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Les Grandes Jorasses Walker’s Spur guided climb

Enrico, an IFMGA mountain guide expert in the most technical climbing routes brings you to the top of Les Grandes Jorasses, one of the most famous peak of the Alps.



3 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep




  • Take a mountaineering challenge in the Alps.
  • Climb a classical and mythical mountain range.
  • Acclimatize and prepare for the challenge with a guide.


Climbing the most technical peaks of the Alps is my speciality and also what I enjoy doing a lot. Climbing Les Grandes Jorasses through its different routes is one of my favorite climbs. Why not joining me if you are looking for awesome mountaineering challenges? 

Les Grandes Jorasses are a group of granite peaks located in the northern side of the Mont Blanc range, on the border between Italy and France. Although all its faces are amazing, its 1.200-meter north wall is the biggest challenge for climbers.

Furthermore, the Grandes Jorasses North Face offers a wide variety of rocky, snowy and mixed terrains.

It is also possible to reach the summit by different routes depending on the season. The North Face can be climbed in Autumn, Winter and Spring through stunning mixed routes such as  ‘The Colton Macintyre’, ‘Polish Route’, ‘Croz Spur’, ‘Reve effemere d’alpiniste’, etc.

On the contrary, if you are looking to climb them during the Summer, we can plan the ascent through its regular route on the south face known as the ‘Wymper Route’, or the Walker spur via ‘the Cassin route’ on the north face which is mostly rocky rather than mixed. 

Besides all those great features, let me tell you why I like this ascent very much:

  • Climbing Les Grandes Jorasses is very technical and accessible only to the very experienced mountaineers. These kind of climbing adventures are my favorite;

  • Les Grandes Jorasses have been ascended by all the most famous climbers and have been in many mythical stories of alpinism in the Alps;

  • The climbing line is logical and very elegant within this huge face.

For safety reasons, if you are interested to come with me, we will need to
meet each other beforehand and climb together. This will allow me to assess
your mountaineering experience, and you to trust me on the mountains.
Keep in mind that the North Faces of the Alps 4-day training program is
mandatory for climbing together the big faces of the Alps and it’s not included in the price. We might climb routes such as Aiguille Verte, Supercouloir du Tacul, Petites Jorasses W face, or Grand Capoucin, depending which route you aim for. On this, you will be challenged on everything you need to know to climb the Grandes Jorasses North face safely and successfully!

At the bottom of this description you can find some extra information about the itinerary of the trip.

For any question or if you want to book this great challenge, please feel free to contact me. It will be an experience you won’t forget in your life. And as your guide, I will do my best to make it a success for both of us. 

If you’d like to know more about big north faces of the Alps, read this article!

Price includes

- Guiding fee

Price details

The price does not include the guide´s expenses (accommodation, meals, lift tickets, etc).

The price does NOT include lodging, meals, and/or transportation for both clients and the guide. We can provide lodging at B&B Maison de la montagne (http://www.maisondelamontagne.net/) when based down the valley.


Day 1: Leschaux Hut

We will take the train in Chamonix and ride up to les Montenvers. We will then hike up la Mer de Glace till the Leschaux Hut where we will spend the night.

Day 2: Ascent of Les Grandes Jorasses

During day 2, we will climb the north face of les Grandes Jorasses and sleep in a bivouac on the way down to Courmayeur.

Day 3: Return to Courmayeur / Chamonix

We’ll go down to Courmayeur. There, a transfer will take us back to Chamonix.



More info

According to the new directives of the Aosta Valley Regional College, insurance for recovery in the event of an accident is in charge of the customer and can be purchased by registering with the ITALIAN ALPINE CLUB (or corresponding local alpine club) or on the UVGAM website (https://pos.larcasrl.it/default.aspx?IDCON=926 ).

