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Alpine climbing course in Hemsedal and West Jotunheimenal (Norway)

Austrian Alps

Improve your leading skills for alpine climbing in this course in Hemsedal and West Jotunheimen, in Norway, together with an IFMGA mountain guide.

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Scandinavian Mountains

1+ Days

Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep


I invite you to an alpine climbing course in Norway, exploring the most famous area in the Scandinavian Mountains.

This course is intended for those who have a previous climbing experience, whether it’s in rock or ice climbing. In this case, by climbing experience I specifically mean leading skills.

I aim to help you develop solid knowledge in alpine climbing. In fact, there’ll be a theoretical part as well as an essential practical part in the mountains.

You are going to learn how to become a leader in your climbing team, and also to how to decide wisely in every step of a climbing trip (before, during and after).  The idea is that you turn into an independent climber. That way, you’ll be able to choose a climbing route even if you are in a remote area you don’t know, only by making an accurate research.

During this course we’ll be based in Hemsedal, a little alpine village surrounded by high peaks. Besides, we’ll be in West Jotunheimen (in an area called Hurrungane), where you can find the highest mountains in the country. Those are the places where we’ll improve our alpine climbing skills and also enjoy the beautiful nature environment.

You can find the list of all the topics included in the course below this description.

Please contact me if you want to be a part of this alpine climbing course in Norway. I will be glad to share my knowledge with you in the amazing Scandinavian mountains.

Price includes

- Guiding fee



250 nok per person/day without food (self service)

More info

This course includes: -Crampons usage techniques and ice axe positioning -Self arrest -Roped glacier travel and crevasse rescue -Anchors construction, belaying, rappelling and rope management -Alpine climbing techiques in variety of terrain with natural protection -Navigation -Avalanche knowledge -Bivouac management

-Transportation (return) from Oslo airports: 5000 NOK per group

About the guide

I am a fully certified IFMGA guide since 2012. I have, however, mastered my climbing and skiing skills for many years before taking up guiding. I have participated in numerous climbing expeditions not only to the wild mountains of Caucasus (which I have gotten to know pretty well), but also to Nepal, Alps and have extensively climbed in many Norwegian areas. In recent years I have been resident in Norway, and I co-operate with my friends at Lyngen Outdoor Center as their chief mountain guide.


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What people are saying about Pawel Karczmarczyk

James Dickinson


January, 2022

Pawel was a fantastic guide, I couldn’t have hoped for anything better for my first trip ice climbing. In particular I was very impressed with his ability to make sure that I was always challenged but never entirely out of my depth and his coaching helped me to develop without overloading me with information.

Gregory Beattie


January, 2021

The most fantastic day with the most helpful, skilled and friendly guide and instructor! We had a really wonderful and exciting day, learned a great deal and enjoyed the truly spectacular scenery. Pawel was extraordinarily supportive, patient and impressive in his sharing of knowledge and for making it a great day all around. Big thanks and we look forward to the next time!



March, 2020

We were 3 guys heading out for our first time iceclimbling, and it was one of the best trip either of us had ever been on. Friendly and attentive guide, who clearly focused on our needs. We felt very safe throughout and our only regret is that we didn't have more days. Big thanks to Pawel for being a terrific guide.

Jacques ONeill


February, 2019

I’ve had a absolutely amazing time with Pawel, such a thrilling adventure. Learned a lot of techniques and I will definitely go on another adventure with Pawel. He’s methods of teaching was excellent and he is so good at what he does. Thank so much for putting me in touch with him I can highly recommend him.

Carlos Bregni


December, 2018

Pawel was an outstanding instructor!! Extremely satisfied with the course.

Juan Nguyen


January, 2018

Competent, chilled and very nice guide who makes sure you get the trip that suits you. He was very patient and gave very valuable tips after each climb. I'll definitely consider him should I go ice climbing in Norway again!

