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4-day Hut-to-hut mountaineering tour of Mount Yari and Mount Hotakadake in Japan

5-day Hut-to-hut mountaineering tour of Mount Yari and Mount Hotakadake in Japan
autumn leaves at Karasawa circl
Daikiretto from Mt.Minami
During Daikiretto

Reach the summit of Mount Yari and Mount Hotakadake on this 5-day hut to hut mountaineering tour in Japan led by JMGA certified mountain guide Hirofumi.


Hida Mountains

4 Days

Oct - Dec




* Discover the beauty of the Hida Mountains of Japan.

* Reach the summit of Mount Yari and Mount Hotakadake.

* Spend every night in a different cozy mountain hut.


Located in the Hida Mountains, in the Nagano Prefecture, Mount Yari and Mount Hotakadake are two of the most popular mountains in Japan. On this 4-day program, I invite you to discover these beautiful peaks, among many other spots, and spend the nights in cozy mountain huts.

During this hut-to-hut tour, we will have the chance to explore the wonderful Japanese mountains and sleep at a different refuge every night. At the bottom of the page, you can check out a detailed description of each day. However, take into account that we can make this program shorter and adapt it to your preferences.

Does this experience sound like something for you? If that is so, do not hesitate to send the request and book your place. I will be glad to guide you across Mount Yari and Mount Hotakadake.

Also, you can take a look at this program that I lead to the mounts of Hakuba.

Price details

Transportation has a cost of around JPY 6,000 and accommodation, JPY 11,000 per night (including 3 meals for 4 nights). Rental equipment is JPY 500 each item per day.


Day 1: Kami-Kochi - Yokoo mountain hut

Our tour will start in Kami-Kochi and we will walk to Yokoo. We will spend the night at Yokoo Mountain Hut (1,620 meters).

Day 2: Hyutte Ooyari Mountain Hut

On this day we will go from Yari-sawa to Raicho-daira. We will sleep at Hyutte Ooyari Mountain Hut (2,884 meters).

Day 3: Mt. Yari summit - Mt. Minami Mountain Hut

On day 3, we will climb up through Higashi-Kama Ridge to Mt. Yari (3,180 meters) and Mt. Minami (3,133 meters). We will spend the night at Mt. Minami mountain hut.

Day 4: Hotaka-dake mountain hut

From Dai-Kireto (Large Gap in a mountain ridge) to Mt. Hotakadake (3,190 meters) and Shiradashi-no-Col (Saddle: 2,996 meters). Overnight at Hotaka-dake Mountain Hut.



More info

We can also arrange a shorter program if you prefer.

Meeting point

Kamikochi Bus Stop, Nagano.


Will I need to bring any technical equipment of my own? Is it possible to rent equipment, and if so, what would be the approximate cost of that?

You must have a helmet, I can rent it. 1 item costs ¥500 for 1 day. The price for 4 days is¥2000.

How will accommodation and meals be handled on the mountain?

We stay in a mountain hut. The price is ¥15000 for one night, and it includes 2 meals.

When does the mountain hut close?

We can stay at the mountain hut until October 9th. But if we stay in a different hut, we can stay on October 14th 2023. I'm not sure when it is open in 2024.

What's included on the price?

The price includes:

  • Guiding fee
  • Mountain guide expenses

Are there shower facilities in mountain hut?

Almost every mountain hut has no shower facilities.

What are some recommended accommodations near our adventure location?

We understand that finding the perfect place to stay is an essential part of your adventure experience. To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of three highly recommended hotels that offer comfort, convenience, and a touch of local charm. These accommodations are well-suited for adventurers looking to relax and rejuvenate after an exciting day of exploration
Toyoko Inn Shinano Omachi Ekimae Omachi Japan
See rooms
Omachi Keisui Ryokan Omachi Japan
See rooms
Omachi Onsenkyo Kurobe Kanko Hotel Omachi Japan
See rooms

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I'm a JMGA certified hiking guide as well as one of Nagano Prefecture's Official Mountain Guides for North Japan Alps.

My love for mountains and skiing brought me to live in countries like New Zealand, Canada and Europe (including Chamonix) as a ski instructor and as a tour coordinator for over 10 years.
In Chamonix I was inspired by the IFMGA mountain guides, who were my mentors and who had a lot of compassions, and I started to aspire to become a guide myself.
Currently, I live in the village of Hakuba and guiding mainly in the mountains of North Japan Alps.

