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Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria, 2 Day Guided Hike

Seven Rila Lakes

Zhivko is a state certified mountain biking, skiing, and hiking guide who wants to lead you on a 2 day trek through the beautiful seven Rila Lakes.

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Rila Mountains

2 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct




Like an oasis, when hiking through the Rila National park, you will encounter the gorgeous seven Rila lakes. And for 2 days, I want to make sure you get to enjoy them as thoroughly as possible.

The trip will begin in the capital of Sofia. From there, we will take a transport to the Rila National park. Once there, the hike will begin. The first day will start with a memorable sight, as after about an hour of hiking, you will get to stand in awe of the great Skakavitsa waterfall. This cascade is both hypnotising and thrilling to see. After the waterfall, we will then make our way up to the ridges of the mountains. From there, you will get to enjoy a mesmerising view of the seven Rila lakes. From the way they are positioned, to the pure, crystal blue colour of the water itself, these lakes are a jewel within the lush greenery of the region. In the evening, we will rest in the comfortable Ivan Vazov hut (2,300m).

The second day of the trip will see us making our way down from the mountains to the bottom of the Pazardere valley, where you will get to see the centuries old Rila Monestary before the trip comes to its conclusion.

Each day will see participants hiking from between 4 to 6 hours. As a result, you should be in good physical condition. Also, since the ridges of the mountains can be challenging at times, participants should have some previous hiking experience as well.

The seven Rila lakes are a definitely a sight worth seeing. However, when you also have the chance to see the Skakavitsa waterfall and the Rila monestary, in just 2 days, you can’t go wrong. So if you want to enjoy this amazing trek, just send me a request.

I also lead a 4 day hiking trip through the Rhodopes if you are interested in seeing more of Bulgaria.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Mountain guide expenses



Ivan Vazov Hut, which offers dormitories, common bathroom, no shower, and includes sheets and food.

More info

Participants should bring the following items with them: hiking boots, rucksack (35-45L), trekking poles, water and windproof jacket, rain cover, sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm hat and gloves, water bottle (1.5L), travel liner (optional), torch, Travel linen, personal first aid kit.

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About the guide

Hello everyone, my name is Zhivko. I am Mountain guide from the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The place I live is at the base of Stara Planina mountain or the Balkan mountains and therefore since very yearly age I started to get interested in nature and being outside. It all begun with snowboarding, followed by hiking, climbing and mountaineering.
I have been working as guide for the past 6 years in all the mountains in Bulgaria, as well as a snowboard instructor at Bansko ski resort for the winter season. I am also organizing different kinds of group activities, based on mountaineering and outdoor sports.
I became a mountain rescuer in 2012, Senior since 2015.

In terms of experience and personal interest, I have been climbing, hiking and ski touring all over the Bulgarian mountains, and also climbing and hiking in the Alps, the Dolomites, Croatia and Slovenia.


English | Bulgarian




Gabrovo, Bulgaria

What people are saying about this trip

Matthew Brady


October, 2019

All very nice, great guide in a beautiful range of mountains!




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