Aconcagua 17-day guided ascent via Normal Route

Join Eduardo, a certified mountain guide, and enjoy this unforgettable mountaineering expedition to the summit of Aconcagua, South America's highest peak.




Trip Duration

17 days

Mountain Range


People per Guide

3 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jan, Feb, Dec

Type of Trip




    At 22,837ft. (6,962.m) above sea level, Aconcagua attracts climbers from all over the world. This fabulous 17-day mountaineering expedition is your opportunity to reach its summit under expert guidance. Don’t miss it!

    Cerro Aconcagua is the highest point in America and the second peak in the world, only behind Mount Everest. It is located in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, and it is the unquestionable icon of the Andes Mountain Range.

    The Normal Route is the most popular way to get to the top of Aconcagua. It was used by the first expedition to scale the peak, in 1897. It follows the mountain’s north-west ridge and has no technical difficulty. Also, Aconcagua has one of the best logistics in the world, what makes it very accessible even to beginner climbers.

    However, this tour should not be underestimated: the route gains almost 13,000ft. (4,000 m.) from the park entrance to the summit. Furthermore, it is known that weather and altitude in Aconcagua can be very dangerous. So I propose a complete and flexible acclimatization process, running daily medical checks.

    My priority is you to have fun and reach safely and healthy to the top of Aconcagua. I am prepared to most medical emergencies we might encounter during the expedition. In addition, a very large and complex medical kit is available in every single camp, as well as oxygen and Gamow bag if necessary.

    The requirements for joining this expedition are:

    – International Rescue Insurance, please use this link for GLOBAL RESCUE.

    – A flexible flight

    – Multi-day altitude trekking experience

    – Good health and fitness

    So, if you are up for this once-in-a-lifetime mountaineering adventure to the summit of Aconcagua, please contact me! I will guide you and help you to make it an amazing and unforgettable tour!

    And if you are looking for an easier mountaineering expedition before climbing Aconcagua, check out my 11-day ascent to Cerro Plata in Central Andes.

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    4300 USD

    Group of 2
    4300 USD

    Group of 3
    4300 USD

    Group of 4
    4300 USD

    Group of 5
    4300 USD

    Group of 6
    4300 USD

    Group of 7
    4300 USD

    Group of 8
    4300 USD


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Transportation from your hotel/airport (if in area) to the start of the trip and back
     Included: Help on purchasing and equipment rental in Mendoza; Transport from/to airport; 5 days of full pension at Plaza de Mulas (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tents, dining tent, mattresses, etc); 2 days of full pension at Confluencia (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tents, dining tent, mattresses, etc); 2 nights in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included in Mendoza – rooms are shared by every 2 clients; Transport from/to Penitentes; 1 night in a 3-star hotel at Penitentes; Lunch at Puente del Inca; Transport from/to Horcones; Mule transport of a 20kg load to/from base camp; Transport/assembly of tents, pots, gas, food, water in all camps in Aconcagua; Steak dinner at Uspallata; Usage of dining dome tent, toilets tents, personal tents, mountain tents, medical oxygen, gamow bag and medical kit in all camps; Breakfast, lunch, dinner, packed lunch, treated water in the whole Aconcagua; Gas stoves and pots and cups in all camps; We even include Malbec wine for dinner at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas! ///////////////// Not included: Climbing permit (it varies according to the time of the year and your nationality) Flights from/to Mendoza Personal climbing equipment (check equipment) Money return in case you abandon the expedition International travel insurance Any costs caused by excess luggage (over 20kg) Porters for you personal equipment Lunch and dinner in Mendoza Reimbursement for loss or damage of your personal equipment.


    • Day 1Arrival to Mendoza – 900m

      One member of our staff will welcome you at the airport and bring you to the hotel. In the evening all expedition members will meet for dinner. Depending upon your arrival time, we will assist you to buy or rent all equipment you need. Included: Transport and hotel.

    • Day 2Permissions and drive to Penitentes – 2300m

      We will have morning meeting about logistics and all expedition aspects as well as answering any questions you might have. We will also check all your personal equipment, assist you for rentals and purchases and sort out all climbing permits so you can legally climb Aconcagua. Included: Transport, hotel, and dinner.

    • Day 3Penitentes – Confluencia – 3300m

      Our luggage is carried by mules at 5am to Confluencia so we will have everything packed in the previous night. After taking breakfast at our hotel in Penitentes we’ll take a private transport to Horcones where we entry Aconcagua Provincial Park. We’ll stop for lunch at Puente del Inca and at 2pm we’ll start the 3-4 hour trek to Confluencia. Our staff will wait for us with a reception meal at our dining tent. In the evening we will have dinner and sleep in tents. Included: Private transport, breakfast, lunch at Puente del Inca, reception meal in Confluencia and dinner.

