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Trekking Huayhuash and ascent to Tocllaraju

Join Juventino, a local IFMGA mountain guide, on this 22-day expedition in which you will visit all the Cordillera Huayhuash by foot to finally climb the Nevado Tocllaraju.

Mountain RangeCordillera Blanca
Duration22 days
Offer periodJun, Jul, Aug
Type of tripNot specified


Welcome to a superb expedition in the heart of the Cordillera Blanca. My proposal consists in a 22-day trip in which we’ll enjoy the Huayhuash Trek and a climb to the Nevado Tocllaraju.

This amazing tour starts in the city of Huaraz. There, we can visit some incredible Pre-Inca ruins. Then, we will hike up to some beautiful lakes inside the Huascaran National Park, ascending two small mountains. That way we will be well acclimatize before the biggest goal.

After that, it is time to experience the highlight of this trip. The following 10 days will be dedicated to walk along the Cordillera Huayhuash, passing by the Yerupaja, Siula Grande and Jirishanca peaks. During the night, we’ll set up our camps on the shore of the best mountain lakes of the region.

Finally, I will help you conquer the summit of the Mount Tocllaraju. This climb will take 4 days and it’s not easy. However, once you achieve it, it will be a lifetime experience.

If you don’t have so many days in the area, you can also reach this summit in only 4 days. Therefore, here I leave my ascent program to the Tocllaraju peak for you to check it out. Keep in mind you will need an excellent fitness level since there is no previous acclimatization.

So, please get in touch with me so we can discuss and plan this trip together. I will be happy to guide you through the Cordillera Huayhuash and help you conquer the Tocllaraju!




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Not included in the price: -Travel accident and health insurance - International flights to Lima / Peru round trip - Transfer from the airport for bookings of individual flights with different times of arrival / departure - Exit tax at the airport in Lima - Travel accident and health insurance - Luggage insurance and trip cancellation - Meals in restaurants in Lima and Huaraz - Personal expenses - Personal equipment (such as boots, ice ax, crampons, harness, sleeping bag, mat, Goretex, etc.) - Tips

Meeting point

Lima / Huaraz



Day 1: Flight from your country of origin -Arrival in Lima

Transfer to the hotel in Lima. You can rest or explore the city on your own (-/-/-).


Day 2: Lima - Travel by bus to Huaraz (3100 m)

This ride follows the Pan American highway across the impressive Pacific coastal desert. We will pass through the Cordillera Negra (Black Range) by the Conococha Pass (4020 m) into the Santa Valley and Huaraz. The trip is 400 km and takes 8 hours.

You can also fly via LCPERU. Duration of the flight: 50 minutes. Overnight stay in the hotel of Huaraz (B/-/-).


Day 3: Huaraz - Trekking to Laguna 69 (4450 m) - Huaraz

Laguna 69 is the most famous lake in the Cordillera Blanca. Our trail winds through picturesque forests alongside a steep and daunting ridge. Laguna 69 is flanked by glacial moraines. Immediately above the deep blue surface of the lake, we will see the ice walls of the Chacraraju, one of the most beautiful, but also most difficult peaks in the Cordillera Blanca. After rest and pictures, we will return to the hotel in Huaraz (B/L/-).


Day 4: Huaraz - Transfer to Cordillera Huayhuash - Matacancha camp (4150 m)

Transfer via the Santa Valley across the Pachacoto Bridge. Then continue on the road to the Huarapasca Pass. At the top of the pass, you’ll see the Pasto Ruri glacier. Continuing over 2 more passes to the village of Matacancha in the Huayhuash region. It is the starting point of the trekking circuit. Here we will meet the team of assistants, donkeys and donkey drivers and spend the night in our first campsite (B/L/D).


Day 5: Matacancha - Trek to Cacanampunta (4700 m) - Laguna Mitococha (4300m)

First day of trekking. We will climb the steep slope of Matacancha to the Cacanampunta Pass, which forms the continental divide between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Descent over wide fields and a beautiful camp at Laguna Mitococha, where we’ll spend the night (B/L/D).


Day 6: Mitucocha - Punta Carhuac Pass (4640 m) - Laguna Carhuacocha (4200 m)

Today we must climb the Punta Carhuac Pass and descend over smooth rolling grasslands to the Carhuacocha Lake, one of the best campsites on the route. If there is no wind, we’ll see the peaks Jirishanca and Yerupajá reflected on the surface of the water. At that lake live indigenous farmers. With their permission we may catch some fresh trout for dinner! (B/L/D)


Day 7: Carhuacocha - Siula Pass (4950 m) / Laguna Quesillococha – Huayhuash (4450 m)


This part of the route is strenuous. It passes through remote peaks and glaciers of Huayhuash. We will pass by the Lake Carhuacocha and beyond it, there is the ice fall and retreating glacier of the Sarapo Peak (6127m). We will also cross the Siula Pass (4950 m) with amazing panoramic views. The descent into the Quesillococha Camp seems effortless after that climb.

Alternative: If you prefer an easier day, there is a route that is a little longer but less demanding. It goes flat along the east edge of the Carhuacocha Lake. Then we must climb through the Quebrada Acoshpado to the summit of the Punta Carnicero (4580 m) and finally, descend to the two lakes of Atocshaiko to Carnicero Camp or Huayhuash Camp at Quesillococha Lake (B/L/D).


Day 8: Huayhuash - Trekking to Portachuelo de Huayhuash – Laguna Viconga / Hot Springs (4400 m)

A wide commercial route extends to the south to the small village Portachuelo de Huayhuash and then to the headwaters of the Huayhuash River. Descend to the largest lake, and the southernmost point of the trek: Viconga Lake, one of the many water reservoirs for Lima. Viconga Hot Springs Camp (B/L/-).


