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Innominata Ridge climbing in the Mt Blanc South face

Conquer the Mt. Blanc summit by its southern and challenging face, the Innominata Ridge. Two days of mountain climbing under the guidance of one of the IFMGA-certified guides in the Peakshunter team.

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2 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


The Innominata Ridge is a really exciting mountaineering tour. Through this route we’ll conquer the summit of Mont Blanc by its immense south face!

Let me invite you to a guided expedition through the Innominata Ridge. It is one of the most challenging southern routes to get to Mont Blanc. During these 2 unforgettable days, you will live a exhausting but rewarding mountain experience.

Across the Innominata Ridge we’ll face several strenuous rocky pitches as well as some mixed terrain (rocks and ice) reaching the Mont Blanc summit. Moreover, the entire ascent involves glaciers, snow ridges and big ice slopes. Like all the southern routes of Mt Blanc, the Innominata Ridge has an elevation change of 3300 meters that must be gained on foot.

Then, I’d like to share with you a sample itinerary of this program. Of course, it will depend on the snow and weather conditions of each day. Besides that, we must consider the dates of opening and closing of the lift facilities, which are established seasonally.


Day 1

We will meet at the SkyWay cable car station. We’ll check the equipment and have a briefing. After that we’ll go to La Visaille, in the Veny Valley by transfer. Once we are there we’ll start walking towards the Monzino Hut at 2,561 meters above sea level. We will eat something there and then move to the Brouillard Glacier, where we must avoid the crevasses maze to get to the Col du Freney. After some sections of rocks we’ll finally reach the Eccles Bivouac (3,852 m) where we’ll spend the night.

Day 2

We’ll set off the Eccles Bivouac and climb the Col Eccles again. After that, we will walk down to the glacier on the Brouillard face. Here we must face some narrow and snowy ridges and climb up rocky fissures and ravines to reach the red towers. Then we’ll head left over rock and snow terrain in order to access the Brouillard Ridge. Now our route takes us directly to the summit of Mont Blanc, offering breathtaking landscapes along the way. Depending on weather, we can return by the Goûter Route or the Cosmiques Face.

Finally, let me tell you that I can take only one person with me. If you are planning to do this ascent with a friend I can call a colleague to come with us. The perfect months to enjoy this trip is from June to September.

So, don’t waste your time and contact me. I can offer you the most incredible expedition up to the summit of Mt. Blanc via the great Innominata Ridge!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

Price details

The price does not include the guide´s expenses (accommodation, meals, lift tickets, etc). 20 Euros/per person for ice axe, harness, crampons and helmet.



The Eccles Bivouac

More info

  • Research and rescue insurance with IFMGA coverage (recommended): €5 per person for 3 days. Hiring of any personal equipment (harness, ice axe, crampons and helmet): €20 per person.

  • The mountain guide’s expenses (lifts, transfers, meals and accommodation) are not included in the price and must be covered by participants.

  • Fees for lift facilities, transfers and mountain lodges are subject to changes established and applied by they respective owners, without any liability attributable to the mountain guide.

Meeting point

Courmayeur - La Visaille (Val Veny)

About the guide

Giving and receiving smiles, seeing the satisfaction on the faces of our customers, seeking opportunities for growth, stimulating authenticity in personal and group relationships, in sharing mountaineering disciplines, fears, efforts, and moments of difficulty, which are part of the integrated with experiences, essential ingredients of every summit climb: these are our focus, our beliefs, and our most important results, as outdoor Professionals and as people who love the mountains and their work as Alpine Guides!

Founded in 2013 by Elis and Silvia, PEAKSHUNTER Mountain Guides is a team of IFMGA-certified Mountain Professionals and outdoor activities experts, based in the town of Aosta, not far from Courmayeur-Chamonix, on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif.

We live and work in the beautiful Aosta Valley region, very close to French and Swiss borders near to Geneva, Milan, and Turin international airports.

Mont Blanc, Matterhorn, Dufourspitze, Pyramide Vincent and Regina Margherita Hut, Gran Paradiso, Breithorn, Lyskamm, Castor and Pollux are only a few of several 4000 Alps summits you can climb with us: most of our team of Guides were born and grew up close to these mountains and they have explored the ascent routes several times during different seasons, with skis or crampons!

- We love our work: we plan all our trips with great commitment and deep respect for the Alpine environment, for its inhabitants, and its territories. Including local traditions in different valleys and Alpine areas.