    • Day 4Confluencia – Plaza Francia – Confluencia – 4150m

      This is one of our acclimatisation days. We’ll walk carrying a basic rucksack with water, jacket, gloves, trekking poles, sunscreen, etc. and walk very slowly to the base of the south face of Aconcagua. The views are absolutely stunning! We might even see some avalanches falling from the southern steep slopes of Aconcagua. Included: Double tents with mattress, Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 5Confluencia – Plaza de Mulas – 4300m

      Today is the longest day. The 18km walk to BC might take us from 5 to 8 hours. We’ll carry a very light rucksack and have lunch at the base of a huge rock named Ibañez. The landscape here is very dry so you might want to bring a good hat. At the end of the huge open valley named Horcones, we will arrive in Plaza de Mulas, our basecamp. Included: Double tents with mattress, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 6Rest – 4300m

      Rest day at Plaza de Mulas. Depending on the state of the entire team, we can take a short walk to a nearby glacier. Included: Double tents with mattress, Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    • Day 7Acclimatization Walk to Plaza Canada – 4900m

      About 4 hour walk to 4900 metres (600 metre altitude gain) taking part of our personal climbing equipment. We’ll return to sleep at BC in the same day. Included: Double tents with mattress, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Day 8Rest – 4300m

      Rest day at Plaza de Mulas. We recommend you to do absolutely nothing today. Included: Double tents with mattress, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Day 9Plaza de Mulas – Plaza Canada – 4900m

      Four-hour walk to Plaza Canada after a nice breakfast at BC. Included: Double tents, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Day 10Plaza Canada – Nido de Condores – 5600m

      Five hour walk to Nido de Condores, our second camp. Included: Double tents, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Day 11Rest at Nido de Condores – 5600m

      Light walks around camp to improve acclimatisation. Included: Double tents, Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    • Day 12Nido de Condores – Colera – 5950m

      3 to 4-hour walk with carrying climbing equipment (wearing most of it) to Colera, our last camp at almost 6000 metres. Included: Double tents, Breakfast, and lunch.

    • Day 13Colera – Summit – Colera – 6962m

      Early start to the first summit attempt (2 or 3am). We’ll hidrate as much as we can and leave camp at around 4am for the 12 hour round trip to the summit (average time) Included: Double tents and water melting

    • Day 14Colera – Plaza de Mulas – 4300m

      We’ll walk down through all camps arriving at BC at around 4pm. Included: Double tents with mattress, Breakfast, lunch and celebration dinner.

    • Day 15Plaza de Mulas, Confluencia, Mendoza – 4300m

      After an 8am breakfast, we’ll pack our duffels and send them to Horcones on mules and start the 8 hour walk to Horcones. On the way, we’ll stop at Confluencia for food and a short break. Our private transport will wait for us at Horcones and take us to Penitentes so we can take another private transport to Mendoza. On the way, we’ll stop at Uspallata for a steak dinner. Included: Breakfast, pack lunch, snack food in Confluencia, private transport, hotel and celebration steak dinner.

    • Day 16Flight out – 900m

      You will be taken to the airport 2-3 hours before your flight. Included: breakfast and private transport.

    • Day 17Spare acclimatization day or weather day

    Next departures

    For private groups contact the guide
    Next datesInfo
    17/12/2019 to 02/01/2020
    26/12/2019 to 11/01/2020
    13/01/2020 to 29/01/2020
    02/02/2020 to 18/02/2020

    Other details

    Skill level required


    Fitness level required


    Meeting point

    Mendoza Airport


    5 days of full pension at Plaza de Mulas Camp

    2 days of full pension at Confluencia Camp

    2 nights in a 3-star hotel with breakfast included in Mendoza (rooms for 2)

    1 night in a 3-star hotel at Penitentes

    More info

    You can easily rent or purchase all necessary mountaineering equipment in Mendoza:




    Ski goggles


    Sunscreen and lip balm

    Batteries (AA or AAA depending on your Headtorch)


    Light down jacket

    Summit Down Jacket

    Snowproof jacket


    Fleece jacket

    Trekking pants


    Base layer pants

    Snowproof pants

    Fleece Pants



    Sandals or crocs

    Trekking boots

    Trekking socks

    Thick expedition socks

    Double boots


    Ice axe

    Crampons with antibott system

    Carbo gels


    Stuff sacks or bin bags

    Sleeping Bag


    Altitude medicine (Ibuprofen and Loperamide)

    Personal Hygiene kit

    Sleeping mattress

    1 litre thermos

    Water bottle

    Duffel Bag

    Freeze dried food


    Trekking poles

    More information:

    Aconcagua permits:

    Check out the weather in Aconcagua:


    About the Guide


    I'm originally from São Paulo and lived in Brazil until 2010 when I decided to drop everything and live off the mountain.

    I used to work in advertising, until I studied and graduated in 2013 from the EPGAMT school in Mendoza. Today I'm one of the few professional mountain guides from Brazil.

    I've been a climber for 12 years and have great experience in climbing rock, ice and high mountain. I'm specialized in the Central Andes and climbed dozens of mountains in the region.

    I've done crossings in the Central Andes from Argentina to Chile, and ice climbing as well, participating for 5 years in Vallecitos Ice Climbing Festival. In addition I climbed great mountains like: Aconcagua (6962m), Ojos del Salado (6898m), Tres Cruces Sur (6738m), Tres Cruces Central (6640m), Mercedario (6770m), Tupungato Volcano (6556m), Aconcagua and Cerro Plata (5943m), Vicuñas (6087m), among others.

    I've been working in Aconcagua for the last 4 years in a row and started as a porter in 2012. I worked my way up and now lead several expeditions at Central and dry Andes.




    What People are Saying about Eduardo Tonetti


    You People there at Explore have really put a great trip together. I don,t know how you could improve on this. Thanks forgiving me the chance to experience Chile!
    Read review
    Jerry Bierbower
    These 2-days in Cerro Penitentes were amazing in the environnement of Aconcagua and the Andes in general. Eduardo has been very professional, very reactive to my questions before and during the trek, very aware or my wellness. We had a very good time and I should recommend it for sure.
    Read review
    Anne-Laure Tinardon

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