

Group of 3

JPY 37114 Each

Group of 4

JPY 34021 Each

Want a different number of travellers?

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner



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