Meeting point

Montenvers train station in Chamonix

About the guide

My biggest satisfaction is to explore new places, and share it with a rope-mate. And to do it as a professional is the realization of a dream. At the age of 15, I knew I wanted to become a mountain guide, I wanted to live in the mountains, teach and share my new passion. In 2006 I realized my dream and I became a professional mountain guide. I like sharing my knowledge and experience with my clients, taking a journey that transforms slowly the guide-client relationship in climbing partner and often in friendship. I am not and never will be a lone climber but "a company" 'explorer. My specialty lies certainly in climbing on ice and mixed in the high mountains. With my clients I climbed the most difficult faces in the Alps, explored mountain ranges, traveled between America, Asia, Africa, and Europe.


Italian | French | English




Aosta, Italy

What people are saying about Enrico Bonino

Tony Brownlee


December, 2022

Spend 4 days with Enrico - training for a north face attempt next year. Enrico was a superb guide across all aspects - technical skills, coaching skills and all round mountaineering skills. Enrico‘s experience in the Alps is second to none and I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 days - which Enrico planned to cover a range of skills and exposure including ice climbing, dry tooling, multi pitch mixed routes and on day 4 we were ‘blessed’ with a storm high up on ‘Via dai Cristallieri’ - what a great challenge to finish the 4 days. I’m addition.to being a phenomenal climber and teacher - Enrico was a perfect host and nothing was too much trouble. I had the pleasure to stay in Arvier, at Enrico and Ilaria’s fantastic B&B - Maison de la Montagne. Overall I would highly recommend Enrico as a guide and tutor for the mountains and also Explore Share for linking me up.

Aditya Kumar


July, 2021

Fantastic Guide! Friendly, fun and competent. In preparation for our planned tour, we did a couple of outings. Enrico is just top! He takes time to assess the condition of the mountain and the technical ability of the guest to decide the best course. One always feels safe with Enrico. In addition to above he is just a great all-round guy to hang out with. I look forward to many more trips with him!

Wouter Wathiong


August, 2020

A great experience! The customized program answered my training needs, improved my mountaineering skills and allowed me to climb some nice peaks. Enrico is a very skilled guide, a nice person to spend time with in the mountains and a good teacher. Looking forward to more of these experiences!

Lydia and André Pfister


May, 2020

Enrico is a super guide both on the human side and also as a very experienced, skilled, gifted professional. He guided us on Gran Paradiso, Castor, Cabane Marguerita, La Tour Ronde, hors piste : couloir Helbronner

Domenico Desandré


April, 2020

Enrico is very competent and helpful, always attentive in making the customer feel safe and at ease. He is an excellent Guide with whom to enjoy excellent days in the mountains. He always tries to make you improve as a Mountaineer, and has the pleasure of teaching and passing on his great experience.It's easy to also establish a relationship of friendship. Some of the trips we did were Cascata in Cogne, Via di misto sul Grand Flambeau e Via Rébuffat-Terray sulla Nord dell'aiguille des Pelerins.

Hans Hornberger


April, 2020

Enrico is a super friendly and motivated guide. He is guiding with great care and adapts very well to any situation in the terrain. We had a great day in Valle Blanche :-)



April, 2020

He saved my life. He is a very competent guide, attentive and kind.



April, 2020

Enrico is very friendly and professional, and likes to teach. I went ice climbing in Cogne with him.



April, 2020

Enrico is a fantastic person and a very good guide, very professional. We climbed Auguille d'Entreves.

Patrick Hughes


March, 2020

Learning from Enrico for the week was exceptional. He has a fantastic knowledge of the area and local valleys as well as places further afield. He is very talented with his own climbing ability and safety knowledge and he was able to explain clearly and show multiple different techniques for rope-work, safety and climbing. He formulated a very good plan which was flexible depending on weather conditions and he made us feel at ease with his professionalism. I am looking forward to climbing with him again in the future!