My motto is to "have fun safely" and I value the communications I have with clients whilst guiding.

If you want to feel glad you came at the end of the day, then join me to enjoy the Japanese mountains together!


Japanese | English



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What people are saying about Hirofumi



This was a truly spectacular hike. Challenging, but absolutely worth it. Hirofumi is a pleasant man and he chatted about nature with us on the route. He rented safety equipment for us (helmet and crampons), which you should have to ascend the Daisekkei, gave us some tips on walking in crampons, and lead us on the trail over the two days. In that respect he fulfilled the basic function of a guide. However, I felt he did not have our comfort at heart or attention to his duty of care. Day 1 is mostly steep ascent up a big snowy valley - the Daisekkei. On the steepest part he climbed far ahead, going out of sight, and I had to shout for him to wait for us. At this point he said it was dangerous to rest where I was because of potential rockfall. This is something he should have explained before we started climbing that section, absolutely not halfway through. I told him I wasn’t happy he went so far ahead on the most difficult parts and that he should wait for us in future. Towards the end of the day, in the last ~150m of ascent to the hut, I had slowed down significantly as I was feeling slightly unwell. I could not tell Hirofumi this as again, he had continued out of sight. On Day 2 the hike went through wonderful mixed terrain - ridge walks, a couple of rocky scrambles, smaller snow fields, scree and boulder fields, and mixed bog and forest. Hirofumi mostly led us across the smaller snowfields without crampons. Some of these had fairly steep slopes leading to steep drops. I was not very comfortable walking on them without crampons. At one crossing I said to him I was nervous of the crossing and would put on crampons. He laughed at this and made to walk on. I had to shout to tell him to wait for me. There was another snowfield crossing without crampons that, had anyone slipped and fallen, they would have slid directly into an icy lake at over 2000m - this was a completely unnecessary risk. Hirofumi is clearly experienced and comfortable in this type of terrain in early spring. I am an experienced three season hiker, but not at high altitude (>2000m), not with snow. The whole reason I hired a guide was to make sure we could deal with those aspects safely. I feel at every point I needed support - the steep snowy parts - Hirofumi was far ahead and not looking back. It is telling that not once during a total of around 14 hours hiking did he ask if we were ok, if we were happy. I loved the hike itself. I would highly recommend it. A beautiful beautiful route and an incredible experience. You’ll be tired at the end but have accomplished something awesome. I will never forget standing at the peak of Mt Shirouma at dawn. Early June is also a nice time to go as there are few other people there. I would not recommend Hirofumi as a guide.



Nishiura was an excellent guide; knowledgeable and with very good English. The walk was very interesting from the Edo-era villages of Magome, Nagiso and Narai to the lovely wooded paths of Day 2 and over the Torii Pass on Day 3. A great variety of walking, together with great places to stay organised by the guide; a resort hotel with onsen the first night, and an authentic guest house the second. I would highly recommend this trip, and particularly the benefit of a guided as opposed to self-guided trip at a very reasonable cost.



Hirofumi was a fantastic guide! Initially, I booked the Mount Shirouma hike for two in September 2023. Hirofumi made sure we were prepared by providing additional gear like helmets and crampons. He has excellent knowledge of the area and helped us better understand our hiking conditions. One week prior to the hike, Hirofumi notified me about the Hakuba Daisekkei not having enough snow for the hike. He was quick to provide an alternative and it did not disappoint. We hiked the Mt Karamatsu to Mount Goryu traverse instead. We were able to hike this course in two days, the same amount of time we scheduled for the Mt Shirouma hike. The hike was an experience I will never forget. The terrain varied from hiking on top of beautiful mountain ridges to trekking thought lush forests. Between the first and second day, we stayed at the Goryu-sanso hut, sitting right beneath Mt Goryu at an elevation of 2,490 meters. It was all a memorable experience. Hirofumi was always there to answer our questions and provided a great first time experience hiking in Hakuba. We will be back to enjoy the additional hikes he has to offer.



Hirofumi was excellent. We were a group of two from the UK. Our trip was in August 2023. He organised everything, including supplying poles/crampons/helmets so we didn't have to carry them all round Japan. He gave good insights into the mountains and environment. He very responsive on WhatsApp before the trip. Everything was smooth and easy. We would highly recommend hiking with him. The hike itself was also excellent with two days along ridges at 2700-3000m and incredible views!

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