- We love Mountain, Nature, and Outdoor activities, that we like to share with people from all around the world. We are enthusiastic to meet like-minded adventurers and share new experiences and memorable emotions with the support of our Mountain Guides.

- Safety and Risk Management are essential for us, as elements of fundamental importance during every single trip we plan and carry out with our customers: for this reason, we offer introductory courses to the different alpine disciplines (Mountaineering, Rock climbing, Ice climbing, Ski mountaineering, Freeride, Rescue Crevasse, and Avalanche) to convey awareness and responsibility to our customers.

- We offer solid Experience, with several years organizing outdoor disciplines around mountain and wild areas, in many different countries of Italy and Europe, for individuals or groups, including 7-day customer support for booking, logistics, and personal assistance for planning and reservations.

- As certified Mountain Guides, we offer training courses, to improve technical skills and to learn basic knowledge about mountaineering in the Alps, which is essential to explore and climb the Mountains safely in any situation or conditions.

- We are happy to provide customized programs for every customer's demand: our Experience is synonymous with Professionalism and Customer Care to guarantee unforgettable emotions and beautiful smiles!

Fulfill your dreams, discover breathtaking views or simply enjoy an extraordinary day: you just need to use your imagination and we will carry out your trip as you desire to live it!

Let’s plan your next mountain project together!


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What people are saying about -PeaksHunter Mountain Guides

Tyler Evans


April, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Philippe Dacier


March, 2023

parfait adaptation de Peakshunter à la météo. programme initial (chamonix-Zermatt non réalisé (et donc non coté)

Daniel Mueller


March, 2023

My friends and I truly enjoyed the la Vallée Blanche ski descente. We were guided by a competent and friendly guide, Marco Bernardini. There was a bit of confusion ahead of the trip as we had to fill a very extensive consent form. We would also have appreciated to get more information about the stair climb at the end of the descente prior to the trip. Luckily we carried our sport shoes so we did not have to walk up in our ski boots. We were also not made aware beforehand that we had to walk quite a long distance from the train to the bus station in Chamonix.

Laurent Vandepaer


March, 2023

We had 3 fantastic days with Elis in the mountains. The snow condition was not great so we focused on touring, exploring beautiful areas in very diverse settings. Elis was very nice and creative, we are looking forward to our next trip with him! E-S team was as always of great support finding us the perfect guide for the group and supporting in a great way the organization of the trip.

Mohammed Khudhari


March, 2023

The course and and the climbing exceeded my expectations. The guide (Paolo) made the experience informative, fun and absolutely safe. 10/10 I would do it again!

Neil Vallely


February, 2023

I was a bit unsure on using explore share because I was unfamiliar with the company and they act as a buffer between you and the guide provider. The experience with explore share was very good, they did exactly what was set out and I was put in touch with the guide provider after I paid the deposit. It would be nice if explore share provided some additional narrative or evidence that the guide you are booking with was legitimate and not a scam. I checked this out myself before booking however that was where the uncertainty came from. Overall great service and great experience. Would use again.

Michiel Moyaert


February, 2023

We had a great experience with Peakshunter. However, we agreed on a all inclusive tour through explore-share, but appearantly E-S made an offer without consulting the guides first. A couple of days before departure we were confronted with extra costs. We had no other option than to pay these extras, and Explore Share did not intervene. Next time we´ll organise everything with the guides directly, without the middle man...

Cameron Malo


February, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Javier Castro


February, 2023

Amazing experience and incredible guide. Went with a friend of mine and had a great time. The views are amazing and it is awesome to ski one of the most famous descents in the world. I would recommend this experience to anyone.

Kristin Backer-Grøndahl


February, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Duncan Philpott


January, 2023

Gabrielle was a patient and very knowledgeable guide. He made the day very enjoyable

Bassel Zebian


January, 2023

A truly excellent service and experience

Michael Ellis


January, 2023

Paolo was a fantastic guide! Even with conditions not favorable for the climbs I wished to do he came up with alternatives that were great. I highly recommend these guides

Aleksander Siwek


December, 2022

Very informative and hands on course. Plenty of opportunity to practice, take pictures of the rescue set up and learn the knots etc. Paolo was a very good guide and instructor

Erik Roslund


October, 2022

Everyone at explore share and peakshunter were great about putting a trip together for me. It was the end of the climbing season in the alps and I only had a few days but they all pitched in and figured out something I could do . They have great communication and the guide was awesome



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