Travis Gerbatsch


February, 2020

Climbing with Enrico was awesome. He was super easy to be around and picked awesome climbs that are some of the most memorable I have ever done. I would climb with again in a heartbeat. Always made me feel included and it was a great partnership. We climbed a bunch of ice together in Cogne, mostly day trips. The best climb we did was the North Face of the Tour Ronde and a bunch of routes on the east face of Mont Blanc du tacul.

Roberto Trucco


February, 2020

I climbed several icefalls in Valle D'Aosta and various climbs on the Mont Blanc massif with Enrico. The last climb was on sull'Ago di Money waterfall in Val Nontey waterfall in Cogne where, as always, the output was aimed at achieving autonomy and acquiring every possible technique to ensure the maximum on security. The conditions of the waterfall included several passages mixed with delicate ice. Enrico's advice and teaching allowed me to move first in this new situation. Of course, always maintaining an atmosphere of friendship and serenity. I have overcome some of my limits with great satisfaction.

Marc Delmas


February, 2020

Enrico is a mountaineering expert. I did many tours, summits and expeditions with him over the past 15 years Not only does he know the environment, but he is also technically very proficient, which is very comforting when the going gets tougher. He is a very safe guide, does not take chances as he wants both of us to get back home safely! And he likes to share and explain every decision he makes. Every outing with Enrico is a 5 star experience.

Mike Bovill


September, 2019

I've now been on multiple adventures with Enrico, from him first teaching me the ways of ice climbing in Feb 2017 to us summiting the Matterhorn via the Lion's Ridge in Sep 2019, with many other climbs in between. He's amazing at his craft, teaching you everything you need to know whilst also having a good laugh. He's the guide I'll always choose for an adventure in the mountains and I'm always ready to recommend him to any friends at any skill level.

Manuele Milesi


August, 2019

Enrico is a great guide, a professional, great mountaineer. He is always very calm and makes you at ease. He is also a real friend, not only in the mountains. We did together Arete du Diable 2015, Pillier Gervasutti 2018, Pic Adolphe Rey ( Salluard) 2018, Aiguille Croux ( Ottoz) 2019.



August, 2019

Here is the summary of my experience with Explore-share and Enrico: Explore-share was one of several companies I considered before my trip to the Alps. I was very happy with my choice from the moment I sent my first email. The staff members responded promptly and answered all of my questions very clearly and kindly. I was blown away with the professionalism they have demonstrated. Two days after sending my first email I was in contact with my guide, Enrico. With Enrico we climbed different routes in the area of Mt. Blanc and practiced different techniques for about ten days. Enrico was an excellent guide. He was patient, thoughtful, and improved my skills tremendously. He was very thorough and safety conscious. After ten days of climbing I felt a lot of trust between the two of us, which I believe makes us a good team for future climbing adventures. I would highly recommend Explore-share and Enrico to anyone who is planning to explore the beauty of the Alps and take the challenge of climbing these magnificent mountains. During my trip I met Italian, French, Swiss and German guides. All of them were extremely enthusiastic and nice. Going to Europe for climbing? Choose European professionals. You will not be disappointed.

Erling Fasting


June, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Dr Douglas Meakin


April, 2019

I've had quite a bit of guided climbing experience. What makes Enrico stand out is the amount of effort he puts into improvement in skills and technique. He's also extremely patient with the difficulties that need to be overcome in the learning process. I learned so much and had a great time.



April, 2019

I went with Enrico to Saas Fee. He's a very professional mountain guide and also a friend.

Kunnar Kanu


February, 2019

We had some good climbing trips with Enrico in Aosta valley - even if the weather was not perfect, he always found a route to climb! Sometimes ice, sometimes snow, sometimes mixed and also real rock routes!



February, 2019

Easy going friendly guide, listening to customer's wishes, safety first. I did with him Haute Nendaz (2019-2017) and Pila (2018-2017).

Jose Tirado


February, 2019

Enrico is not only an excellent guide but also an incredible person. He works really hard to help you improve your climbing level and build the confidence you need to lead climb, for example. Everything was perfect from the comfy lodge he offers in Aosta to the first-class climbing experience.

