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Ski touring on Mount Elbrus (5642 m)


  • Enjoy skiing in one of the best mountains in Russia.
  • Come with an experienced guide and discover the best spots.
  • Learn about the local culture and history.
  • Customize the trip according to your preferences.


This is a unique opportunity of skiing in Mount Elbrus (5642 m), also known as the top of Europe. An 8-day guided ski touring program in Cheget and Elbrus, that will allow you to prepare and maximize your chances to summit this renowned peak.

Mount Elbrus is in the Caucasus region in Russia, at the border with Georgia.

I'm a mountain guide from the Elbrus region. I will be glad to guide you around this place and help you organize the trip. Actually, this might be tough when you don't speak the local language.

Besides guiding on the mountain, I enjoy very much telling my friends and clients about this region, its mountains, culture and history. I consider them important details that will make your time here very special!

The best period to climb Mount Elbrus by ski is from March till April. It is still possible to ascent skiing in May and June, although we may not be able to ski down till the bottom of the mountain in this part of the year. Luckily, this is not really a problem because there are ski lifts.

As for the level of difficulty of this trip, Mount Elbrus is not a technical mountain. Our challenge, on the other hand, might be the weather and snow conditions and the acclimatization.

By doing this trip with a local certified mountain guide, you will solve some important issues like visa, logistics, communication and catering. By the way, you'll have the chance to ski into some secrets spots, where only very few people go!

For further details about this trip, you can check the itinerary below.

Please contact me if you want to ascend Mount Elbrus by ski. I can help you design a suitable program according to your ski level and the time you're in Russia. 

I work together with a group of guides, so if I'm not available, one of my colleagues will guide you!

I also organize other trips here, in case you like mountaineering activities. You can take a look at this Climbing Mount Elbrus from the West Side and this 12-day guided ascent to Mount Elbrus.


Day 1: Mineralnye Vody - Terskol

Arrival at Mineralnye Vody airport and transfer to Terskolat 4 hours drive.

We will be staying at the Esen hotel, have a rest, check the equipment before leaving for the great adventure!

Day 2: Mount Kogutay / Mount Cheget

Skiing on Mount Kogutay or Mount Cheget for acclimatization.

This day will enable your body to get used to the altitude and let you enjoy beautiful landscapes on Mount Elbrus in wild places where nobody goes skiing.

Day 3: Base Camp

We will go up with different lifts to the base camp and leave our equipment into the barrel where we will be sleeping during the next days.

In the afternoon, we will keep on acclimatizing and go up to 4200 meters by ski.

Day 4: Ski touring

Ski touring day up to 4600-4800 meters.

Day 5: Extra day for skiing / resting

Depending on the weather and your physical condition, we will either try the ascent, either have a day of rest.

Day 6: Base Camp.

Ascent day and last night at base camp.

Day 7: Ski down to Terskol.

Day 8: Mineralnye Vody

Transfer to Mineralnye Vody and if times allow it, visit of Pyatigorsk, a great way to finish your trip here.




Hotels in the valley and mountain hut (barrels) in the mountains. There are several options in Terskol, such as Esen Hotel and Cheget pension.

More info

  • Group size: 4 to 8, depending on the level of the clients
  • Difficulty level: PD, but there's high altitude.
  • Equipment: Ski tour equipment (skis, self-adhesive skins, avalanche beacon, double plastic boots, ski poles, shovel, probe, ski-crampons), headlamp, warm clothing, climbing ice crampons, ice axe, harness, helmet, sleeping bag.
    • The temperatures near the top could be around -25C with wind chill. Warm clothing, gloves, cap, etc., will be really necessary! -It is possible to rent part of the equipment (not ski touring gear). You can rent: double plastic boots, crampons, ice axe, gaiters, waterproof winter gloves, face mask, rope, harness, ski poles, sleeping bag, backpack, gas stove, carabiners, waterproof pants and jackets, helmet, glasses, headtorch and thermos. -It is also possible to rent a snowcat to make the ascent less difficult. For this trip, a special permit must be attained that requires participants to submit personal data 60 days prior to arriving in the region.

Meeting point

Mineralnye Vody airport.


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