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Teshiodake 4 day guided splitboarding expedition

Teshiodake 4 day guided splitboarding expedition
Teshiodake 4 day guided splitboarding expedition
Teshiodake 4 day guided splitboarding expedition
Teshiodake 4 day guided splitboarding expedition

Come with Akihiro, a local JMGA mountain guide, on this Teshiodake 4-day guided splitboarding expedition and discover the best powder in Japan!

4 Days

Jan - Mar




Located in the Teshiodake Prefectural Natural Park, in central Hokkaido, Mt Teshiodake (1558 meters) will be the perfect setting for our 4-day splitboarding expedition!

All the way from the top, participants will be able to slide Mt Teshiodake’s 700 meters vertical descent. This Japanese Natural Park is famous for having the best quality of snow!

Deep into the mountains riders will enjoy descending in open powder slopes with no other people in sight and don’t forget the powder tree runs that will diversify this splitboarding expedition!

Regarding our accommodation, during our entire stay here  we’ll set up a tent base camp near the foot of Mt Teshiodake where at the end of the day participants will have time to rest in this cozy tent setting. You will find a detailed itinerary below!

Keep in mind that this splitboarding expedition is suitable for advanced skiers and snowboarders, with sufficient experience in camping and winter snow mountains.

All participants should be able to hike up 3-4 hours per day whilst carrying a day pack full of day gears and be prepared to walk on hiking routes for 2 hours with 20-25kg backpack with camping gears.

During this trip, skiers and snowboarders will decide which specific areas they wish to explore, the amount of days they wish to stay and the level and type of ski and snowboarding they are looking for. I will be happy to adapt this program to your wishes and requirements!

If you are looking for a great winter adventure in Japan, this guided splitboarding expedition in Mt Teshiodake will be the ultimate Japanese experience. So if you are interested, request to book this trip!

Also, you can combine this splitboarding expedition with some of my other programs in Hokkaido. You can join me on this Splitboarding in Harukayama, Hokkaido or on this Asahikawa and Furano 5-day snowboarding trip, Hokkaido

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

Price details

The price includes shared equipment cost and food during camping. Lunch, snacks and any alcoholic beverages are not included.


Day 1: Shinchitose Airport - Teshiodake base camp

Meet at Shinchitose Airport and drive to mountain trail entrance.

Hike to Base Camp (BC) (663 meters) and set up tents. 2 hours activity.

Day 2: Summit Mt Teshiodake (1558 m)

Depart BC to head to the summit of Mt Teshiodake (1558 m).  Descent of south east face and back to BC via Ichinosawa.

7 hours activity hours.

Take day sack, avalanche safety gears (beacon, shovel, probe), water, snacks, emergency kit etc.

Day 3: Backcountry skiing day

Depart BC and enjoy backcountry skiing  and splitboarding in the area for whole day. 7 hours activity hours.

Day 4: Return to Shinchitose Airport

Backcountry splitboarding in areas near the BC in the morning. Clean and disassemble BC at around 11 am to head back.

Enjoy and cleanse ourselves at an Onsen on our way back.

Drive back to Shinchitose Airport by around 6 pm.



More info

Climate: day light hours in Hokkaido during Jan - Feb is Sunrise at 6:30 / 7 am and Sunset at 4:30 / 5 pm.

Temperatures: Niseko, Otaru, Sapporo Area - Average daily low at -8c in Jan/Feb. In the mountains, -10c to -15c. Asahidake, Tokachidake, Teshiodake Area - Very cold in Jan/Feb. Even in Asahikawa City, the average daily low is around -13c and in the mountains it could be as low as or lower than -25c. In both regions, the number of sunny days are very limited. In general, there are more than 25 days of snow in a month.

Kit List:

-ski gears (skis, boots, skins, avalanche safety gears) -crampons -70-80L backpack -winter sleeping bag (-20c to -25c, or -15c but to be used with down jacket) -sleeping mat -sleeping bag cover -down tent shoes / booties -ski wears -down jacket -balaclava -sunglasses -head torch -spare batteries -spare underwear top and bottom -spare socks -bowl / cutleries (plate, bowl, chopsticks, cutleries e.g. spork for 2 meals, can be disposable) -water bottle (at least 1L) -thermos (0.5-1l) -day sack that you use for normal backcountry skiing -lunches on the mountain and snacks -face towel -hat -fleece lined gloves -camera -stuff sac / thick plastic bag used for orginizing content inside tent -emergency kit (emergency bivvy sack, hand warmers, some snacks) -travel insurance -other personal items.

Meeting point

Shinchitose Airport.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I am a JMGA certified Stage II Mountaineering Guide, and am also certified with Technical Rope Rescue license.
My father’s passion got me started in skiing and mountaineering early in my life - I competed in Cross Country skiing during my high school in universities years at the National level and I’ve been a mountain guide since 1996 when I moved to Hokkaido.
I also appear regularly in mountain related media such as magazines, TV programmes and radio channels. My favourite guiding activity is backcountry skiing, especially when I guide clients to remote places for untracked powder runs, which are earned by hiking up. Mt Teshiodake is my favourite destination in Hokkaido for this. I also surf in the summer!

My extensive climbs and expeditions abroad include the Ski descent of Denali, Sea kayak and Ski expedition along Aleutian islands, Sea kayak and ski expedition in Greenland, Himalaya skiing, Climb of Alpamayo south west route, Ski descent of Mt Pisco in Peru, Field assistant in Antarctica over its winter etc.

I will fully support you on your adventure in this land of north for all four seasons, let it be a pristine powder skiing experience in the world’s best powder snow or the summer mountains or the sea. Whether you are a beginner eager to learn the world of mountains or an experienced mountaineer looking to improve your skills, or an advanced mountain goer keen to enjoy the mountains at the limit of your abilities, I will be very happy to guide you for you to achieve your goals.


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What people are saying about Akihiro



This a beautiful day and a half tour with views of the ocean behind you and unless it's a weekend you'll likely be the only people on the mountain. The first day didn't involve much skiing, there is a 3 hour hike then skins off and a nice gentle slope down to the hut. Unfortunately this had been tracked out by snowmobilers. So we didn't lap it and got to the hut at 2.30pm. AKI kept us entertained with stories of his incredible experiences from around the world. The second day, the two slopes that we lapped were really playful and not a track in sight! Would highly recommend AKI as a guide and hut is brilliant!

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