Matteo Guadagnini


August, 2018

I went to Eccles Bivouac with Enrico. He is a very professional guide with broad experience. Empathetic and nice, he pays attention to the environment and the security all the time.

Andrea Racchelli


August, 2018

I had great moments in the mountains with Enrico (we did together Les Droites via Ginat in 2013, Grandes Jorasses north face Reve Ephemere d'Alpiniste in 2014, Mont Blanc du Tacul pilier Gervasutti in 2018, Aiguille Noire de Peuterey via Ratti-Vitali in 2016, Dent d'Herens cresta Albertini in 2018, and many more). He's a great Guide and a great friend, everything looks easier and possible with him. He will help you to reach your goal learning a lot about mountaineering.



July, 2018

I can absolutely recommend Enrico to any other clients. Very professional, competent, safe and pleasant mountain-guide.

Heiko Lau


July, 2018

Nicolas and I had a fantastic trip to Monte Rosa Range and after to Mont Blanc Area. During my last days I was also able to meet Enrico. Nicolas and Enrico two lovely person and very professional guides!!  I am very happy all worked out well at the end after all my dramas I encountered in Kyrgyzstan. Looking forward for my next climbing tour next year.

Bruno Jacobs


April, 2018

Getting in contact through explore-share.com with Enrico Bonino, mountain guide, was really a snap. Some time later I got in contact over phone/mail with Enrico. Finally we found a time window in February to go ice climbing for 2 days in Chamonix. 850 km and a night later I found myself on the Italian side of the Mt Blanc in Courmayeur. Enrico took us to the traverse of the Aiguilles d'Entrèves. Not very difficult but perfect to acquaint myself again with granite and mixed climbing after a lapse of ... +20 years. The weather was brilliant, blue skies, sun all over and the scenery was +++, pure enjoyment ! The next day the weather was grey and some snow was forecasted. So Enrico took me to Cogne where we climbed the 7 lengths of Ghost Goully. Not a pure icefall, it has some mixed, more mountain-like, character. After hiking back to the village Enrico took me to his favourite pub where we had a tasty piece of pizza and pastry. A Short trip but just what I needed to get some feeling climbing with crampons and ice axes again. This is definitely asking for more and I'm looking forward to the next trip ! Thank you Enrico, Bruno

Michele Bacci


February, 2018

Enrico Bonino is a mountain guide with a great experience and an enormous dedication towards the customer. He is also a pleasant person to deal with, and he makes you feel like a friend even if you just got to know him. I think he is the best professional in the sector among those I got to know.



December, 2017

I went Ice Climbing in Cogne with Enrico. He is very competent, friendly and enthusiastic.

Philippe Maerten


April, 2017

With my family we did 4 day tourski in the Italian Valpelline. The experience was great with our guide Enrico. He adapted the schedule daily, based on our condition and that of the weather, on our technical skills. He is extremely kind, attentive, optimistic and very professional. He speaks fluently french and english. We would recommend him to anyone!

Olivier COLAYE


December, 2014

I did a trip to Patagonia in 2014 with Enrico. It's more than ten years that I'm outing with Enrico, he teaches me a lot, he has a huge experience, thanks to him I became an experienced alpinist. I still use his services, but for harder adventures.

David Roberts


September, 2009

We went on a tour to Mont Blanc and Italian Alps with Enrico. He organized everything well, looked after our safety, dealt well with different levels of fitness in our group, was flexible when required, and was always pleasant.

William Orlik


April, 2007

Enrico was a super super guide, very well organised, knowledgable and attentive. He cared for the group and for his sport. We had fabulous trips and very happy memories. Together with we went to Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Valle D'Aosta and Dolomiti Via Ferrata. Enrico gave me the skills and confidence to become self-guided and to organise my own trips which is what I am still doing today. I have a great respect for Enrico as an individual, a mountaineer and guide.



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