3-day Avalanche safety course at the Gjendesheim cabin in Jotunheimen, Norway


Come and enjoy a fun and informative 3-day avalanche course at the Gjendesheim cabin in Jotunheimen, Norway with experienced guide Orjan.

Private and Group

3 Days

Mar, Apr


All Levels


  • Enjoy a 3-day avalanche safety course in Jotunheimen, Norway.
  • Spend the nights and relax in the comfortable Gjendesheim Cabin.
  • Learn a number of important skills and techniques.


When it comes to skiing and exploring snow-capped mountain ranges, the beauty and vastness is unforgettable. However, with that beauty comes the responsibility of knowing how to deal with the potential risks found in such areas. As a result, I am happy to offer this 3-day avalanche safety course. Furthermore, I am happy to offer this course in the lovely Gjendesheim Cabin in Jotunheimen, Norway.

Since this course takes place in the snow and mountains, as opposed to just a classroom, you will get to put what you learn into practice. Thus, maximizing the information provided to you.

Throughout the course, while you are in small groups, you will be taught about the necessary equipment, various techniques and important safety skills required for safe and successful exploration of the winter mountains. Moreover, during the course, you will get to enjoy the amazing views of Jotunheimen, while also enjoying the comfortable amenities of the Gjendesheim Cabin.

No prior experience is necessary to enjoy this course. Anybody who wants to learn about avalanche safety can participate. However, you should be in good physical condition.

Perfect for anybody who wants to safely enjoy skiing and mountaineering expeditions in the mountains, this course is an asset that I have no doubt you’ll utilize in future adventures. To join me, please send a request. I look forward to guiding you.



Gjendesheim cabin

Meeting point



About the guide

With Gjende and Jotunheimen right here in my backyard, it's hard not to spend every waking hour outdoors.

Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to the natural world. Years later, I still find myself standing in awe of the mountains of my native Norway. Regardless of the season, I work and play outside in the beautiful landscapes that surround me.

While I enjoy many outdoor sports and activities, I must say the mountain biking terrain here in Vågå is hard to beat.

I look forward to exploring my backyard with you on your next adventure!

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NOK 5454 Each

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NOK 5454 Each

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NOK 5454 Each

Group of 4

NOK 5454 Each

Group of 5

NOK 5454 Each

Group of 6

NOK 5454 Each

Group of 7

NOK 5454 Each

Group of 8

NOK 5454 Each

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