Hiking around the Queyras

Hiking around the Queyras. 7-day trip w/ a UIMLA certified mountain guide

7 days
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
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Touring the Queyras in cottages

Such a great variety of landscapes, natural environments, architectural diversity in such a small territory explain the ranking of the Queyras Natural Regional Park. And there is nothing like a “passer” to exceed the visitor status and being truly merged with the landscape. I therefore propose you to be this passer, to go for a hike together around Queyras.

The highlights of this adventure:

– A comprehensive overview of the Queyras Regional Park with its numerous lakes
– A stage in Italy and beautiful alternatives to the conventional circuit
– Supervision during the journey by an experienced mountain guide, involved in the country’s life

The program is as follows:


Day 1: From Ville-Vieille (1400 m) to Ceillac (1640 m)

Meet your guide at 9:30 AM at the start of the circuit. Presentation of the trip plan and departure for the hike of the day.

Fragrant pine forest, fresh tamarack, beautiful floral glades, sounds of cowbells, will calmly guide us to the Prés Fromage meadows! We will then walk by the foot of the “Ruine Blanche” composed by bright white gypsum, somewhat reminiscent of Cappadocia. Crossing the Fromage pass (2301 m) allows us to slowly discover, with an aerial view, the chain of Font Sancte and the Ceillac plain, which will leave picture-taking lovers more than satisfied!

Overnight in cottage

Altitude change: +950 m, -850 m

Walking time: 5:30hs


Day 2: From Ceillac to Saint-Véran (2020 m)

To start the day, the path crosses chalets and hay fields where it is not uncommon to find some marmots. Then our route leaves the busy GR for an old trail which leads to alpine pastures. Forgotten by men who no longer cultivate at these altitudes, this small path comes back to life under our feet and offers us a beautiful panorama of the Font Sancte chain, the highest point of the Queyras Natural Regional Park (3385 m). Upon arrival to the Estronques pass, the view of the Aigue Agnelle valley and its many hamlets scattered in the mountains is remarkable, without the border chain with Italy and its high passes. The descent is easy and then there is a small ascent to see the beautiful typical houses of the Le Raux hamlet which will take us to Saint Véran, the highest village in Europe.

Overnight in cottage

Altitude change: +1000 m, -800 m and +150 m

Walking time: 6:30hs


Day 3: From Saint-Véran to Chianale in Italy (1820 m)

From St Véran, we will make a short transfer to the remains of the copper mine (2300 m). After the ascent to the Blanchet pass (2875 m), crossing at the foot of the Tête des Toillies, at over 3000 m, is a real spectacle! Alps summits, a string of lakes, massive face of Mont Viso, view of the valleys… Not to mention the chamois who often visit this quiet place. The descent on the Italian side by a pleasant path leads us to Chianale (1820 m), one of the most beautiful Piemont villages.

Overnight at Italian agritourism

Altitude change: +550 m, -1050 m

Walking time: 5:30hs


Day 4: From Chianale to Abriès (1580 m)

We return to France by the ancient mule route which used to connect the two countries, by reaching the Agnel pass (2741 m). A beautiful crossing below the Pain de Sucre summit (3210 m) leads us to the Vieux pass (2806 m). From this pass, we can admire some of the 4000 of the Alps chain: Monte Rosa, Cervino, Gran Paradiso, Mont Blanc… The descent of the famous “vallon des lacs” is magnificent with the presence of beautiful high altitude alpine lakes. Along the way your guide will show you the richness of the different stages of the mountain: the high altitude area with persistent snow and particular flora, flower pastures and herds, the forest and cembraie-mélèzein, then the old cultivation terraces and finally the great prairies of the valley.

Transfer from Echalp to Abriès

Altitude change: +1030 m, -1100 m

Walking time: 6:30hs


Day 5: From Abriès (1580 m) to the Fonts de Cervières (2040 m)

A beautiful balcony path on the Guil Valley and its villages leads us to the Malrif hamlet and then to Grand Laus, one of the most beautiful alpine lakes at almost 2600 m! We reach the Malrif South pass, a beautiful belvedere across the Queyras and the bordering summits. The descent follows a nice little torrent down to the Fonts de Cervières, a charming Alpine hamlet beautifully restored.

Overnight at cottage

Altitude change: +1280 m, -830 m

Walking time: 6:30hs


Day 6: From Fonts de Cervières (2040 m) to La Chalp d’Arvieux (1545 m)

We go to the foot of the Pic de Rochebrune, a dolomitic limestone pyramid culminating at 3320 m. A beautiful itinerary off the beaten paths takes us directly to the foot of the Tronchet pass. A path in a shady and fragrant pine forest descends quietly down to the nice Arvieux valley at the foot of the Izoard pass.

Overnight at cottage

Altitude change: +580 m, -800 m, +300 m, -300 m

Walking time: 6hs


Day 7: La Chalp d’Arvieux (1545m) – Ville Vieille (1400 m)

The path, a balcony over the “Val d’Azur”, joins the Roue lake (1854 m). This place is magic, and strolling along the shore under the shade of the trees while gazing at the surrounding summits does not leave you unmoved… Through a beautiful panoramic descent towards the Guil valley we discover the Château-Queyras fortress before returning peacefully along the river to Ville Vieille, our journey’s starting point.

Altitude change: +400 m, -545 m

Walking time: 4:30hs


I invite you to contact me if you are interested in this beautiful hike. It would be a great pleasure for me to guide you along and talk to you about this area I know so well.



5 nights in cottages 1 night in agritourism in Italy (renovated old typical farm) These places offer accommodation almost exclusively to hikers. The nights are organized in small dormitories or shared rooms (6-12 people depending on the cottage) with bathrooms in the rooms or upstairs

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Group size: 8 to 12 people Food: Breakfast and dinner are prepared by our hosts. Food served in the cottages is balanced and varied. Food is heart, traditional and adapted to the hikers’ program. Cold meals during the hike are complete and consist of salads, meat or cold cuts, cheese, fruit, cookies… These picnics are made by people at our accommodation or by the guide, using local products and businesses. Carrying luggage: Your personal belongings that will not be used during the day are transported by taxi from one accommodation to the next. This luggage (one bag per person) must be a flexible travel or sports bag (suitcases not allowed) and must be of a reasonable weight (maximum 12kg). Please note that access to