Rhodopes Mountains, 4 Day Guided Hiking

Zhivko is a state certified mountain biking, skiing and hiking guide that wants to show you the Rhodopes mountains of Bulgaria over the course a 4 day trek.




Trip Duration

4 days

Mountain Range

Rhodope Mountains

People per Guide

12 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct

Type of Trip

Not specified



    A large, encompassing range of beautiful peaks, the Rhodopes mountains in Bulgaria are a wonder worth experiencing. And during the summer season, this beautiful range is proud to show off its true, vibrant, natural self.

    It is my goal over the course of 4 days, that you will get to appreciate this enormous region over the course of a long, adventurous, varied hiking tour.

    You will have the opportunity to not only see the beautiful peaks of the Rhodopes, but to climb one of them as well! That peak is Mount Karluk, and you will get to scale it on the third day of this trip. Another wonderful aspect of this hiking tour is the different local villages you will get to visit. They include Trigrad, Gela, Jagodina, and Devin, which will be our starting and ending point. The villages will give you the chance to spend some time with the local people in the Rhodopes as you will be spending every night in a local hotel or guesthouse. Thus giving this trip a more immersed dimension.

    Along with the peaks and villages, there are also amazing caves, lakes, waterfalls and ridges, too. But it’s not necessarily the specific highlights that makes this 4 day hike so amazing. Instead, it’s the combination of those highlights, resulting in a whole package that this region presents so incredibly. This is a trip that caters perfectly to anybody who wants to appreciate the kind of gorgeous, natural scenery that the Rhodopes provides in abundance.

    So if that is the kind of adventure you are looking for, then send me a request, and join me on this spectacular 4 day hiking trip. You will neither regret, nor forget it.

    I can also take you on this 2 day hike through the breathtaking seven Rila lakes.

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    Price per person

    Group of 1
    540 EUR


    Price includes

    • Guiding fee
    • Mountain guide's expenses (lifts, meals, accommodation, etc)


    • Day 1Devin to Trigrad

      On the first day of the hike, we will begin in the settlement of Devin before making our way to the Jagodina cave and village. After that, we will go to the village of Trigrad, where we will spend the night in a local hotel or guest house.

    • Day 2Trigrad to Mugla

      On the second day of the hike, we will make our way from the village of Trigrad through the Perelik ridge area to the village of Mugla, where we will spend the night in a local guesthouse.

    • Day 3Mugla to Gela

      On the third day of the hike, we will climb to the top of Mount Karluk. After that, we will go to the village of Gela, where we will spend the night in a local hotel.

    • Day 4Gela to Devin

      On the final day of the hike, we will make our way to the village of Shiroka Luka. In that wonderful village, you will be able to catch a bus to Devin, and from there, you can take another bus to either Sofia or Plovdiv.


    Other details

    Skill level required


    Fitness level required


    Meeting point

    Town of Devin, 2 hours by bus from Plovdiv, or 3.5 hours from Sofia.


    Guest houses and small hotels in the local villages.

    More info

    Participants should bring the following items with them: hiking boots, rucksack (35-45 Litres), trekking poles, water and windproof jacket, rain cover, sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm hat and gloves, water bottle (1.5 Litres), travel liner (optional), torch, personal first aid kit.


    About the Guide


    Hello everyone, my name is Zhivko. I am Mountain guide from the town of Gabrovo, Bulgaria. The place I live is at the base of Stara Planina mountain or the Balkan mountains and therefore since very yearly age I started to get interested in nature and being outside. It all begun with snowboarding, followed by hiking, climbing and mountaineering.
    I have been working as guide for the past 6 years in all the mountains in Bulgaria, as well as a snowboard instructor at Bansko ski resort for the winter season. I am also organizing different kinds of group activities, based on mountaineering and outdoor sports.
    I became a mountain rescuer in 2012, Senior since 2015.

    In terms of experience and personal interest, I have been climbing, hiking and ski touring all over the Bulgarian mountains, and also climbing and hiking in the Alps, the Dolomites, Croatia and Slovenia.



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    What People are Saying about Zhivko Zhechev


    All very nice, great guide in a beautiful range of mountains!
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    Matthew Brady
    I think that Zhivko is absolutely brilliant in his role: always providing professional insight and mental support. I am sure I would have never made it to the top had I not been assisted by an experienced guide. Zhivko was very mindful throughout the entire duration of the challenge - e.g. advising on proper way of stepping, breathing, clothing etc. I would like to emphasise not only his great knowledge of practicalities related to hiking and climbing, but also fantastic psychological and social skills, showing respect to both: the environment and fellow hikers/ climbers. I\'ve received a feedback following the completion of my \'mission\' which will surely help me in the future. It\'s apparent that Zhivko loves what he is doing for living and he does what he loves rather than simply earning money. Absolutely fabulous experience!
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    Mountain guide Zhivko is a very nice, experienced and open minded guide who made me feel safe on our trekking. I am a beginner and he patiently guided me through the inspiring natural winter beauty of Rila Mountain on snow shoes. He prepared everything perfectly and made the trip 100% customized to my wishes. The area is breathtaking and remote in wintertime. We went to the Ivan Vasov hut and did not meet anyone on the way. Shortly: highlly recommended for nature lovers :)!
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    Irene Cuijpers

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