Ole Henry Halvorsen


January, 2018

I went ice climbing with Pawel in Rjukan. I had an awesome time and I learned a lot. Pawel is both a highly skilled climber and guide (IFMGA). His instruction was clear and very helpful. He knows the area well and ensured we were first on site and didn't have to wait at the crag. He is cheerful and easy to get along with. Could not ask for more. I'll definitely look him up next timing climbing in Norway.

Benoit Tesch


May, 2017

Breathtaking, awestruck, unforgettable are the first words that come to my mind after this trip in Uloya. I had some of the best ski rides of my life. Perfect slopes, fresh powder from summit to the sea and the sun setting on the Lyngen Alps. Am I in Valhalla? Pawel our guide quickly proved to be more than an experienced guide but a friend, always eager to share his love and respect for the mountains. Excellent at reading the aspiration and fitness of the group, he kept us challenged without unnecessary risks. His knowledge of the area can transform the worst whiteout into a fun and pleasurable experience. I warmly recommend this trip to all adventurous skiers. But maybe I should keep this place a secret, so it stays as it is, with entire mountains to myself and the Nordic gods...



May, 2017

The trip to Uloya was the most extraordinary i have been on. Now having recounted it more than a hundred times, my shorthand is that it's an Arctic island-hopping ski-touring expedition. After that photos and drone videos have to take over, since words tend to fail... It is the ultimate getaway. You are in awe of the beauty of the Arctic elements. The scenery changing from eerie monochromatic to high pigment blue; from harsh to benign. While stunning and other-worldly to look at, this could have been quite daunting to commit to on long 6 hour days in the wilderness. But our guide,  Pawel magically got it right each time, planning each day in tune with the elements, setting the right expectations for what actually transpired. He was calm, kind, and inspired an incredible appreciation and energy in our group, which kept building over the course of the week.  By the end of it, the energy was such that even Pawel couldn't help grinning ear to ear, same as us! One month later I still find myself day-dreaming of Uloya... I don't think I will ever forget the feeling of being there.



May, 2017

I fell in love with the far north on my first trip to Lyngen a few years ago - it's a magical place that combines a uniquely inspirational and rewarding mountaineering experience. For my second trip to the area I wanted to share the experience with a wider group of friends, some of whom had limited touring experience. With this in mind I went on Explore & Share to find the perfect guide for our holiday. They put me in touch with Pawel, who is based in Oslo and skies Lyngen very regularly. His extensive knowledge of the area was really helpful in weighing up various accommodation options across the region, and we decided to go for one of his trusted bases on Uløya. I was initially somewhat concerned about the additional logistics involved in reaching and being based on an island and how this would influence skiing possibilities. In fact Uløya provides at least as many opportunities to reach the summits that offer the best skiing / view combinations than a base on the mainland would - either by boat, car (the team have a van based on the mainland a short boat ride away), or on foot directly on the island. It is a little bit further to get to than certain other bases but a beautiful place and fantastic base to explore the surrounding mountain ranges (incl. great tours on the island itself) - and quite frankly the extra travel hour makes no difference by the time you've reached the arctic circle. In Pawel we found a truly fantastic guide. He was patient and insightful, continuously reading and adapting to the team's experience, mood and energy levels to ensure we always had a great time. He was very supportive with the less experienced amongst us and made everyone feel very safe. He  also knows the area so well he could find the one mountain that can be skied at pace in a full whiteout (it has an uncannily smooth 25 degree face) whilst somehow finding us fresh powder to ski 7 days in a row. We had so much fun with Pawel that we've started planning next year's trip to Georgia with him!



April, 2017

Skiing in Norway was the most spectacular experience of my life! The nature and the sceneries are just unreal. Imagine infinite beautiful mountains towering high over the deep blue sea. On top of the breathtaking nature, Pawel (our guide) and his team were incredibly welcoming and made sure everything was perfect throughout the week. They really went out of their way to make sure everyone felt at ease. Pawel is an excellent guide. He makes you feel completely safe and has excellent knowledge of the area. He would adapt our days to the weather conditions, making sure we always get the best experience. I highly recommend this trip and especially our great guide Pawel, without whom the experience would definitely not have been as amazing.


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