Day 9: Viconga - Punta Cuyoc Pass (5020 m) - Huanacpatay (4350 m)

Today we’ll cross the highest pass of the Huayhuash Trek, over Punto Cuyoc. From the lake of Puscanturpa Gorge, we will scramble over rocks and sand to the pass. We will drop sharply to the Huanacpatay Gorge and we’ll set up camp in a field close to the houses of Huanacpatay (B/L/D).


Day 10: Huanacpatay - Huayllapa (3600 m) - Huatiac (290 m)

We will hike along the river to the Calinca Valley (Rio Huayllapa) and continue to the village of Huayllapa. In the relatively low elevation, the trail takes us through dense vegetation with many colors of flowers. We will then have a steep 3-hour climb to the north to camp in Huatiac (B/L/D).


Day 11: Huatiac - Punta Tapush (4800 m) - Cashpapampa (4500 m)

At times the climb of today is steep and strenuous, under the glaciated cliffs of the Raju Collota to Punta Tapush Pass. Once again, magnificent views including Nevado Diablo Mudo, tomorrow’s destination for the ambitious and physically strong climbers among us. Short descent from the pass to Susococha Lake and a little farther to Cashgapampa Camp (B/L/D).


Day 12: Cashgapampa - Llaucha Pass (4750 m) - Laguna Jahuacocha (4066 m)

Option 1: Climb the Diablo Mudo (5350 m). Those climbing Diablo Mudo will begin very early and will have a long day. From the north side on the last steepest slopes, we’ll use crampons, ice axe and harness. The feeling of success at reaching 5000 meters and the awesome views at the summit of the Diablo Mudo are a well-deserved reward for the effort. Descent to the Jahuacocha Lake.

Option 2: trek with a short descent from Cashgapampa, turning into the Angocancha Gorge (4350 m) and ascent to the Yaucha Pass (4750 m), where we will stop and enjoy the impressive views. Steep descent towards the northeast in Huacrish Gorge leading to the Jahuacocha Lake Camp (B/L/D).


Day 13: Rest Day at Jahuacocha Lake

Rest Day at Jahuacocha Lake. Optional trekking to the Berlin Mountain (5,094 m) or to the Sambuya/Rondoy Pass (4,750 m) or to the Solteracocha Lake. Overnight Camp (B/L/D)


Day 14: Jahuacocha - Jahuapunta Pass (4650 m) - Village of Pocpa (3600 m) - Transfer to Huaraz

Last day of this trek. Climb the last pass (Jahua Punta) and a long descent to Pocpa. In this village we will finish our adventure. Here we will leave our team of donkeys and donkey drivers. The private transport is waiting to take us back to Huaraz. Overnight stay in the hotel (B/L/-)


Day 15: Rest Day in Huaraz

Relaxing day in Huaraz. There is a option to practice rock climbing in Chancos. This area is 40 minutes north of Huaraz. It has 8 routes of different difficulties. This is a good place to spend a quiet day in nature and visit the hot springs to relax aching muscles. Overnight stay in the hotel in Huaraz (B/-/-).


Day 16: Huaraz - Transfer to Pueblo Pashpa - Laguna Cochapampa (3400 m)- Ishinca Base Camp (4200 m)

Transfer from Huaraz to the village of Pashpa, in direction to the Tocllaraju peak. In the Ishinca Valley, there are two peaks over 5000 meters – Urus and Ishinca – some of the least technical and “non-extreme” mountains. There are also some mountains over 6000 m. So, we’ll ascend to the Base Camp. Overnight Camp (B/L/D)


Day 17: Ishinca Base Camp - Trekking to Moraine Camp (5000 m)

Ascent to the Tocllaraju Moraine Camp, very close to the glacier. The trail is steep at first, then it turns into a rocky one with boulders. Finally, we will reach the Moraine Camp (B/L/D).


Day 18: Moraine Camp - Tocllaraju Summit (6.034 m)- Return to Base Camp

Summit day! We will proceed over the glacier to the northwest ridge of the peak. We might find small ice walls. The summit ridge is secured with fixed ropes. From this peak the view opens on the entire Cordillera Blanca. Descent to Base Camp (B/L/D).


Day 19: Base Camp - Trekking downhill to Laguna Cochapampa (3400 m) -Pashpa - Huaraz

After breakfast we will leave for an easy return to Pashpa. Today the donkeys will be carrying our camping and personal equipment. We’ll return via a hillside covered with quenual trees. Here our private transport will be waiting. We’ll arrive Huaraz for lunch time. Lodging in the hotel of the city (B/L/-).


Day 20: Transfer to the Anta Airport and flight to Lima or bus 

You can choose between flight or bus to return to Lima (B/-/-).


Day 21: Transfer to the airport - Return to your country

Free day depending on your departure schedule. Return to your country of origin. Overnight flight (B/-/-).


Day 22: End of the program

About the guide

guide profile img

IFMGA/UIAGM mountain guide from Peru.

He was born in 1960 in Huaraz / Peru. With his 15th Age he learned the world of trekking and mountaineering know by he accompanied his father on trips with his clients.

To this day he is still working as a mountain guide and tour operator. For many years he was able to acquire a lot of knowledge about the mountains, making it one of the most experienced certified mountain guides.

He runs a family travel agency based in Huaraz, which was founded by his father, and is now managed by Juventino and his son, Eric.

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