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8-day guided hike around Rila and Pirin Mountains

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Follow Simeon, a local certified mountain guide, and reach the highest peaks in the Rila and Pirin Mountains on this 8-day hike in Bulgaria.


Pirin, Rila Mountains


8 Days


Jun - Sep






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Enjoy hiking and getting to the highest peaks on this 8-day program to the Rila and Pirin Mountains, two astonishing mountain ranges located in southwestern Bulgaria.

Our meeting point will be at the Sofia Airport in the capital city of the country. During the hike, we will trek the Musala peak (2,925 m), which is the highest mountain in Bulgaria and in the Balkan Mountains. We will also reach Malyovitsa  (2,729 m) and visit the Seven Rila Lakes, a beautiful group of glacial lakes in the Rila Mountains and the Rila Monastery. As for the Pirin range, we’ll get to the top of its highest point, the Mount Vihren (2,914 m). They’ll be eight days of pure hiking with a really amazing background. 

Please take a look at the itinerary below for further information. Keep in mind that this trip implies a physical and technical moderate to strenuous difficulty. So you must be prepared to walk during 3 to 7 hours per day and face an elevation gain of around 900 meters during the hikes. 

Are you interested in this fantastic hike in Rila and Pirin Mountains? All you have to do is send your request to book the trip. I will be glad to guide you across this incredible Bulgarian area!


Day 1: Welcome

We’ll transfer you from Sofia Airport to Govedartsi in a one and a half-hour drive.

Day 2: Musala peak

We’ll go to the Borovets resort to take a lift.  Afterwards, we’ll walk during 6 hours and reach the Musala peak (2,925 meters).

Day 3: Malyovitsa

On day 3, we’ll hike for 6 hours and reach the Malyovitsa peak (2,729 meters).

Day 4: Seven Rila Lakes

After a 6-hour hike, we’ll get to the Seven Rila Lakes.

Day 5: Rila Monastery

We’ll visit the Rila Monastery and then go to Bansko city, at the foot of the Pirin Mountains.

Day 6: Vihren peak

From the Vihren hut (1,950 meters), we’ll take a 6 to 8 hours hike to Mount Vihren (2,914 meters). At the end, we will see the oldest tree in Bulgaria.

Day 7: Todorina Porta Mountain Pass

We’ll hike from the hut across Todorina Porta to Demianitsa hut (7 hours).

Day 8: Departure

Finally, we’ll transfer you to Sofia and say goodbye.

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